I pledge to increase mine by half over the next tens years to take up the slack.

I’ve have lots of incandescent light bulbs that I’ve managed to squirrel away like a former soviet with toilet paper.

NOTE: With lots of sauna and wood in the fireplace.

Finnish leaders are stupid……….

President pledges to cut carbon footprint

Like hundreds of other Finns, President Sauli Niinistö has signed an online pledge to take steps to reduce his personal carbon footprint by half within ten years.

Presidentti Sauli Niinistö.

President Sauli Niinistö. Image: Yle

In part, the purpose of the pledge is to send a clear message to world leaders to reach agreement that will stabilize the global climate system and reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

President Niinistö says that be started reducing his own personal carbon footprint several years ago.

“It began when we installed a geothermal heat pump in our home,” explains Niinistö.

The president has also switched to emissions-free electricity and the increased use of LED lighting. He says that he now also intends to make sure that as little food as possible in his household goes to waste.

The president is encouraging more of his countrymen to sign the pledge to cut their own carbon footprints.

President Niinistö will be heading Finland’s delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference that begins in Paris on Monday.



Tip of the iceberg.

I also blame our feckless ‘leaders’ for this.


KSML: The police grabbed two asylum-seekers following teenage girl

Thursday, 11.26.2015 at 18.32 (updated at 18:45)

The police officer was today caught two asylum-seekers on suspicion of attracting a child for sexual purposes, reported  Keskisuomalainen (TT: Central Finland Newspaper).

According to the Finnish Central police suspect two asylum seekers were following a 15-year-old girl this afternoon in the center of Saarijärvi. The 20- and 30-year-old men shouted to her, made sexual gestures with his hands and touched the girl’s hand.

Distressed from the situation the girl called her father, who retrieved her from the situation. The police found the suspects, who according to police information had no prior knowledge of the girl.

Inspector Reima Rossi of the Domestic Finnish Police Department said Thursday afternoon that rumors in  the community tell of similar incidents, but no reports of offenses in other cases in Saarijärvi have been made. According to Rossi, the cases must be reported to the police.

– It is the only way that they can be addressed, Rossi said.

According to police, the suspects are still under arrest.



Read this:

One of those waiting in line this week was Walaah Ala-Hassan from Baghdad. She came to Finland because she believed that she would have a better, safer life here. Before coming to Finland, she spent two years in Turkey.

“Living here is so difficult because I can’t [get] comfortable here because my camp is so bad in Jyväskylä. And I can’t stay in Jyväskylä. When you need anything, we don’t find anything. And my Mom needs me again and I want to go for her.”

Ala-Hassan says she is afraid to go back to Iraq “because that situation’s so bad”.

Ala-Hassan, who dreams of a career as a dentist in Dubai, says she came to Finland to complete her university studies in dentistry.

Disappointed Iraqis cancel asylum applications

dissapoined iraqi in finland yle 25 11 2015

In recent weeks the Iraqi Embassy in Helsinki’s posh Kulosaari neighbourhood has been busy as Iraqis have queued up for temporary passports to leave the country.

Some of the Iraqi asylum seekers who have arrived in Finland this autumn have decided to return to Iraq. In September and October, for instance, more than 700 Iraqis cancelled their asylum applications.

Officials at the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) say that some Iraqis have apparently had incorrect assumptions about Finland’s asylum policy.

“Many of them have arrived in Finland with an idea that everything would be arranged quickly and that family reunifications would be easy. For many it may have been a shock when the truth emerged about how long the asylum process takes,” says Migri communications officer Kaisa Härkisaari.

Queuing for passports

In recent weeks the Iraqi Embassy in Helsinki’s posh Kulosaari neighbourhood has been busy as Iraqis have queued up for temporary passports to leave the country.

One of those waiting in line this week was Walaah Ala-Hassan from Baghdad. She came to Finland because she believed that she would have a better, safer life here. Before coming to Finland, she spent two years in Turkey.

“Living here is so difficult because I can’t [get] comfortable here because my camp is so bad in Jyväskylä. And I can’t stay in Jyväskylä. When you need anything, we don’t find anything. And my Mom needs me again and I want to go for her.”

Ala-Hassan says she is afraid to go back to Iraq “because that situation’s so bad”.

Ala-Hassan, who dreams of a career as a dentist in Dubai, says she came to Finland to complete her university studies in dentistry.

“A European degree is always good. Studying in Baghdad is difficult at the moment,” Ala-Hassan says. “But it’s so difficult here, the language is so difficult, and….yeah.”

Tougher rules

Iraqis account for more than 60 percent of the 26,000 asylum seekers who have arrived in Finland this year.

In late October, Migri changed its guidelines for which areas of Iraq are considered safe, in effect making it harder for Iraqis to obtain asylum here.



I have bumped into Inna on a couple of occasions. Glad that she gets it.

clapping orson

All serious experts on radical Islam, people like Morgen Storm who infiltrated the highest command of Al-Qaeda and has studied Islam for ten years non-stop, are telling the Western authorities: “Those people are not coming to Europe and the West to live. They are coming to die”. Why on earth did Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and all the rest of the Western leaders not have the sense of responsibility to listen? Western European leadership has failed in its most important duty, that is, to provide security and safety for their citizens.

But how can even the best intentions to limit Islamic radical threat be realistically carried on when the current government of Greece is enthusiastically letting all the hordes coming from the Middle East and Africa to get into Europe without bearing any responsibility for flooding the continent with hundreds and thousands of potential terrorists?


Finland, too, is trying to regulate the uncontrollable stream of refugees coming from Sweden, but not with much success. Additionally, the Finnish premiere who is a good and believing person, but one without much experience in international policy, and who did act spontaneously and emotionally, prompted by tragic personal reasons, and publicly invited the refugees to his house, literally to his house. What better PR scheme to get potential terrorists on to European soil?

Analysing the activities of Western European leaders with regard to handling the refugee crisis in 2015, one just cannot help being totally taken aback by their ability to do everything in their power to put their own citizens in danger. Mortal danger, for the record.


Op-Ed: It’s Jihad, Europe!

The war against the West is proof of the inept leadership of the Western world. A step by step history of how Islam took over Europe.

Published: Sunday, November 22, 2015 8:20 AM

“Those people are not coming to Europe to live; they are coming to die”.

After Friday November 13, 2015, we are living in a different reality. The reality of a switched off Eiffel tower, evacuated Hanover stadium, shut down Brussels subway, and tanks on the deserted streets of the capital of the European Union.   The people in the West are struggling to live a normal life in surreal circumstances, their minds pulsating with a flashing diagnosis: It’s Jihad, Europe!..

The fifteen lost years: 2000-2015

The escalating real and imminent danger to millions of Europeans did not strike the West out of the blue. It was all building up starting from the 9/11 attacks in New York and is a part of the existing strategy of radical Islam from the end of 1980s on. The success of the 9/11 attack had been a major and victorious landmark of this strategy, major encouragement to the forces of darkness.

But contrary to common sense and despite existing information about the radical Islamists’ plans and the list of their mounting activities, the Islamization of Europe – and the West, still in progress – was allowed to happen, both by the dangerously blinded Western leadership and by a largely naive public.

It is irrelevant to blame the special services for this. With all their shortcomings and occasional failures, the special services, especially the strong ones of the UK, Germany and some other Western European countries – France included – as well as the able special services of Canada and Australia  –  work day and night, with good results information-wise. The problem is what the special services are allowed – or not allowed – to do by their political bosses, by their countries’ leadership. And here is the core of the problem with regard to really fighting a war on terror.

Soon after the 9/11 disaster, from 2003 on, as the experts were realizing how little had been done in practice to prevent the spread of militant Islam, several senior analysts tried consistently to wake up the Western leadership to very real risks of the steady process of the radical Islamist penetration into Western societies – see my article on the issue “Europe: A Dangerous Place to Live”. This analysis has been widely cited in many books and dissertations on counter-terrorism, both in popular and professional publications. At the time of the analysis’ publication, its headline was widely perceived as ‘a bold metaphor’. Just 12 years on, this line has become a very much-used statement in the media, a development that I deeply regret.

More here.


Yeah, but what in the world does that exactly mean, “be prepared to let them all in, or send them packing back into Russia?”

I fear the former. Russia is on the move, the stage is being set in the initial outbreak of WWIII, it’s not just the violent Islamic element, but the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians as well. Obama’s unilateral and disastrous withdrawal from Iraq has set a series of dominoes in action, with the worst of the worst making steady gains.

I have already reported on the situation between Norway and Russia, the Kremlin is behind the scene orchestrating the Muslim flow into Norway, soon they’ll be sending them our way as well.

President Niinistö: We must prepare for migration across eastern border

President Sauli Niinistö told the media on Friday afternoon that Finland must be able to prepare for the prospect of large numbers of migrants on its eastern border.

Sauli Niinistö puhuu tiedotustilaisuudessaan.

President Niinistö at a press conference on Friday. Image: Yle

President Niinistö focused his remarks the migrant situation in Europe and the latest policy moves by Norway to reduce the growing number of refugees arriving via an Arctic route across northern Russia.

“Questions are already being put forth about the same possibly happening on Finland’s eastern border. This then involves a rather large mass of people. It is possible that this would be major migration and in such a situation we must be able to be prepared,” said Niinistö.

Finland has a 1340-kilometre border with Russia, the EU’s longest.

The president met with the press following a meeting with the government’s Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy that also reviewed the situation in Afghanistan, where Finland has deployed peacekeepers to the ISAF operation.

“We noted the difficult situation and established that operations can be continued, perhaps in a reduced form from [the level of] Finland’s presence at the moment,” stated President Niinistö.



Kalevi or Teemu no longer of interest to the multi-culti crowd.

There are also hundreds of Finnish people with names such as Ali, Ibrahim, Omar or Hassan.

Only 20 years ago most Finns were worried about Russian hegemony, now everything is up for grabs, even traditional Finnish identity.

Expert: Immigration to increase name diversity

Name-giving conventions have become more international in the beginning of the 21st century, expert Minna Saarelma-Paukkala says. As Finns become more accustomed to names from elsewhere, she says, families with Finnish heritage will start giving their children foreign names. This has, of course, already happened in Finland’s history.

Vauva ja vanhemmat.
Finnish first names tend to be of foreign origin, says expert. Image: Riikka Rautiainen/ Yle

Immigration has led to Finnish first names diversifying, certainly since the 1960s and especially in the 2000s, says Minna Saarelma-Paukkala, who is chief of the almanac office at the University of Helsinki.

“More Muslim and Russian nomenclature has come in, but migrants from the Vietnam and countries in Asia and Africa have also brought new names with them,” Saarelma-Paukkala says.

Thousands of Finns with any variation of the first name Mohammed already exist. There are also hundreds of Finnish people with names such as Ali, Ibrahim, Omar or Hassan.

According to the expert the majority of these names occur in families of foreign extraction, while Finns with little to no foreign heritage are still slow to adopt certain non-Finnish varieties.



I’m all for these jackals leaving our countries for the Middle East for good, and not to return at all. 

“The death penalty is one way to solve things like these, but I’m not quite sure what the proper kind of punishment would be for these situations,” the Minister of Justice said on Thursday. “Would it be to throw the perpetrator in jail for the rest of their life, which society would pay for? Or to kill them and be done with it?”

Minister of Justice: “I could consider the death penalty for terrorists”

Finns Party MP and Minister of Justice and Labour Jari Lindström says he could be prepared to revoke the passports of persons taking part in terrorist activities. He told Yle on Thursday that he would even consider resorting to capital punishment.

Oikeus- ja työministeri Jari LindströmMinister of Justice and Labour Jari Lindström restated his pro-capital punishment opinions on Thursday. Image: Sasha Silvala / Yle

Jari Lindström, Minister of Justice and Labour and Finns Party MP suggested being open to harsh measures against terrorism in an Yle interview on Thursday. These measures could involve condemning terrorists to death. Lindström made his statements following a Europe-wide heightening of threat levels and the Paris massacre.

Lindström’s stance on capital punishment made headlines earlier this year when it came to light that he had suggested the measure for especially brutal crimes in a 2011 questionnaire for MPs.




You have to be completely out of your gourd to allow any Saudi, let alone a Muslim from the Middle East into any course on fissile material. We are in the middle of WWIII and the West acts like it’s on summer holiday. Who’s vetting these Saudis, if at all?

NOTE: The tech school’s motto is “Open your mind”, but it shouldn’t be for the destruction of the West. Prudence dictates otherwise.

20 Saudi students to enrol at Lappeenranta tech uni in 2016

The Lappeenranta University of Technology will begin an education export campaign to Saudi Arabia in 2016. Twenty students will enrol in Master’s courses in nuclear engineering. The programme does not intend to alleviate the school’s economic circumstances.

Juhani Hyvärinen

Juhani Hyvärinen, nuclear tech professor at LUT, the school with the slogan “Open your mind”. Image: Kare Lehtonen / Yle

Twenty Saudi Arabian students will begin their studies at the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in a year’s time. Their major subject will be nuclear engineering and the students are expected to pay a tuition fee.

Professor Juhani Hyvärinen from LUT says that the intention of the payments is not to aid the ongoing academic funding crisis.

“Tuition will cover expenses but it isn’t a money-making machine,” he says. “There are many institutions that offer similar training so we cannot price ourselves out of the running.”

Exporting education to Saudi Arabia may bring further collaborations, as LUT is planning joint research work and PhD training with Saudis.

“Many other countries are in the same situation as Saudi Arabia,” Hyvärinen says. “The Saudis are keen to be rid of fossil fuel reliance by investing in nuclear technology and other forms of energy. Finland and LUT have a great deal of energy know-how that other countries may well be interested in, as well.”



One of the rare news media sites to actually give accreditation and most impressively, link to a blog. The Tundra Tabloids! Kudos to (real) journalist, Lori Lowenthal Marcus.

Former Finnish Pres: Blame Paris Attacks on Failure to Solve Palestinian Crisis

Former Finnish President second Scandinavian Public Figure to point finger at Israel for Nov. 13 Paris Attacks
Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari
Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari
Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Johannes Jansson

Martti Ahtisaari, the 78-year-old former president of Finland, is now the second major Scandinavian figure to point a finger at Israel for being the source of ISIS terrorism. Ahtisaari announced to the world that the ISIS terrorist attacks on Paris which took place on Friday, Nov. 13, indeed, all of the current global terrorism now being committed by ISIS, is at least in part due to the failure of Israel to appease the Palestinian Arabs.

It first happened just a few days ago. Sweden’s minister for foreign affairs, Margot Wallström, was being interviewed by Swedish Television the day after the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks on Paris. Responding to a query regarding her concerns that young Swedes may become radicalized and turn to ISIS, Wallström suggested the cause lay in the Middle East, “where not least the Palestinians feel like there is no future for them,” according to Radio Sweden.

Wallström then went on to link the two situations by saying “They feel like they either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.”

Erik Wirkensjö, Wallström’s press secretary said she was not linking the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Maybe, maybe not, although that is exactly what is sounded like what she was doing.

But Finland’s former president Ahtisaari also tied the perceived hopelessness of the Palestinian Arabs and their brethren in the Middle East to the ever-increasing rise of terrorist-based radical Islam. This former Nobel Peace Prize winner nicely weds the guilt of Europe and its refusal to recognize the deserving needy Arabs, to the hopelessness giving rise to radical Islam. In that way, Israel, especially, but also Europe in general, bear ultimate responsibility for the terrorist attacks against the West.

According to the Finnish blog Tundra Tabloids, Ahtisaari says that youngsters have been radicalized in the Middle East partly because Palestinian Arabs have been treated badly:

Former President, Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari says that Europe must pay attention to the reasons of radicalisation more than it does. European countries must get work and education for youngsters.Europe must pay attention to the reasons of radicalisation more than it does. European countries must get work and education for youngsters. The Arab Spring did not actually start in Tunisia, but in the suburbs of Paris. Advancing the Middle East peace process is crucial as far as European security is concerned. The Syrian peace process would give people hope of returning home. The question of Israel and Palestine must also be solved.

Okay, Sweden, now Finland. Should we take bets on who will be the next Scandinavian to blame Israel for the Nov. 13 Assault on Paris?

Jewish Press

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

H/T: Ege Berk Korkut


The way the fake media and these jackass bureaucrats embedded in the neck of the civil society spin a story, calls for a total Fisking of their account. Let’s begin. 

Police complaint over gym’s Finns-only note

Häme police have received a complaint over a notice put up by a gym in Heinola which said it would not accept immigrants as members. Police will now have to determine whether or not an offence has been committed.

Heinolan Reumasairaalan rakennuksia
A forthcoming reception centre, opening in a former hospital, appeared to spur the Valolinna gym’s announcement that it will not accept immigrant customers.

A Heinola gym is to be investigated over a note it posted in which it said it would not accept any new immigrant members, and would therefore “remain Finnish”. The gym also claimed that it was full.

Police said at the time that they couldn’t investigate as nobody had complained, but now say they’ve received complaints from private citizens.

[TT: The fake media hype the story in order to get the open border types (whiners & miscreants), to file a complaint against this gym-spa operator, so that the intimidation campaign of not only this operator, but others around the country can start in earnest. Everyone must be on board with their agenda in turning Finland into a Sweden-like basket case, there are to be no exceptions.]

A new reception centre is set to open in the same complex of buildings as the Valolinna gym. The complex previously housed a hospital. The owner of the company which owns the property, Juha Kukkonen, said he had been surprised by the strong reaction to his plans to open a reception centre.

“I don’t know if it’s such a terrible thing to encounter a foreign person,” Kukkonen added. “I was surprised that the reaction has been so extreme.”

[TT: The owner of Carelogi.fi is shocked, just shocked to learn that people are upset of his renting of a space in a former hospital to cash in on the crony money cottage industry for migrants, no doubt he fluffs off the recent events of jihadis infiltrating Europe (Paris massacre) and Finland (recent arrest of one ”asylum seeker” for war crimes in Syria).

No one is being upset about foreigners, just about migrants coming into Finland from hotspots of jihadism. I’m sure Parisians are now as worried as are these Finnish tenants and clients of the health gym-spa.]

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä told Yle at the time that the gym may have been guilty of discrimination.

“This announcement appears extremely unpleasant and unusual. One could think that it is partly racist,” Pimiä said.

“Given the forthcoming reception centre, one could conclude that the announcement is actually intended for there and is an attempt to demonstrate prejudice against immigrants,” Pimiä added.

[TT: Of course this bureaucratic hack (whose in need of standing in the unemployment line) spouts “racism”, it’s according to tactics that she employs the term, even without one shred of evidence. This is how they operate.

A victim put upon by the system needs to be made an example of, and the fake media is a willing participant in the process.]

Police said that the investigation could take some time, and will involve discussions with prosecutors.


NOTE: The owner of the establishment wants it to be clear that his business is not free, is full up, and that it won’t become an edifice to multiculturalism that places islamic norms above traditional Finnish values and customs. He has that right, regardless of whatever Kirsi Pimiä thinks, the law says and the court decides. Even if convicted, the owner of this establishment is correct, and it’s his rights that are being violated by the dim wits in the “non-discrimination ombudsman department.

Kirsi Pimiä, from the Orwellian Ministry of non-justice.


Paper: Iraqi asylum seekers offer to help police find terror threats

The newspaper Savon Sanomat reports that Iraqi asylum seekers have pledged to inform police if they suspect terrorist activity among fellow asylum seekers.

Autot ajavat liikennevaloristeykseen sadekelissä.
Downtown Kuopio. File photo. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

In the wake of last week’s attacks in Paris, the Kuopio-based daily newspaper Savon Sanomat spoke with Iraqi asylum seekers who pledged they would report any terrorism or Islamic State-related activities among fellow asylum seekers.

One asylum seeker told the paper that his decision to come forward was an expression of trust in the Finnish police and said he would cooperate for the safety of the people of Finland.

The threat of terrorist cells is a growing worry among many asylum seekers, the paper wrote, even more so after last week’s attacks and the recent revelations of an Islamist terror network investigation in Italy.



The race to cash in on the refugee/asylum bonanza (cronyism on public money) goes on.

Majoituskontteja Eurajoella, turvapaikanhakijat sinne pian.

Finns Party up in arms

Finns Party councilors in the Eurajoki municipality say however that the city’s environmental committee was misled into issuing a permit to use the containers to house refugees. They point out that a temporary building permit issued in October made no mention of accommodating asylum seekers.

They add that the permit was granted to one company, which then rented the containers to another firm that is now setting up a reception centre.

“We are calling for the rental agreement to be voided and we are considering launching an investigation. The committee has been misled,” said Tomi Salonen, chair of the Eurajoki Finns Party councilors’ group.

City denies subterfuge

Salonen stressed that in his view the municipality had done nothing wrong. Instead he said he believed that the permit applicant had acted inappropriately.

Head of the Eurajoki environmental department Jouko Vastamäki pointed out that the containers still had a valid permit to be used for the purpose intended.

“Rumours that something illegal has occurred are baseless,” he added.



This of course flies in the face of both the facts and reality on the ground, they came into Europe as asylum seekers.

When asked if he felt the Paris attacks would affect the Finnish asylum seeker situation, the prime minister said it wouldn’t. “Asylum seekers have left their homes to escape these kinds of situations. I see no direct connection,” he said.

PM Sipilä: Border checks should be reinstated in Europe if Schengen doesn’t work

Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä says he is prepared to return border controls within the EU if border surveillance at Europe’s external borders cannot be made effective. Border controls throughout the European Union have been stepped up after the Paris attacks, he argues. President Sauli Niinistö confirmed that Finland will increase its surveillance operations in response to the tragic news.

Eduskunnan puhemies Juha Sipilä (vas) ja tasavallan presidentti Sauli Niinistö valtiopäivien avajaisissa Helsingin Finlandia-talolla keskiviikkona 29. huhtikuuta 2015.

Finland’s Prime Minster Juha Sipilä on the left and President Sauli Niinistö in an April 2015 photo.Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä says Finland’s security level will not be increased as a result of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. The premier did say however that the country’s border operations have been tightened and the police have upped their readiness.

Sipilä said the events in Paris will not directly affect the situation of asylum seekers in Finland, but mentioned that the Nordic country is prepared to take over the monitoring of its own borders if the Schengen Agreement cannot be made to work. First adopted in 1985, the Schengen Agreement abolished internal border controls in the EU, but requires external border controls for travellers entering and exiting the area.

“We must set the agreement straight. If it cannot work as it should, then we should reinstate internal border controls among the Member States,” Sipilä told journalists in a short press conference at the Government Palace Saturday evening.

Preliminary discussion about resuming internal border controls has already taken place among the EU countries, said Sipilä, most recently at the EU’s Summit in Malta this week.

Border controls would hamper free movement

EU leaders have woken up to the massive numbers of asylum seekers seeking to enter Europe once again, after a brief lull in migration at the end of the summer.

“The external borders should be controlled properly, and we should also be able to return people to other EU countries at will,” said Sipilä, explaining how the Schengen Agreement is supposed to work.

Imposing internal border controls within the EU would mean the end of one of the key principles of the Union: free movement between the Member States.

When asked if he felt the Paris attacks would affect the Finnish asylum seeker situation, the prime minister said it wouldn’t.

“Asylum seekers have left their homes to escape these kinds of situations. I see no direct connection,” he said.

President promises closer monitoring too

Following a Saturday evening meeting of government, Border Guard and police leadership to discuss the events in Paris, President Sauli Niinistö confirmed that Finland’s monitoring practices will be intensified as a result of the tragedy.

“Here in Finland we will likely tighten both our surveillance and our readiness. In this context, it will be necessary to intensify our contacts with the other EU Member States, and especially among the authorities. Because information is now of the utmost importance. We must learn everything that is essential to know,” President Niinistö said.



This is what I said about him at the time: 

yle propaganda

Thanks to the genius of Teemu Sinkkonen, we in Finland need not worry about the potential headchoppers flowing into our country, because he’s got it all figured out. That he can’t say what these (former?) jihadis were involved in because he hasn’t the foggiest idea, doesn’t deter him one bit, just by the prowess of his intellect he is able to look past the huge lack in information of these jackals and tells us, all is well, there’s nothing to see.

Now what’s really a problem is the native Finns who see the muslim settler invasion as a threat to their civil society, and do not want to burden themselves, and saddle their children and future generations, with the problems that arise from importing mass numbers of people who will not assimilate, who hail from different cultures and embody different morals and values than themselves.

That’s right, Mr.genius is worried about Finns, because within us carries the seeds of racism and bigotry, not the Muslims, no not the muslims, even the ones running around with armed groups who are guilty of some of the most horrendous barbaric acts imaginable.

You jerk.

Sinkkonen backed up his view by saying that the extremist group has mostly operated in Syrian conflict zones and has not extended its destructive activities to other countries directly.

“The only thing that might have something to do with a terrorist threat is the recruitment custom whereby the group attempts to draw in more combatants,” he says. “It is very probable that people with this sort of background have abandoned such militant involvement and are genuinely seeking asylum.”

Researcher: Migrants unlikely to come to Finland to practice terrorism

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service held a press conference on Tuesday announcing its security threat assessment. The announcement was evaluated by international affairs researcher Teemu Sinkkonen on Yle’s morning show.


NOTE: It won’t be long before the fake media in Finland once again, will put this jackass before the cameras and ask him for his “expert opinions”


Just “attackers”, “perpetrators”, “extremist”……but they did mention Isis (because they had to).

Finland offers condolences and pledges to step up security following deadly Paris attacks

Patrols and surveillance in Finland will be increased, says police chief, in response to series of shootings and suicide bombings across the French capital which left at least 120 dead on Friday. Meanwhile prominent figures in Finland came forward to express shock and condemnation of the killings.

Poliisi partio Saint Antoine sairaalan läheisyydessä Pariissa.
Police patrols near the Saint Antoine hospital in Paris following the deadly attacks on Friday night.Image: Laurent Dubrule / EPA

Police patrols and online surveillance will be increased in Finland, in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris in which at least 120 people were killed on Friday.

Attackers armed with guns and suicide bombs stormed a packed concert hall and a number of other sites across the French capital on Friday evening. Eight perpetrators are so far reported dead.

In Finland, Interior Minister Petteri Orpo announced on Twitter that Finland will offer all possible support to France in the wake of the atrocities, and he offered condolences to those affected. He said that Finland’s terrorism readiness level will now be increased.

Finland’s chief of police, Seppo Kolehmainen, said that patrols have been increased in risk areas, and that online monitoring has been stepped up.

More resources will be directed at security around embassies, Kolehmainen said. He added that he expects the Paris attacks to have an ongoing visible impact in Finland.

“According to the security services Supo, the likelihood of an attack in northern Europe and the Nordic countries has grown, but remains low,” he said. “We must take this reality into account with our operations.”

Meanwhile prominent figures in Finland have come forward to express shock and condemnation of the attacks.

Foreign minister Timo Soini called the killings a brutal attack against democracy and the whole of Europe.

President Sauli Niinistö extended his condolences to President Francois Hollande and the people of France, and to the victims and their loved ones, on behalf of the Finnish people. “Finland will do everything it can to help France in the fight against terrorism,” Niinistö pledged.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä posted a tweet in English expressing his shock at the killings. “Our thoughts are in France,” he said.

Former foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja said that the attacks bear the hallmark of the extremist group Isis, who have been responsible for a number of deadly atrocities in Europe and around the world in the last few months alone. “Many people have been involved in preparing and planning these killings, and the security mechanisms were overcome completely,” he said.



I have my issues with MP Alexander Stubb, everyone who reads this blog regularly knows that’s the case. What happened to him the other day however, at the hands of malcontent and miscreant students at the Great Banquet Hall at the University of Helsinki, was beyond the pale.

No one has the right to impede or shout down the speech of someone with whom you disagree. Here’s an excerpt from philosopher, Ayn Rand, on the subject:

….there is no justification, in a civilized society, for the kind of mass civil disobedience that involves the violation of the rights of others—regardless of whether the demonstrators’ goal is good or evil. The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others. Mass disobedience is an assault on the concept of rights: it is a mob’s defiance of legality as such.

They’ve a long tradition in taking over public spaces, even have a plaque honoring it at the university itself.

helsinki university take over

What yesterday’s brouhaha was all about:

“The Ministry of Finance has specifically proposed huge cuts in education, science at the University of Helsinki. Of course it is in drastic conflict, even with common sense, understandably, that the Finance Minister Stubb would hold an anniversary seminar in the closing speech. He is not welcome in the University of Helsinki. “


Protesters tried to shout down Stubb into silence at college – police removed protesters from banquet hall

The demonstration at the University of Helsinki to try to stop Alex Stubb's speech.

Demonstrators at the University of Helsinki tried to stop Alex Stubb from speaking. Jaakko Lyytinen

Protesters loudly opposed the education cuts by the Minister of Finance, Alexander Stubb, (National Coalition Party) today at a conference in the University of Helsinki. The police removed some of the protesters from the hall. The Minister made his speech, although the uproar caused a disturbance.

The situation today, in the early evening at the University of Helsinki:

A group of protesters – students, post-graduate students and staff – to shout and sing in the lobby.

The aim is to “prevent” Finance Minister Alexander Stubb (National Coalition Party) voice in the adjoining held in the University Hall ceremony. Science world’s best seminar decides University of Helsinki, 375-year anniversary.

The noise the demonstration has been taken because of the Government’s education cuts threaten demonstrators believes that the University’s activities and adult education.

The noise is loud all the time.

The lobby is full of people:

Protesters thronged the main building of the University in the lobby outside the hall speech.
Protesters thronged the main building of the University in the lobby outside the hall.

From time to time the University assembly hall door opens, with someone entering and exiting. Then the cry and beating gets even harder, says NYT.fi journalist Jutta Sarhimaa who was there.

More here (in Finnish).


These “equality” ombudsman are bureaucrats in desperate need of unemployment.

The owner of the former hospital is cashing in on the asylum center money grubbing industry (crony business), the owner of the health gym-spa is not pleased, and he doesn’t want these fake refugees piling into his establishment, besides, they’re all filled up with paying customers.

“The Valolinna gym will remain Finnish. Immigrants who have moved to the area from elsewhere will not be permitted to become our customers, because the gym is full.”

Gym announces “no immigrants” policy after reception centre plans unveiled

Finland’s equalities ombudsman has said the announcement by Valolinna in Heinola that “The gym will remain Finnish” appears to breach discrimination rules. Police said no official complaint has been filed.

Heinolan Reumasairaalan rakennuksia
A forthcoming reception centre, opening in a former hospital, appeared to spur the Valolinna gym’s announcement that it will not accept immigrant customers.

Finland’s equalities ombudsman has criticised a gym in Heinola, south-central Finland, for announcing on its website and in a newspaper ad that it will not accept any members who are immigrants.

An announcement on the Valolinna gym in Heinola’s website – which has now been taken down – announced: “The Valolinna gym will remain Finnish. Immigrants who have moved to the area from elsewhere will not be permitted to become our customers, because the gym is full.”

The policy appeared shortly after it was announced that a reception centre temporarily housing asylum seekers will be opening soon in the same complex of buildings as the gym. The building is a former hospital.

Insisting that he was simply informing people that the gym has no more space for new customers, owner Pertti Heikkilä told Yle: ”We wrote the announcement in that way, and it’s clearly provoked people. There’s nothing more to say.”

Heikkilä said the reception centre would have marketed the proximity of the gym and spa to its residents, without first asking his permission.

kuntosalin nettisivu
The announcement appeared on the Valolinna Gym website, and said “This gym will remain Finnish”. Image: Valolinna


The owner of the company which owns the complex of buildings which includes the gym and the forthcoming reception centre, Juha Kukkonen, later told Yle that he was bewildered at Valolinna’s policy.

“When something such as a reception centre is planned for somewhere, of course you ask what other services are in the area. We can’t keep that a secret from people. We tell all the residents of the space about food services, property, spas and so on,” Kukkonen said.

“For some reason the arrival of a reception centre is seen as some terrible threat. We have lots of empty space, and the centre won’t harm anybody. Everyone still gets to live their own life,” Kukkonen said.

“I don’t know if it’s such a terrible thing to encounter a foreign person,” Kukkonen added. “I was surprised that the reaction has been so extreme.”

Partly racist

Finland’s Equality Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä said that the gym’s policy appeared to breach discrimination rules.

Pimiä said that a policy of this sort must apply to everybody equally, if the issue is that the gym is full and no new customers can be taken on.

“This announcement appears extremely unpleasant and unusual. One could think that it is partly racist,” Pimiä said.

“Given the forthcoming reception centre, one could conclude that the announcement is actually intended for there and is an attempt to demonstrate prejudice against immigrants,” Pimiä added.

Not a police matter

Häme police said they would not take a position on whether the announcement amounted to discrimination or was morally wrong. Detective Inspector Matti Purhonen said that although the statute does outlaw discrimination, “the interpretation of the law is another question altogether.”

Purhonen said that the announcement is not a police matter unless somebody makes a formal complaint about it.


It’s safe to assume that there are more links between some in the Kurdish community in Finland and the al-Ansar group aligned with Islamic State, but the authorities are not being very forthcoming for whatever their reasons.

NOTE: I’m not saying that they are, but here’s a few miscreants in the Finnish southern port city Turku who are al the least, worth checking into, one of whom is a city councilman.

kurds in finland protest koran burn in norway. 4.3.2012

Italian sources: Four jihadists had Finnish links

Italian police say that three people connected to Finland belonged to the group and had also served in the ranks of ISIS, while a fourth faces a 15-year ban on entering Finland.

Suojelupoliisin ovi Helsingissä.
The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) ordered one of the suspects deported on suspicion of terrorist recruitment and violent propaganda. Image: Yle

According to Italian sources, four members a jihadist group targeted in a Europe-wide sweep had links to Finland. One of them is a Kurdish man who previously lived in the south-western city of Turku, but who has been banned from entering Finland.

Police in half a dozen European countries arrested 17 suspected members of Ansar Al-Islam, a Sunni Salafist militant group that was planning attacks in Norway and the Middle East. Previously linked to al-Qaeda, the group partly merged with ISIS last year.

Two killed in ISIS combat last year

Italian police say that three people connected to Finland belonged to the group and had also served in the ranks of ISIS. Ansar Al-Islam was reputedly run for a time from inside a Norwegian prison by Mullah Krekar, who has lived in Norway for decades.

The Italian public broadcaster Rai says that two of these individuals, which it names, were killed in fighting last year: the leader of the group’s Finnish cell, who reportedly died in Iraq in December 2014, and another member of it, who was “probably” killed in Syria in March 2014.

Rai says that another Isis member left Syria last year and went in Italy in July 2014 “after being rejected by the Finnish authorities”.

Deported – and re-deported

Furthermore, one of those taken into custody in Britain on Thursday was a Kurd who had lived in Turku and who was part of Mullah Krekar’s inner circle. A British citizen in his early 30s, he is believed to have run Ansar al Islam activities from Britain.

The man was deported from Finland late last year at the demand of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo). The deportation request had been filed several months earlier. He was said to have been recruiting people to join terrorist organisations and spreading violent propaganda.

The man returned to Finland in April, when he was immediately deported again. He is banned from entering Finland for 15 years, which is the longest such ban possible for a citizen of another EU country.

Earlier on Thursday, some Italian media reported that one of the detainees had been apprehended in Finland. The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation denied that report. It said that there had been an international warrant out for a person thought to be in Finland, but who could not be located on Thursday. The NBI said it had supported the European operation, but declined to provide any details.

Corrected at 9:22: four people with links to Finland were members of the group, not all were detained on Thursday.

Yle, Rai, Reuters, Corriere della Sera


And I deeply suspect that the remaining 1/3 are also as well.


Interior Ministry: Finland set to reject two thirds of asylum seekers

Ahead of the Malta summit on the migrant issue, Finnish officials warn of a dire shortage of places to accommodate asylum seekers and say that most applications will be turned down.

Pansion vastaanottokeskuksen telttamajoitus syyskuussa 2015
Tent housing in Pansio, near Turku in September – when the weather was still warm. Image: Kimmo Gustafsson/ Yle

Interior Minister Petteri Orpo estimates that two thirds of asylum seekers come to Finland in hopes of a better standard of living.

Orpo said on Wednesday that he is concerned that the number of asylum seekers could break up the Schengen Area. He says this is because various countries are increasingly making selfish decisions, and that this can be seen particularly in the eastern Balkans.

With winter closing in, Sweden has already announced that it can only offer tents to new arrivals. Finland too is working on plans to offer shelter in tents and containers.

Orpo: Hotspot in Sweden?

In Orpo’s view, a so-called hotspot processing centre should be set up as soon as possible in southern Sweden. Under an EU plan agreed in September, these centres are tasked with registering and fingerprinting new arrivals, and separating genuine refugees from other migrants.

Orpo’s comments come as the number of asylum seekers arriving in Finland registers a new uptick. In October 7,058 asylum seekers arrived in Finland, mostly through the northern border town of Tornio. So far this year 27,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Finland.

Most of the recent arrivals have been from Afghanistan. In relation to its own size, Finland has received the fourth-largest number of asylum seekers in Europe.

More here.

NOTE: Just think of all that money (that the Finnish state has had to borrow, with interest) wasted in dealing with these miscreants.