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Finn arrested on suspicion of Isis connections in Turkey…….


Turkey plays a dual game here, like Russia, they’re more than happy to cover, arm, and use jihadis if they’re for foreign use. Domestically, however, they want to be in charge of the Islamonazi caliphate…


Finn arrested on suspicion of Isis connections in Turkey


Turkish police arrested 25 people on Monday. One of them is Finnish.

Turkish police have conducted a major counter-terrorism operation in the country’s capital, Ankara, and have arrested 25 people. They are suspected of links to the terrorist organization Isis. 24 of the suspects are Iraqis and one Finn, according to Turkish authorities and the media.


According to media reports, the suspects were arrested in simultaneous raids early in the morning. In addition, four suspects are still wanted. The raids were carried out in co-operation between the Turkish police and the intelligence service MIT.


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirms that they know the arrest of the Finn. According to the Communications Officer, no further details can be given about the case.


According to local and Arab media, Isis has tried to gain a foothold in Turkey after losing its land in Syria and Iraq. Just over a month ago, Turkey said it had arrested alleged Isis leader Mahmut Özden , who was said to have planned several attacks, including the bombing of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Since August, dozens of Isis suspects have been arrested again.

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