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Finland: Doctoral Study on Political Leanings of Journalism Students Shows Majority Slants Hard-Left and Liberal…….


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The same can be said in the US…

In whose ranks are you standing? : A survey on the values ​​of journalism students

Mäkilä, Ville (2020)
In this thesis, the world of values ​​of journalism students was studied. The research method used was a quantitative survey, which was carried out as a structured questionnaire. The survey was prepared using the Webropol survey tool and published online. The survey consisted of about 20 questions divided into different themes.
The link leading to the survey was sent to all Finnish universities where journalism or journalism is taught. In January-February 2020, a total of 93 university students of journalism responded to the survey.

The survey found that the majority of journalism students support left-wing and liberal values. Most students are in favor of immigration and free movement and are in favor of restricting flying and eating meat through taxation. Students are also of the opinion that same-sex couples should be ordained by the church and a woman should have the right to abortion regardless of the reasons.

The Greens and the Left Alliance are the most popular parties among journalism students. 31 percent of respondents said they would vote for the Greens and 26 percent for the Left Alliance if the election were now. Basic Finns is the most distant party for journalism students. 70% of the respondents stated that they would not vote for basic Finns under any circumstances.

A comparison of the responses reveals that there are also significant differences of opinion between students. On average, students voting for right-wing parties are more conservative than those voting for left-wing parties on many social issues.

This is the first study to examine the values ​​of journalism students in all universities. The views of the students of journalism at the University of Tampere were investigated in 2015 as part of a study examining the connection between the field of education and the student’s political orientation.

This thesis studied the values ​​of Journalism students. The quantitative survey was used as the research method, which was implemented as a structured questionnaire form. The questionnaire was prepared with the Webropol survey tool and it was published online. The questionnaire consisted of approximately 20 questions which have been categorized into different themes.
The link to the questionnaire was sent to all the Finnish higher education institutions which offer Journalism study programs. In January-February of 2020, a total of 93 Journalism students responded to the questionnaire.

The survey indicated that the majority of Journalism students are in favor of the left-wing parties and Liberal values. Now the students have a positive attitude towards Immigration and the freedom of movement, and they are also in favor of limiting air travel and the consumption of meat by means of taxation.

The Green League and the Left Alliance are the most popular parties among the Journalism students. Thirty-one percent of the respondents indicated that they would be voting for the Green League and 26 percent would be voting for the Left Alliance, if elections were held now. The Finns party is the least popular party among Journalism students. Seventy percent of respondents stated that they would not vote for Finns under any circumstances.

When comparing the answers, significant differences between opinions can also be observed. Students that would vote for right-wing parties have a more conservative attitude towards many social issues compared to those voting for left-wing parties.

This is the first research to be carried out in which the values ​​of all higher education institutions’ Journalism students are studied. The views of Journalism students at the University of Tampere were studied in 2015 as part of a research which studied the connection between students’ political orientation and their field of study.

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