Finland Islam in Finland ISLAMIC STATE Islamonazis

Finland Repatriating More of Its Islamonazis From Al-Hol Camp In Syria…….


But not to worry, they have a “deradicalization” program waiting for them…


Finland proves that it really doesn’t protect, nor care for its own citizens. Bringing Islamonazis into Finland from the battlefields of the Middle East is lunacy. The radical Left-wing government of Finland is beyond the pale.


Finnish authorities get two women and six children from al-Hol camp – UM repatriates mothers for the first time

The Finnish authorities have assisted two women and six children in the al-Hol camp to come to Finland.


New families have returned to Finland from al-Holia in Syria. Two women and their six children have flown to Finland today with the help of Finnish authorities.


This is the first time that the Foreign Ministry has repatriated mothers, not just children, from Syria. Prior to this, the UM had fetched two orphaned children from al-Hol.


Other women and children who have returned to Finland from al-Hol have so far fled the camp on their own.


Joint operation with Germany


According to Yle data, representatives of the Foreign Ministry picked up the families on Saturday from the city of Qamishl in Syria.


Qamishli is located near the Iraqi border, a hundred kilometers from al-Hol. According to Yle’s information, the families had first moved from the al-Hol camp to the Roji camp, from where the Kurdish authorities forwarded them to Qamishli and the Finnish authorities.


This was Finland’s joint operation with Germany.


German magazine Bild(you switch to another service)reported yesterday that three women, their children and orphans were expected to come to Germany from northern Syria. According to the newspaper, the repatriation on a charter flight had been planned for a long time, but it had been postponed due to the corona.


Like Finland, the German state has not previously actively participated in the repatriation of women.


From Syria, the delegation crossed the border into the Kurdish region on the Iraqi side, from where they continued their journey on a charter flight via Germany to Finland.


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will hold a press conference on the subject today at 2 p.m.



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