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US-CCP China: Columbia U. Failed to Disclose $1 Million Gift from the Chinese Communist Party…….


These grants come with strings attached, what else explains the Confucious Centers (CCP propaganda mills) that dot Academia’s college and university landscapes..?


Report: Columbia U. Failed to Disclose $1 Million Gift from the Chinese Communist Party


A new report published on Monday alleged that Columbia University has failed to disclose a $1 million gift from China’s Community Party. The report claims that the university accepted $1 million in donations as part of its relationship with the Confucius Institute, a controversial organization run by the Chinese Communist government that has partnered with colleges around the globe.


According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, the Chinese Community Party donated $1 million to Columbia University between 2010 and 2015 as part of a plan to establish a Confucius Institute on campus.


The Confucius Institute was designed by the Chinese government as a vehicle to promote Chinese language and culture on American college campuses. However, many believe that the organization has used its influence to exert control over American institutions. In October 2019, Senator Josh Hawley launched an investigation into the organization and its relationship with American universities and colleges.


Despite the mounting concerns, Columbia University continues to maintain its relationship with the organization. “Okay, no more gifts,” Columbia University President Lee Bollinger reportedly said after the Chinese government’s sixth donation to the university.


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