US: Antifa Rioters (Communist Miscreants) Are the Tech Economy’s College Discards…….


Learned their anti-American values while studying at these nests of Marxism…


Authors: Antifa Rioters Are the Tech Economy’s College Discards

Colleges are producing many “graduates who’ve absorbed a worldview that trains them for “metropolitan elite” job types that turn out to be far scarcer than the graduates competing for them,” writes Mary Harrington, a young writer at She continues:

The result is a frustrated would-be middle class, treading water in what the writer Venkatesh Rao has called ‘premium mediocre’ lifestyles, a rented simulacrum of a genuinely prosperous existence designed to signal preparedness for the day when, by luck or application, they make it into the dwindling numbers of the real bourgeoisie.
These graduate left-behinds are then stuck in a holding pattern, in precarious housing and employment, as opportunities to take the big steps into adult life — traditionally home ownership, coupledom and kids – recede ever further into the distance. A recent Pew report showed 30% of millennials living with a spouse and child, a fall of 10% on Generation X and a whopping 40% drop on the 1968 generation. That’s America, but ONS data shows the age of first child climbing relentlessly in Britain too — while the birth rate is falling in all cohorts save the over-40s.

They are failing because the investor class is pushing them and their college peers out of good jobs to make room for an imported workforce of cheap and compliant visa workers.


This means Antifa people are now going through the same outsourcing pain and poverty that was imposed on the American working class by the elite’s imposition of mass migration and free trade deals with Mexico and China.


Antifas college graduates are being hit hard by the little-mentioned population of roughly 1.3 million visa workers.


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