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Finland joins the race baiting game: Police discriminate, racially profile…….


So criminals or other dangerous elements that come from a certain community are not to be profiled….


The very nature of policing is to discriminate from law-abiding citizens and those who are not. Let’s ruin an entire system to satisfy the loons.


Research: Finnish police discriminate, racially profile

Discrimination and ethnic profiling are underreported in Finland, according to the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman.


Michaela Moua, a senior officer at the Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, confirmed the main findings of a research study which found security authorities in Finland, such as the police, border guards and custom officers, engage in ethnic discrimination and profiling.


The 2018 study, entitled Pysäytetyt: Etninen profilointi Suomessa (The Stopped: Racial Profiling in Finland) reported that 40 percent of the research participants felt they had been stopped by authorities themselves, or knew others that had been stopped, because of their ethnic minority background.


Incidents of discrimination and ethnic profiling in Finland are also being underreported, Moua added.


“When discrimination or situations of ethnic profiling are not reported, the ombudsman does not get an overall picture of the scale of the problem. However, research conducted in Finland shows that ethnic profiling does happen,” Moua explained, adding that ethnic profiling has implications for both the individual and society.


“Studies show that experiences of ethnic profiling reduce trust in authorities, and such encounters with authorities create a sense of alienation in society. It increases the feeling of insecurity, which in turn complicates the work of security authorities,” Moua said.


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