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Pennsylvania Union Bosses Struggling to Convince Members to Vote For Biden…….



Report: Pennsylvania Union Bosses Struggling to Convince Members to Vote Against Donald Trump


Union bosses in the swing state of Pennsylvania admit they are struggling to convince their rank-and-file members to vote against President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.


As Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden visited Pennsylvania this week, local reports indicate union bosses are having a difficult time convincing their members to vote against Trump this election cycle.


The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports:

Union officials conceded they are concerned about whether the rank-and-file will honor those endorsements.
Likewise, union officials are asking members to put their employment ahead of other concerns they may have about the Biden-Harris ticket and fears they might support limits on gun rights.
“Like Trump said (Tuesday) night: The president has done more for America in 47 months than Biden has in 47 years,” said [Rep. Guy] Reschenthaler [R-PA], who represents Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional District spanning Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties and parts of Westmoreland County. “At the end of the day, the rank-and-file workers will still overwhelmingly vote for President Trump.”



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