anti-Christian Finland

Finland: Christian politician in police interrogation again for stating her religious views on homosexuality on TV program….


This woman is facing religious persecution in the name of tolerance and placation of radical homosexual Leftists…


Päivi Räsänen in police interrogation today for hate speech allegations: “The Bible is involved”

Today, MP Päivi Räsänen will once again go to a police interrogation in connection with her statements related to homosexuals. This time, the interrogations will focus on her views on homosexuality and marriage on Ruben Stiller’s radio show.


MTV News reached Räsänen from Helsinki in front of the Pasila police station. Räsänen says that he is going to talk to the familiar police “with a brisk mind”.


– The Bible is involvded, she says.


Räsänen anticipates that the interrogations will address the basic biblical questions about marriage and man’s relationship with God.


“There’s absurd feeling as to whether we live in Finland”


Räsänen has been in police interrogations in the past due to the statements and says that they feel very strange. She herself describes her feelings on the questions that sound like they could have been asked in Belarus or  in North Korea.


– When sitting there during police interrogations, it’s strange, absurd feeling as to whether we live in Finland, she describes.


She says she wants to defend freedom of speech and religion, and says she stands strongly behind her statements.



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