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Finland: Afghani Who Attempted to ‘Honor Murder’ Ex-Wife Boasts of His Deed to Police: “Finnish Women Have Too Many Rights”…….


This is the mindset of devout, sharia-compliant (supremacist) Muslims who follow the actual deeds/words of Mohamed…


It kind of puts a dent into the thinking that “all cultures and religions are equal and the same.”


A man who tried to honor Murder his ex-wife in Kuopio boasted to the police about his bloodshed to the police – “Women have too many rights in Finland”


A 39-year-old Afghan man was charged with attempted murder in the Northern Savonia District Court on Monday. The man did not accept the divorce situation and decided to take revenge on his ex-wife.


The bloodshed took place in Kuopio at the beginning of May in the middle of the street from the early afternoon. The man had traveled from Jämsä to Kuopio to meet the children of the ex-couple.


The man arrived in the city with a bicycle and a ten-centimeter fruit knife. The place and time of the meeting had been agreed in advance, but according to the prosecution, the man toured his bicycle about a mile from the meeting place in search of the woman. 


Eventually, the man saw the woman and rode her up to her on his bike. He tried to get the woman’s phone because he wanted to know who the woman had talked to. The ex-wife did not give the phone voluntarily, so the man attacked the woman.


According to the charge, the man had stabbed his ex-wife with a knife in the back, in the upper body and neck area several times. In addition, he had stabbed the woman’s hand, head, and body.



More here in Finnish at MTV3Uutiset

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