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Finland: Clueless Professor On Morning TV Insists “Consumers Driving Company’s Re-branding Plans”…….


Out of her league…


Research-branding Professor Kirsti Lindberg-Repo on Finnish morning TV discusses with @ivanpuopolo and @YasaAnter about @Valio_Ltd changing its Turk-in-fez logo due to Yasa’s parody/joke complaint. Linbgerg-Repo was an empty dress, not a clue about what she was talking about. 


The entire discussion revolved around the incident in which Anter Yasa contacted the Finnish state dairy firm, Valio, about their logos of a Turkish man in a fez-style hat, that it was insulting. His intention was to use his parody/joke tweet to highlight the current cancel-culture that’s all the rage in the West.



The clip (in Finnish) can be seen here.


The professor sitting next to Yasa explained that the company was ”just listening to the consumer”, when in fact what they were doing was listening to a handful of miscreants and malcontents, not the consumer. She was either lying or totally clueless about what she was talking about, or worse yet, in agreement with the radicals. This is a woman who advises companies, lending them her advice on branding products. She’s a complete boob.

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