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Finland: Muslim Brutally Murders Ex-Fiancé, Changes his name to “Angel”…….


You can’t make this crap up if you tried…


The man murdered his fiancé very brutally and cruelly – changed his name to Angel

The exceptionally brutal and cruel murderer changed his last name to Angel. The man murdered his fiancé who wanted to get rid of the relationship. He sent a threatening text message before the act.


The Vaasa Court of Appeal upheld the life sentence imposed by the district court on a 30-year-old man engaged in an exceptionally brutal murder. Convicted Alaa Kadhim Mahdi Albu-Salih has changed his name . He is now Alan Johannes Enkeli.

The man murdered a woman born in 1964 in September 2018 in Pori. Finally, he set the woman on fire. The woman wanted to end the dating relationship. They had been engaged the same summer.

The man sent a message to the woman on September 14, 2018 at 10:57 pm: “Thank you very much. I’m not happy you saw tomorrow Who I really am. ” According to the Court of Appeal, it could be interpreted as a threat.

The victim was found murdered when the rescue service went to the apartment due to a fire on September 16, 2018.



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