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Black Lives Matter infatuated Finnish state broadcaster YLE belittles white authors…….


“I look to a day when authors will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their books.”


(A modified MLK quote) If a book content interests it doesn’t matter what the skin color, including white authors. YLE believes its Leftist credentials inoculate it from any charges of racism, but in reality, it gives it license to promote racism. They are so blindsided by their own sense of moral superiority they can’t see just how immoral they actually are.


The reason why many people reject these authors, is due to the fact that much of what they write about are mere Leftist agitprop grievance manuals. Who would want to waste their precious days reading their claptrap tripe, when the whole breadth of Enlightenment philosophy is there waiting to be explored?


When was the last time you read a book whose author is not white?

The white reader often views the work of the non-white writer as a tourist on safari, says the researcher.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement against racism and police violence has sparked widespread protests around the world and led many to ask how those facing discrimination and racism could be helped. Reading and studying are often considered a good way.


For example, the University of Eastern Finland opened its online course Basics of Anti-Racism(you switch to another service)accessible to all, and NGOs have distributed guidelines on anti-discrimination. Social media, on the other hand, has been circumvented by the #white book challenge, where white people have been urged to recommend works by a non-white author.


“Because it doesn’t matter whose thoughts are read here and whose stories come to the fore,” the accompaniment states.

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