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Finland: Political Analyst on US Politics Charley Salonius-Pasternak on Twitter: ‘Trump’s Corona Could Be a Political Trick’…….


Ankle-biters are the lowest forms of life…


This is the nonsense we’re subjected to here in Finland from the many “experts” of US politics…



This announcement will change the dynamics of the US election. In the light of history because of #Trump constantly lying, you must, analytically speaking, take into account the possibility that this too is a Lie – a ‘political rhinitis’ – with many benefits.


Trump’s doctors have often said all sorts of things about his excellent health – sadly, you have to be skeptical. This is a whole new dynamic: the statements/words of the President of the United States cannot be believed. If Trump has the Corona, of course, one should hope for a good recovery.


Of course he wishes him a speedy recovery, he’s not that dumb of half-wit to show how he really feels.




If the Trumps have the Corona, one must, of course, hope for a speedy recovery; I do not wish that disease to anyone. However, it tells of a nasty historical time in which the statements of the President of the United States are more often a lie than true – even in serious matters.



Interestingly enough, Charley is only interested in what Trump says, not Obama who continuously lied through his teeth throughout his eight years as president, and continues to do so, Hillary Clinton and her multitude of lies to cover up her many scandals. Biden lied throughout his political career and still does so today. Pelosi lies every time she flaps her lips, but for Captain Ahab (Charley), Trump is his “Moby Dick”…

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