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Finland: Ex-Muslim Plans to Burn Koran if Leftists Refuse to Denounce Fundamental Islam and Terrorism…….


All it takes is one…


UPDATE: He’s done it!

Ex-Muslim @YasaAnter

just burned #koraani in Helsinki. Now it would be worthwhile for Finnish imams to come out proactively and condemn the violence as a result of political protest. Sweden only came out when the violence had begun. When Malmö was already on fire.



Here is Anter, after the koran burn, happy that the Muslims acted out as predicted, threatening his life.



Anter Yasa on Twitter:

Muslims are in my control. (in other words, they’ll typically act accordingly) Do Finnish social justice warriors want Helsinki to burn, do you want terrorism, do you want Islamic fundamentalism? It takes only one activist from The Left (Vasemmisto) to condemn Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism and accept ex-Muslims as liberals and be on the side of feminists from the Middle East, and I’ll leave the Koran alone. Otherwise, it will burn and Helsinki along with it.

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