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Possibility that White House Press Corps Gave Trump the China CCP Wuhan Virus…….


That puts President Trump’s getting ill into a whole new light…


New Possibility as to Virus Exposure to White House Officials Puts Media on the Hot Seat


The White House Press Corps had three members diagnosed with the virus last week on Friday, according to CNN. So the reporters had it before McEnany did, so it’s more likely she got it from them. Three coming down with it ,and a White House staffer who sits in the lower press area and has close contact with reporters also getting it, suggests that’s where a concentration might be.

But the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) gave more detail in a memo to correspondents.

“We are writing to let you know that another member of our press corps tested positive today for COVID-19,” the memo said. “This individual was last at the White House on Saturday and subsequently traveled on Air Force One to Pennsylvania. The individual began experiencing COVID-19 symptoms yesterday.”
A third memo, at 3:35 p.m., said that a third member of the press corps has tested positive.
The individual was at the White House last Saturday and Sunday, and “began experiencing minor symptoms late Wednesday.”

So two of them were at the White House on Saturday, the day of the ACB event, and one was also there on Sunday. Then one was also on Air Force One with Trump on the trip to Pennsylvania.

So not only might they have passed it on to the staffer, they might have passed it on to others as well, including Trump.


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