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FPM: John Brennan – The Traitor-in-Chief…….


This is one of the top cabal members (who voted communist in the 70’s) that should see the inside of a cell…


John Brennan: The Traitor-in-Chief

His long track record of lies, deceit, and catastrophic judgment.

Brad Johnson, a retired 25-year veteran officer of the CIA, laments that in recent years he has seen our nation’s Intelligence Community “turn away from its core responsibilities” – i.e., promoting “the safety and security of all Americans” – and embrace “a far more political agenda.” He notes, for example, that the Intelligence Community’s 2017 quadrennial report about global trends “overwhelmingly” supports “global government integration” and the “globalist movement,” which he describes as “a hardcore leftist philosophy that is deeply political” and antithetical to the concept of national sovereignty.

A particularly odious manifestation of this new globalist philosophy, says Johnson, was former CIA Director John Brennan’s so-called “modernization” plan, which “systematically dismantled and destroyed the CIA’s operations division — the heart of the agency’s central mission of using people to steal vital secrets around the world.” Brennan himself articulated this new mindset when he flatly told National Public Radio in an interview: “We don’t steal secrets.” “The Brennan plan,” says Johnson, “instead called for other nations’ intelligence services to provide the CIA with spies as intelligence collectors.” This approach made it impossible for the U.S. to keep its intelligence-gathering operations clandestine, thereby forfeiting the type of secrecy that is “fundamental to the credibility and reliability of the information” collected.

In light of the recent highly disturbing revelations about Obamagate, and in light of the damage that John Brennan in particular has done to America’s intelligence-gathering capacity and, by extension, to its national security, a closer look at the former CIA Director’s long track record of deceit, lies, and bad judgment is most certainly in order.


When Brennan was just 21 years old and attending Fordham University in New York, he voted for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) presidential nominee Gus Hall in the 1976 U.S. presidential election. As historian Ron Radosh points out, “The CPUSA at that time was dedicated to gaining support for Soviet foreign policy, with the intent of defeating the United States in the Cold War…. Moscow regularly gave Hall thousands of dollars to enable the Communists in America to carry on their work.”

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