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Benjamin Weinthal: Iran busts sanctions by using other nations to get WMD – German intel……


These European nations are either foolish or doing it with a nod and a wink…


Iran busts sanctions by using other nations to get WMD – German intel

The report warned about Iran’s exploitation of the research and academic fields to advance its nuclear weapons program.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has sought to disrupt sanctions imposed on its effort to secure illicit weapons of mass destruction technology by using third party countries to transport the material, The Jerusalem Post can reveal on Friday.

The German state of Hesse reported in its new intelligence report on Friday that “in particular, states such as Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and Syria tried to acquire and distribute such weapons as part of the proliferation, for example, by concealing the transport routes via third countries. The aim of such intelligence measures was to circumvent control mechanisms over third countries that are not subject to special embargo regulations.”

The Post reviewed the 384-page intelligence report in connection with all references to the Iranian regime threat. The Hesse intelligence document covers the year 2019 and outlines the most pressing security threats faced by the state.

The Hesse state intelligence service’s findings confirm the data collection of additional German state intelligence agencies in 2020 that declared Iran’s regime continues to seek technology and material to build weapons of mass destruction devices.


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