Asylum policies Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish Minister of Interior Ohisalo Insists On State Broadcaster YLE Program That Rape is a Part of Asylum Politics…….


What a cold fish. Tell that to the faces of the parents whose children were sexually molested, raped, and even murdered by these vandals…


Yle Interviewer:

A portion of them (migrants) have come here for safety, and have become a danger themselves. And some who believe that the joy in helping them has come at too high of a price in terms of rape and other personable crimes. What’s your opinion, has it become too high of a price?


Maria Ohisalo (Greens):

International law’s point is widely accepted that people who deem themselves to be in danger of being tortured or threatened with death, it’s why these structures were created. And yes there are people who don’t actually meet these requirements and apply for asylum, therefore the process must be just. They must go through the vetting process, […]  and that is why the EU commission trying to get the same process in all of the EU member states.


Yle Interviewer:

But what I am asking is about the risks they create here, after arriving. In many Finns’ minds, the price of helping them from a sense of responsibility or joy has come at too high a cost. Hundred sexual crimes, it’s too much. What do you think about that, is it too high of  a price?


Maria Ohisalo:

Finland can get out of its international responsibilities, agreements. What’s more sensible is staying within international cooperation and agreements and try to solve these crimes and deliver proper punishments, and repatriate them to their home country. This is part of asylum politics as well.

This video is of course in Finnish…