The reason for the lack of family doctors, is socialized medicine. Full stop.

But they’re not going to admit that, no, not in any way, shape or form, because to do so is seen as attacking Finnish identity itself. Finns, like in all other countries that practice socialized medicine have internalized it as some kind of sign of societal progress that other developing (and already developed) nations should be willing embrace. You know, ”be like us”, we’ll show you how!

But it all comes at an amazing destructive cost, in pay for medical staff (they receive far below that of the US) which means lack of financial incentives for people to study medicine which translates to lack of doctors (who either do not exist or have headed elsewhere to obtain better pay for their services. All of this coincides with the long wait for patients needing operations, procedures etc.

NOTE: No system is perfect, it’s just that some or more imperfect than others when government gets involved.

Keskisuomalainen: Family doctor system dying out

Initially developed in the late 1980s, the scheme whereby patients have their own personal doctor is disappearing. Though it still exists in some small municipalities in Finland, it has largely been the victim of rapid urbanisation and a shortage of doctors.

Lääkäri stetoskoopin kanssa.
Image: Yle

According to the Finnish Medical Association, the family doctor scheme is only used by one-sixth of public health care centre doctors these days.

Developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the programme was based on the idea that one doctor had a defined area and group of patients as his or her responsibility.

The advantage was that the doctor and patient knew each other, which is thought to have increased the quality of care and its efficiency. The programme’s so-called golden age was during the early 2000s when it was in practice throughout much of the country.

Only a few small municipalities in Finland retain the scheme today, as during the last ten years many larger cities have gradually moved out of the practice because of the challenge of adapting it to large populations and a shortage of doctors.

Yle, Keskisuomalainen


To be fair, Muslim countries were discussed, but Kenya was the country that received most attention. 

Though they addressed it in a generalized way, there wasn’t a single koranic verse or hadith mentioned to show just how much FGM is thoroughly embedded in Islamic thinking. It’s immaterial which came first, Islam has a strong and terrible record in codifying into law the worst examples of human shared behavior.

Trans: Here is a real knife used in genital mutilation of Kenyans girls.

Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called HufaaD). {bold emphasis ours} (Answering Islam)


The key issue here is the state media and security community calling this Islamonazi ”Finnish” and their refusal to divulge the name.


The islamonazi’s name is Cubeyda Hassan Jama, and he’s no more ”Finnish” than I am, and I’ve lived here for over 28 yrs. He’s a Somali Islam 101’er with dual nationality. That he has nothing to do with terrorism here in Finland is one thing, and that’s great, but he is someone who managed to acquire Finnish citizenship, someone who is completely alien to the Finnish way of life, being completely unwilling (I would say unable) to participate in a modern Western society. So why was he here, and who was the genius(es) who decided he should get citizenship in the first place? That’s the more troubling aspect surrounding this islamofascist.

Security police: Finnish terrorism suspect case “not linked to Finland”

Finland’s security and intelligence police Supo says that the Finnish citizen charged in London with terrorism-related crimes has been living outside of Finland for some time. Supo chief inspector Tuomas Portaankorva said the case is unrelated to Finland.

Suojelupoliisin ylitarkastaja Tuomas Portaankorva.

Supo chief inspector Tuomas Portaankorva. Image: Yle

Finland’s security and intelligence police Supo said that the case of the young Finnish national held in Britain on suspicion of terrorism had no direct links to Finland in light of current information.

“The individual has been abroad for several years, a long time, and the arrest took place overseas. This matter is not linked to Finland,” said Supo chief inspector Tuomas Portaankorva.

Earlier on Monday London Metropolitan Police disclosed that the 19 year-old suspect resided in southern London in the Thornton Heath area. The man appeared in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court Monday afternoon. The suspect faces charges of attempting to join the extremist organisation Islamic State. However he has denied the allegations.

Prosecutors say that the man tried to travel to Syria by way of Romania. He was detained last Friday as he attempted to leave Stansted airport on a departing flight. Prosecutors also say that police found instruments in the man’s possession that could be used in battle.

For its part Supo said that the number of people known to be leaving Finland for Syria or Iraq has remained the same: so far at least 70 people have traveled to conflict areas. It estimated that 15 – 18 have since been killed.



No moron, you don’t know how to listen to the Finnish people who placed your party into power.

He must have had his fingers in his ears while participating in the opening of the Finnish parliament, as the president delivered an excellent speech on the subject.

juha sipilä

Finnish President, Sauli Niinistö:

Migration is a serious problem. Europe, Finland, the western way of thinking and our values have all been challenged by it.

This is a stark transformation; just a few years ago we were exporting our values and regarded them as unquestionable, now we are having to consider whether even we ourselves can preserve them.

The flow of immigration into Europe and Finland is largely a case of migration rather than a flight from immediate danger. All estimates predict that the flow of people will increase this year. This is challenging the ability of western democracies to help and also challenging the very structures underlying the idea of Europe.

In the resulting chaos, the situation facing the migrants can only worsen. It is known that refugees are being exploited. We have just heard about the 10,000 missing minors in Europe. Human traffickers, with huge illicit business operations, are exploiting and cashing in on the situation, often risking the lives of those on the move. There is also a risk that refugees will be used as pawns in cynical power politics.

We hear a great deal of talk about how we must close our borders, or at least limit the number of entrants and, most of all, immediately return wrongdoers. Many people agree and wonder why we have not done so already. There is an explanation for this.

I am now approaching the key issue. International agreements, EU directives and national laws have been enacted and thought through in an admirable, right-minded manner – in order to protect all those who are in danger.

However, in practice this means that anyone who knows how to pronounce the word “asylum” can enter Europe and Finland; in essence, use of the word grants a kind of subjective right to cross the border. Without any good grounds whatsoever, an arrival is entitled to an evaluation lasting years and can then, if not qualifying for asylum, avoid enforcement of the subsequent decision and remain where he or she arrived under false pretences.

And so we come to the dilemma that is so deeply rooted in our values.

Europe cannot withstand uncontrolled migration for much longer. Our values will give way if our capacity to cope is exceeded. It so happens that good intentions are creating a bad situation for everyone.

It is alleged that most, if not almost all, measures that might be taken to control the process are in breach of international rights and agreements. The result is that we cannot do what many people consider necessary.

It has also been suggested that the International Convention on Refugees should be amended. This would be a slow process, unlikely to solve what is an acute problem.

Sipilä: Finland is not able to discuss the refugee issue

The Prime Minister wants to resolve the Syrian refugee problem through quotas.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.


Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä, (center party.) attended the Syria conference in London He prefers the solution to the refugee problem on the EU-level through use of refugee quotas.

– EU-level problem-solving is according to UN practice, of refugee quotas, which will be systematically take people into Europe, estimates Sipilä.

Sipilä calls for practical solutions to the refugee issue. Sipilä hopes that Finland would be taking fixed-term quota of more refugees.

According to Sipilä, the big picture on Syria is that the country should have a cease-fire. Then, the peace process should start.

– Finland could play a big role in the peace process, says Sipilä.

According to Sipilä Finland does not know how to discuss refugee issues. Dealing with the subject in his view, one should have a warm heart and a cool head. Sipilä calls for a balancing act between two extremes.

More here in Finnish at YLE

NOTE: One key point of disagreement with the Finnish president in his speech is this. In times of extreme situations, where member nations in the EU, as well as the political entity of the EU itself, are arbitrarily suspending laws out of political expediency, it’s buffoonish to insist on adhering to the letter of the law as if none of this is happening. We are not bound by agreements if the other signees insist on dissolving (even temporarily) it according to their own self interests. The lives of Finns is your (and parliament’s) first duty, protection of the civil society.


The sooner the better, but it has to be met with a no-nonsense border policy, that puts Finnish citizens’ lives ahead of anything else.

Immigration Service to close five more asylum seeker reception centres

The Finnish Immigration Service has announced plans to close five asylum seeker reception centres this spring.

Hennalan hätämajoitusyksikkö
The Hennala reception centre in Lahti. File photo. Image: Vihtori Koskinen / Yle

A plan to shut five asylum seeker reception centres across Finland in the coming months was announced by the Finnish Immigration Service on Friday.

Reception centres in Helsinki, Kokemäki, Rovaniemi, Nauvo and Vihti will be closed down this spring, with several others already shuttered last month.

According to the Immigration Service, reception centres in the municipalities of Forssa, Kajaani, Hamina, Merikarvia and Iisalmi were closed in January.

Maximum capacities reduced

Additionally, the capacities of other reception centres will be reduced.

The Hennala reception centre in Lahti will see its current capacity of 600 people reduced to 450 people.

Likewise, the Lakisto reception centre in Espoo for minors will see its maximum capacity cut in half, from 80 people to 40.

Immigration Service assisting migrants to leave

On Thursday the Finnish Immigration Service announced it had opened a transit department, established to assist asylum seekers who voluntarily wish to return home.

The transit department, which is being set up in the city of Vantaa, is primarily intended for Iraqi asylum seekers who have cancelled their asylum application or received a negative asylum decision and want to return quickly, the Immigration Service said in a press release issued on Thursday.

“The idea with the transit department is to accommodate those who are returning closer to the airport, which facilitates travel arrangements and returning in a number of ways. If an asylum seeker returns through the transit department, his or her journey to Iraq will be arranged, but he or she will not receive financial assistance for voluntary return,” the Immigration Service press release reads.

“Asylum seekers who are returning to other countries than Iraq or need other assistance than a travel ticket can still apply for assisted voluntary repatriation in their reception centre,” the release reads.



So there is indeed hierarchy in cultures after all.

This speech could have been written by the Czech president himself, it’s that good.

“Migration is a serious problem,” said the president. “Europe, Finland, the western way of thinking and our values have all been challenged by it. This is a stark transformation; just a few years ago we were exporting our values and regarded them as unquestionable, now we are having to consider whether even we ourselves can preserve them.”

“The flow of immigration into Europe and Finland is largely a case of migration rather than a flight from immediate danger,” said Niinistö, who was a lawyer before he entered politics. “All estimates predict that the flow of people will increase this year. This is challenging the ability of western democracies to help and also challenging the very structures underlying the idea of Europe.”

This is everything that both I, and the rest of us -who have been reporting on the mass migration of muslim settlers- have been saying all along, and we were brutally savaged by it in the media and in the social media. This is a vindication of momentous proportions.

President Niinistö: Migrants pose challenge to western values

President Sauli Niinistö has used his address to parliament to criticise international agreements on asylum. Niinistö says that current international rules on helping refugees are outdated, and the right to seek asylum has become a subjective right to come to Europe—even without grounds to receive asylum.

Sauli Niinistö

President Sauli Niinistö addressed MPs at Finlandia Hall on Wednesday. Image: Yle

Speaking to parliamentarians at the opening of  the legislature’s Spring term, President Sauli Niinistö suggested that if the Geneva Conventions were written now they’d be significantly stricter–but would still offer help to those in genuine need of assistance. The current migration to Europe threatens European values, according to the president.

“Migration is a serious problem,” said the president. “Europe, Finland, the western way of thinking and our values have all been challenged by it. This is a stark transformation; just a few years ago we were exporting our values and regarded them as unquestionable, now we are having to consider whether even we ourselves can preserve them.”

The president had entered the debate on social media over the weekend, lauding an op-ed piece in a local newspaper that talked of two extremes in the debate over migration. Most people, according to the writer, were in the middle and could see both sides of the issue.

Changes to asylum processes

Speaking at Finlandia Hall for the official opening of parliament while the parliament building is undergoing renovation, Niinistö said that most asylum seekers were not fleeing immediate danger.

“The flow of immigration into Europe and Finland is largely a case of migration rather than a flight from immediate danger,” said Niinistö, who was a lawyer before he entered politics. “All estimates predict that the flow of people will increase this year. This is challenging the ability of western democracies to help and also challenging the very structures underlying the idea of Europe.”

The solution, according to Niinistö, will have to involve some changes to established practice around the asylum process. The Geneva Conventions, upon which modern, western states base their approach to refugees, are outdated and states will need to be creative in how they apply them. Otherwise, anyone who can say the word ‘asylum’ will have the right to cross the border and enter Europe, said Niinistö.

“The international rules were drawn up and their interpretation evolved under quite different circumstances,” said Niinistö. “I feel sure that if these international regulations, and the national regulations based on them, were drawn up now, their content would be fundamentally more stringent, while still taking account of human rights and helping those in need.”

No good options

“There are therefore no good options. We have to ask ourselves whether we aim to protect Europe’s values and people, and those who are truly in acute danger, or inflexibly stick to the letter of our international obligations with no regard for the consequences.”

The president outlined what he feels must be done, saying that in order to protect European values, Finland and other countries will have to take a harder line on immigration and asylum.

“First of all, we must safeguard our foundation of European values – there should be no confusion about this,” said Niinistö. “Secondly, we must help those who are in distress or being persecuted. At the moment, however, we cannot help those who are merely seeking a better life or feel that their circumstances and future are difficult in their home countries.”

Finns Party positive

His speech was welcomed by Finns Party MPs, who said it aligned with their party’s immigration policy.

“The President’s speech was a real piece of statesmanship,” the leader of the party’s parliamentary group, 38-year-old Sampo Terho, told the party’s online publication Suomen Uutiset. “He wisely and broad mindedly outlined the problems facing parliament and the government at this moment. You could say that this was the most significant and the best presidential speech in my lifetime.”

The Finnish President traditionally handles foreign and security policy issues, with the government in charge of everyday and EU policy. The office of the president has an important role in maintaining relations with Russia, which is currently the biggest source of asylum seekers trying to get into Finland.

Yle, Suomen Uutiset


Juha is right, and it’s interesting to see whether the fake media wil try to hang him out to dry for it like they’ve been trying to do with the Finnish NHL ice hockey legend, Teemu Selänne.

Juha Mieto shocked by reports of the victims – ” Tougher sentences should be given for rape” 

Tuesday, 02/02/2016 06:00

Skier legend believes penalties imposed for rape convictions should be stiffened.

- Reports of rape victims was shocking, says Juha mild.

– Stories by rape victims were shocking, says Juha Mieto. (JAAKKO ANDERSEN)

Teemu Selänne’s statements on rape crimes have given rise to heated debate in recent days. Olympic champion, ex-MP Juha Mieto does not want to take a position on the Selänne’s opinion, but notes already as a member of parliament he has taken a tough stance on rape.

– Rape is the worst crime against a human being. I think that in the case of rape, the screws must certainly be tightened and the related penalties to be stiffened, Mieto says.

Mieto tells he has reawakened to the issue, as several women who have been raped contacted him in his capacity as a member of parliament.

– Then in the discussions that are of course confidential, and after the discussions I became fully convinced on how heavy a crime of rape is and how badly it violates the victim inside.

Mieto says that some who have contacted him have been women who were raped decades ago.

– They have borne the matter ever since because it was not been dealt with in due course.

– It can only imagine how serious and traumatic rape is for a woman, when it will not be forgotten after decades either.

H/T:  Retweeted 


Through his wife Heidi.

Cruz’s Finnish connection

…a piece about the wife of Ted Cruz….

In every presidential election the candidates’ roots and international connections come under the microscope. On Tuesday Ita-Sanomat’s website led with news of an upset victory for Ted Cruz in the Iowa Caucuses, before following up with a story about his wife Heidi’s Finnish background.

Cruz overcame the odds to beat Donald Trump in Iowa and now leads in delegates for the Republican party nomination. If nominated as the Republican candidate he’d stand a good chance of leading the only superpower in the world, with his finger on the nuclear button and his team stewarding the world’s biggest economy.

IS however regards his wife’s family background as almost as interesting for Finnish readers, excitedly telling them that Heidi’s mother migrated from Savonlinna and even tracking down a distant relative based in Lohja. Unfortunately the relative has never met Heidi or Ted, but there is still plenty of time before any possible Cruz inauguration.



Unfortunately not moving in the eastward direction……

This is all being orchestrated by the Russkie government.


More than 500 asylum seekers from Russia in January

So far this year, 504 people have crossed into Finnish Lapland from Russia seeking asylum, says the Finnish Border Guard. In 2015, the number of asylum seekers entering the country from Russia at crossing points on the north-eastern border totalled slightly fewer than 700 for the whole of the year.

Turvapaikanhakijoita puomiasemalla 3 kilometriä Alakurtista itään 23. tammikuuta odottamassa Venäjän rajavartiolaitoksen lupaa jatkaa matkaansa Suomen Sallan Kelloselän raja-asemalle.
Asylum seekers on January 23, three kilometres from Alakurtti, Russia, awaiting permission from Russian frontier guards to proceed to Finland’s Salla border crossing point. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Last week, Lapland’s crossing points on the Russian border registered the arrival of 112 asylum seekers. The previous week, 86 made the crossing, and the week before that 118.

The drivers of the vehicles in which asylum seekers cross from Russia at the border points in Lapland come under suspicion of organising illegal entry. The Finnish Border Guard is currently investigating around 100 such cases.

“In these cases we suspect any foreigner who drives a vehicle that brings or tries to bring into Finland any foreigner who lacks a passport or other travel document necessary for entering the country, or anyone who arranges or provides such a foreigner transport to Finland,” Pasi Iittiläinen of the Lapland Border Guard told Yle.

So far this year, one case has been handed over to a prosecutor. The suspect is a Russian man. He will go on trial this spring, facing a fine or up to two years in prison.

Last year more than 32,000 asylum seekers entered Finland, mostly through Finnish Lapland’s western border with Sweden.



More knife fights in reception centers….

This time no aid worker was caught in between the fighting tards as in Sweden, where one Somali attacked another resident and ended upå murdering a 22 yr.old woman.

(File photo)

An asylum seeker struck with a kitchen knife at two other men

Sunday 31/1/2016 at 14.19 (updated at 14.42)

A serious incident took place at noon on Sunday at Kemi’s Tervaharju asylum seekers’ accommodation premises.

One of the asylum seeker struck two other men with a kitchen knife.

The victims have been sent to hospital for treatment. Lapland police have taken the knifeman into custody. He is suspected of aggravated assault.

– The knife attack wounds were punctures. I do not know how serious the injuries are, says Lapin police on duty, investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Pekka Mäkelä.

– But if the injuries were life-threatening, instead of aggravated assault, the investigation would be headed as attempted manslaughter. Kitchen knives, of course, are many types.

The reason behind the incident is unknown. However, the incident was obviously between these three men. Others in the accommodations were according to the police, not involved, the output data according participated. Other suspects were at presently least not detained.



Dhimmis self flagellate themselves over the error……

They can eat it if nothing else is made available to them.


Asylum seekers were accidentally fed pork at Helsinki reception center: “We have asked for forgiveness”

Reception center residents Pitäjänmäki noticed yourself that the food contains pork.

Sunday 31/1/2016 at 19.02

Asylum seekers were served pork by mistake at Pitäjänmäki reception center on Kornetintie.

Reception center residents at Pitäjänmäki noticed that the food contains pork. (JUHA RAHKONEN)

When the reception center residents began on Sunday afternoon to eat imported food, they found that it was pork. According to Islam, the religion doesn’t allow eating pork.

Luonan CEO Milja Saxony admits that pork was among the food delivered to the asylum seekers on Sunday.

– It was not, of course, appropriate, but it was a human error. This food has not gone to any other reception center. This is an unfortunate incident, Saxony commented Iltalehti.

– Food comes from outside the reception center from Amica. The mistake occurred in the kitchen at Amica. We have investigated the matter, and now we are going through things with the residents, Saxony said on Sunday evening.

Saksi says the Luonan management was in consultation with high level imams.


Head Islamopologist in Finland: imam Anas Hajar admits Muslims can eat what’s forbidden if there is nothing else to eat:

Anas Hajjar imaami IMG_2015_00426334

Eating pork is forbidden in the Koran.

– It is allowed, what is good for us and prohibited, what is bad for us. We adhere to the Qur’an. If you knowingly eat something forbidden, such as pork, supplications are not accepted as long as the forbidden food is in the stomach. But if in fear of death and famine and what is allowed to eat does not exist, then the spirit is preserved and the prohibition is no longer the case, Hajjar explains.

According to him, God will punish deliberately eating what’s forbidden on day of judgment.

– God may decide not to punish or to be punished, it is in his hand.


How about not taxing the crap out of the business community and loosening the bands on, and demands of, the welfare state?

All economic problems are a human caused phenomenon, and mostly the fault of big government enthusiasts who can’t create anything worthwhile, while they destroy that which is. The more big government you have, the more restricted you become, the more regulations you have, the less you have in goods and choices. It’s that simple.

Entrepreneurial burnout – one of the greatest obstacles to growth in Finland?

A new type of corporate barometer developed in the northwest region of Northern Ostrobothnia interviewed local business owners about the challenges they face. Results indicate that, in addition to the dismal market situation, an equal – somewhat surprising – key obstacle to economic growth in Finland is the independent business owner’s ability to cope.

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan yrittäjien toimitusjohtaja Marjo Kolehmainen
Marjo Kolehmainen Image: Timo Sipola / Yle

The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Northern Ostrobothnia executed an extensive survey of the business owners in the region to identify future business prospects and pinpoint both obstacles to and opportunities for growth.

In an interesting turn of events, the survey found that an entrepreneur’s uncertainty about if they would have the stamina to keep things going was seen as just as big a challenge to the company’s future in northwest Finland as the increasingly competitive economy.

Running your own business takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, and entrepreneurs are uniquely prone to exhausting themselves. Marjo Kolehmainen, chair of the regional entrepreneurial organisation, says that this is one survey result that everyone should take heed of.

“We have to do something about it. This softer, more personal perspective must be taken seriously; we have to come up with a way to help. If an entrepreneur runs out of stamina, the business won’t grow, let alone hire new employees,” she says.

More here.


The ones hiding their true feelings are the morons who pretend to defend human rights while championing those who would smash those rights. They also hide their true intentions of erasing borders once for all, the ramifications of that should scare any sane individual..

Three counter-demonstrators detained at anti-immigrant rally

Three people were remanded into police custody on Saturday for ignoring police orders to leave the area during an anti-immigrant ‘Close the Borders’ protest march in Helsinki. The arrests took place after the counter-demonstrators returned to heckle the procession.

Video: Kymmenkunta keppihevosilla ratsastanutta vastamielenosoittajaa tuli Rajat kiinni -mielenosoitukseen Helsingin Narinkkatorille.
Watch video footage from the January 30 anti-immigrant demonstration in Helsinki Video: Berislav Jurisic / Yle

Police have detained three counter-demonstrators who disrupted the anti-immigrant ‘Close the Borders’ demonstration in Helsinki Saturday.

According to the Helsinki Police, the persons apprehended were disturbing the otherwise peaceful procession, and so the police held them until the demonstration was over and charged them a fine for insubordination.

Mika Hentunen, a reporter for Yle described the people who were removed from the demonstration as “leftist radicals”.

There is an idiom in Finnish that ‘to use something as a hobby horse’ is to use something as a pretext for your true intentions. The group of counter protesters were all riding hobby horses, likely meant to accuse the demonstrators of hiding their racist motivation behind what they say is their interest in keeping the country safe.

“A few carloads of riot police and mounted police were on hand,” Hentunen reported.

Hentunen estimates that some 150 people took part in the Close the Borders procession, which began at Helsinki’s Kamppi square and proceeded down Mannerheimintie to end at Senate Square. The demonstration culminated in a candlelit vigil on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, in honour of a 17-year-old girl killed one year ago in the northwest city of Pori by an Afghan national.

Helsinki Police say about 200 people turned out for the anti-immigrant march, dwindling to 100 by the end. A similar procession took place without incident on Saturday in the western coastal city of Pori.

More here.


The only reason why the police are ”bracing” for anything is due to the habitually and inherently violent, Left-wing. 

I agree with the words from the late, great, Ronald Reagan, there is no ”left or right”, there is only an up or down. Those who cling to statist driven ideologies, whether they hail from the Left or Right-wing of  big government socialism, are the problem.

You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream-the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path. Plutarch warned, “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”

The answer, of course, lies within the philosophies of the Enlightenment that liberated man, championing the uniqueness of the individual and his inherent sovereignty endued upon him by the Creator. That  is where the path to the top begins.

Helsinki police brace for anti-immigration and anti-racism demos

The anti-immigration group “Close the Borders” (Rajat kiinni) has planned a march in Helsinki to promote peace for women on Saturday. At the same time the anti-racism movement “No racism in my name” (Ei rasismia minun nimissäni) will take to the streets of the capital to protest racist speech and actions.

Tampereen keskustassa järjestettiin kaksi mielenosoitusta 23. tammikuuta 2016, liikkeellä olivat maahanmuuton vastainen kuvassa oleva Rajat Kiinni! -soihtukulkue ja Loldiers of Odin -klovnit.
Participants at last weekend’s anti-immigration demonstration in Tampere. Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

Officials in Helsinki are expecting at least two demonstrations on the city streets come Saturday, as the anti-immigration group “Close the Borders” and the anti-racism collective “No racism in my name” converge on the capital for demonstrations.

By Thursday evening roughly 100 supporters of “Close the Borders” had indicated on the group’s Facebook page that they would turn out for the planned march, due to begin at Narinkkatori in the city centre.

Meanwhile a counter-demonstration planned by the “No racism in my name group” had amassed 900 participants on that group’s Facebook site.

Helsinki police said that the required notifications had been made for both demonstrations. Officials would not speculate on how many people they expected to actually turn up for the popular protests.

“As always with these kinds of events, it remains to be seen how many people will actually turn up,” said chief inspector Seppo Kujala.

Police to take the necessary precautions

All the same, Kujala said police would be taking the necessary precautions.

“Of course we will aim to be prepared in the event that everything doesn’t go smoothly. However in most cases people are quite properly expressing support for something that they feel to be right and don’t cause any major problems. There may be some isolated people or groups that the police then take care of,” Kujala added.

The Helsinki officer said that police will conduct resource planning when they have gathered sufficient information about the demonstrations.

“We will be monitoring the situation right down to the very last and will be prepared with the required equipment and resources,” he commented.

Anti-immigration demonstrations have also been planned for this weekend in other cities such as Keuruu and Pori in western Finland.

Last weekend Close the Borders organised an anti-immigration procession in Tampere.


NOTE: I wish these patriots all the best. Thomas Jefferson said it best:

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. (TT: “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”) Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” – Jefferson to James Madison, January 30, 1787


I’m not a reader of the Finnish online magazine/news site MVLehti, anymore than I am of the National Enquirer. Their association with the Jew hating Magneettimedia website is chief reason for it. That said, if they break a valid story that the Finnish fake media fails to cover/holds back on, I’ll republish it.

YLE is the least trustworthy of any official media in Finland, they’re a propaganda arm of the ruling elite, gladly pushing whatever meme the politicos shove at it, as long as it conforms to their (quasi) marxist world views. Though they organized a speaking event for Denmark’s Flemming Rose, they held their collective fingers in their collective ears during the entire speech:

Many people today believe that, you know, words can be as violent and hurtful as deeds, and I agree that words can be hurtful, and words can incite from time to time, but if you look at history and the development of free speech, and the fight against censorship, the key distinction was the establishing of a distinction between words and deeds.

If you look at the key difference between free societies and un-free societies, it is exactly that free societies are characterized by clear distinction between words and deeds. It’s why dictatorships and un-free societies they erode that distinction.

In a dictatorship words are being perceived as if they were actions and therefore dissidents and critical voices are being silenced with reference to the fact that they are a threat to the peace of the public order, and so on and so forth. So by equating evil words and evil deeds we are in a way moving back to the time before the Middle Ages, in Europe where people were being burned at the stake for saying critical things about the Church, about God, about people of other faiths, and I don’t think that’s where we would like to go. I think that this is happening because it has become very popular to play the grievance card, that people think that they do have a right not to be offended. I will come back to that in a moment and explain why I think that is problematic, although I’m not in favor of going, you know, walking around and offending people all of the time. That’s not the point, it’s a matter of principle in a multicultural world.

My advice to YLE is to rebroadcast Flemming Rose’s speech in its entirety, to help re-educate people in their own organization, as well as post-enlightenment throwback deputy prosecutor, Jorma Kalske, the same buffoon who went after Finns politician Jussi Halla-aho for ”hate speech” and ”defamation of religion”. Quashing free speech is not the answer, more speech is.

Police to investigate anti-immigrant MV-Lehti website

Deputy Prosecutor General Jorma Kalske has referred an investigation request about the inflammatory anti-migrant website MV-Lehti to Helsinki police for further action. The investigation will determine whether or not the website is guilty of offences such as defamation.

MV -nettilehden etusivu.

Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle

The investigation request into MV-Lehti was made by a group of political and student youth organisations in an online statement. Deputy Prosecutor General Jorma Kalske has in turn passed on the request to the Helsinki police. Once police complete a preliminary investigation they will decide whether or not to refer the case for consideration of charges.

MV-Lehti has published incendiary, often erroneous and abusive articles over the last year, gaining a large following and contributing to a harsher atmosphere in Finnish public discourse.

The investigation request raises concerns that MV-Lehti may be guilty of offences such as slander. The youth organisations say that the website has permitted the publication of comments that are racist and that threaten individuals’ health and lives.

Hanna Huumonen, chair of the student arm of the Social Democratic Party SONK said she hopes that the case will set a precedent.

“We will most certainly see fraudulent media in the future as well. There must be tools to deal with their activities,” she added.

Earlier this month nine political youth organisations banded together to urge advertisers to boycott financial support for the website in the form of advertisements. They stressed that MV-Lehti and other similar sites published false news and incited hatred.

The groups represented all of the major political parties except for the Finns Party. Chair of the Finns Party youth wing, Sebastian Tynkkynen, told Yle that he ‘hated’ MV Lehti. However he said his organisation would not join the boycott in order to avoid drawing more attention to the website.



Like I’ve been saying, officially, 2/3 of these muslim settlers are frauds, and the jury is still out IMO on the remaining 1/3.


Finland plans to expel 20,000

VK Published today at 18:08

The Finnish authorities estimate that almost 20 000 of the 32 000 asylum seekers who arrived last year will be refused and deported, reported several media.

– 20,000 is the estimate we are working with now, but the number of asylum seekers who return voluntarily can change that, says Päivi Nerg, Permanent Secretary at the Interior Ministry, told Reuters.

She says that the authorities plan to set up various transit centers for those deported and those who leave the country voluntarily.

Of the more than 160,000 who sought asylum in Sweden last year is expected to more than 60 000 for rejection.

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5000 A DAY……!

I can’t verify the veracity of the content, this was an email sent to the Finnish website MVLehti which contains a terrifying warning for Finland if true.

Regular readers know that the Russian government has been involved in sending muslim migrants to Finland via the upper most northern border. Russian authorities have denied any involvement but the facts speak otherwise. The TT’s own correspondent, Stefan, has verified that the Russians were handing out visas to these migrants heading to Finland. Now the Russians are even forgoing with the formality of visas, just sending them on ahead.

Russia is reeling from the drop in oil prices and a stagnant economy, they want to divest themselves of troublesome refugees/economic tourists/colonizers, and have no problem dumping them on us. That the authorities are possibly keeping the facts from the citizenry is criminal, we need to act now before the mass rush is on. We need the military on the front line to keep our country from being inundated with these people.

(A TT translation)


I work as a lawyer in Helsinki, I take care of random stuff in the District Court, most of my work, in one form or another, is involved in the world of business.

I’ve networked with, among others, with the Immigration offices where I got a terrible picture of a future situation. In Migri (immigration services) it is believed that in the near future the border will rupture, they have calculated, according to which,  large masses are moving from the St. Petersburg area, and the reception at the border would be around 5,000 people a day.

Most would apparently go to Vaalimaa, where the leading road network is in good condition and with a lot of capacity. This issue has not yet reached any headlines even if though the information is widely shared between the SPR (Finnish Red Cross) and Migri organization. SPR’s own personnel are scared, because they have seen wild things at the reception centers.

The situation is no longer controlled by the government, Finland tries conducting its own foreign relations with Russia itself, even though it belongs to the EU as a whole – hence, therefore, with respect to border controls and procedures.

In fact, as someone who has lived in Russia, I can underline the pressure in the immigration circles of St Petersburg and Moscow is huge – the Afghans, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Azeris, etc … are without direction. Most are mainly from Muslim backgrounds and are illiterate and otherwise unskilled, and feel that they are entitled to something better, but Russia does not allow them.

In my opinion it would be good to raise the Migri issue – the 20 refugees per day – statistics do not scare anyone. But in 5000 … or even 50,000 … gives some idea of ​​the state of emergency, then it is certain that we will soon have a completely different scale of problem on our hands.


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