Finland Marxism MUSLIM SETTLERS Obama's Socialist Pals

Finland: Obama Foundation Funds Marxist Politician, Liban Sheikh Who Tried To Silence Ex-Muslim Human Rights Activist Seida Sohrab…….


UPDATED: Scroll to the bottom.


Of all the people in Finland, Obama’s foundation chooses this guy, as well as another Muslim, Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin (a “racial justice” activist) for “Leadership Role” funding…


Liban Sheikh recently accused Finnish-Kurdish columnist of #Whitepassing, a racist term used to disparagingly describe a minority using her color to promote ideas of the host society.



It all got started when Sohrabi, a rational, articulate columnist stated that the cultural Marxist term of intersectional feminism should be tossed into the rubbish bin. In a flurry of Twitter exchanges, he tried to shout her down.



“I once thought you were the gang that screams the most for equality and that color doesn’t matter. Now you just see me as a ‘mamuna’ (slang for immigrant) looking for loose points from the native population. When you don’t like my opinion. ”


Liban Sheihk is a Marxist Muslim propagandist, his sidekick, the other of the Obama foundation’s picks, Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin, is involved in the Leftist human rights racket as well. These are the types approved by Barack Hussein Obama, Muslim Marxist miscreants.


Obama Foundation selects two Finns for leadership development – program emphasizes climate policy and human rights

Training for future leaders will begin as early as next week. Due to the corona pandemic, the training program will be implemented remotely with these prospects.



The Obama Foundation is a foundation founded by Barack and Michelle Obama that aims to inspire, empower, and connect people to change the world, according to their website.


It’s a training program for young managers in Europe and is practically a half year of intensive management.


A Tampere resident in heart got a position


The Leban Sheikh applied to the program to get more skills for his work. According to Sheikh, the curriculum emphasizes climate policy and human rights.


– I started in January as President of the Left Youth (Vasemmisto). Concrete work in a nationwide organization and an interest in developing leadership skills were probably the reasons for my choice. I want to make an impact both locally and within the movement.


Sheikh moved to Helsinki at the beginning of the year. He is from Siilinjärvi in ​​Northern Savonia, but his home, in spirit, is located in the study city of Tampere.


– I’m at heart at worker’s city resident born and bred. Then, when possible, the road takes me back to Tampere.


Sheikh has studied sociology at the University of Tampere and is working on a degree in civic activism in Finland.

UPDATE: He (Liban) also advocated the removal of both the statue of Finland’s WWII general, Karl Gustav Mannerheim, and the Liberty statue.

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