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Delingpole: In What Kind of Crazy World do You Get Promoted After Saying ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’……?


You shouldn’t…


The whole idea of a meritocracy, where one’s own merits are rewarded, not color, background, or wealth, safeguards society from discriminatory, punitive policies. The US’s tradition of meritcracy has been under attack from the Left for well over a century and finally playing out in our city streets.


Delingpole: In What Kind of Crazy World do You Get Promoted After Saying ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’?


In what kind of crazy world do you get sacked from your job for saying that ‘White lives matter’ but get promoted for saying that ‘White lives don’t matter’?


The one we live in now, tragically.


A white working-class couple in the north of England — Jake Hepple, 24, and his girlfriend Megan Rambadt, 21 — have both been fired because of a stunt Hepple pulled earlier this week when he flew in an aircraft trailing the banner ‘WHITE LIVES MATTER BURNLEY.’


Hepple lost his job as a welder at Lancashire-based Paradigm Precision which issued a statement claiming it does not ‘condone or tolerate racism in any form.’


Rambadt has lost her job working at a Burnley beauty salon after the online mob contacted her employer.


Meanwhile, at Cambridge University, Priyamvada Gopal, an academic from a much more privileged background than either of the above — her father was a diplomat — has been promoted after tweeting that ‘White lives don’t matter.’


The tweet was taken down – but by Twitter not by Gopal who has refused to apologise.


Her employer did not merely stand by her but actually thought it was a good idea to promote her as a result. ‘Last night,’ she tweeted, ‘Cambridge promoted me to a full Professorship.’


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