Finland Free Speech Hate Speech laws

Finnish Lawmaker Sebastian Tynkkynen (PS) Loses Appeal On Fines For Factual FB Post On Islam……..


Stating the fact that Islam is responsible for the multitude of murders and mayhem around the world, was deemed as “incitement of an ethnic group” by a politicized Finnish court/law system…


Sebastian Tynkkynen’s fines of thousands of euros for incitement of an ethnic group remain in force

The Rovaniemi Court of Appeal upheld the fines received by Miika Sebastian Tynkkynen for incitement against a group of people.


In 2016, Member of Parliament Tynkkynen had published a picture on his Facebook page with pictures of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Europe and the text “Muslim” below them. In connection with the publication of the picture, Tynkkynen suggests that Islam is guilty of homicides around the world.


The district court had sentenced Tynkkynen to a fine of 50 days, which, with his income, meant a penalty of 4050 euros. In the Court of Appeal, Tynkkynen demanded that the charges be dismissed or that the sentence be reduced. He said he had not meant to claim that all terrorists were Muslims or that terrorism belonged only to Islam. He described his publication as a harsh political expression.


The Court of Appeal did not change Tynkkynen’s judgment.



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