Daniel Greenfield: Amazon Paying Black Lives Matter to Burn More Small Businesses…….


Leftist billionaire kook…


Amazon Paying Black Lives Matter to Burn More Small Businesses

One way to look at these riots is as the Sharpton scam gone national. Burn down a whole bunch of small businesses and big business will pay you to do it all over again. That’s one way to look at Jeff Bezos’ smart investment in Black Lives Matter.


The Amazon/Washington Post boss has announced that the illegal Big Tech monopoly will be funneling $10 million into a variety of organizations, including Black Lives Matter, and that any customers who don’t like it can go to hell.


Amazon has made out like a bandit as the pandemic lockdowns further decimated local retail. The riots obviously boost Amazon’s monopoly by decimating more local retail. That may be bad news for its small business and big box competitors, but really good news for Bezos.

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