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Finland: No jobs, aid or hope: Foreign students face uncertain future……




I’ve never understood the taxpayer funding the learning of foreign students while there are plenty of its own citizens go without.

No jobs, aid or hope: Foreign students face uncertain future in Finland

Finland has recently tried to woo foreign students, but what happens when classes go online and the economy shuts down


Disrupted classes, a dire shortage of jobs and an uncertain future — students in Finland are grappling with the debilitating effects of the pandemic on their lives.


Some of the worst-hit are international students struggling to sustain themselves on a tight budget. Summer and part-time jobs are often crucial to help cover expenses, but such opportunities have largely disappeared this year.


“I have been laid off from my cleaning job in March. I couldn’t afford to pay my rent for the month, fortunately, the student housing board said I can delay payments by a month or two. Most jobs I applied for expect me to know Finnish,” Mohammad Hasan from Bangladesh, a student in the Master´s Degree Programme in Education and Learning at the University of Turku.

Left with no other option, Hasan said he has applied for a pea-picking job at a farm, 16 kilometres from Turku. Seasonal farm workers often end up making long commutes and doing hours of back-breaking work for low wages.


According to the Finnish National Agency for Education, as of 2017, there were over 20,000 foreign students studying a complete degree course in Finland, 75 percent of them from non-EU/EEA countries.

While Finnish students get grants, housing allowance and government-backed loans, these so-called “third country” students have to fund their living costs and shell out hefty tuition fees.



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