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Finnish Communist MP Says Government Should Decide Who Gets to Own a Car…….


It’s farcical on its face, but it’s got to be taken seriously when it’s a member of parliament mouthing the words…


This woman is an AOC without the good looks. Kontula is a self-declared Communist and a bonafide kook, but nonetheless, a danger to civil liberties. Finland is a country where “Global Warming/Climate Change” is considered as “settled science”, and any dissent from this public orthodoxy is tantamount to blasphemy. So, it’s not too farfetched to believe that at some point when the hysteria over “Climate Change” reaches its peak in velocity, more MP’s in parliament might be open to some of her freedom crushing ideas.


This is the reason why “Climate Change” has been so vigorously pushed upon the public, it’s not a matter of science, but of Marxist intentions to pick up where they left off from 1989. They want absolute power over the individual and will use any means available (like GW/CC) in order to do it.


Anna Kontula: It has to be decided who has the right to own a car

According to the MP, climate change is a class issue.


According to Anna Kontula  , the extent to which consumers will be regulated by price and standards in the future must be decided. Kontula states that climate change is a class issue.


– The use of carbon taxes alone will lead to higher prices, with consumption concentrated on those who can afford it. Norm regulation succeeds in allocating resources more according to need, but hardly without strict control, where it also has its problems, Anna Kontula writes in  Aamulehti’s column.


Kontula clarifies her idea of ​​future decisions and regulations.


– So to put it simply: who should have the right to a private car in the future, a person with a disability living in remote areas or someone who can afford electric cars and emission compensation, she asks.


– And how much of the reductions belong to the rich West, whose carbon emissions per capita are many times higher than in poor countries, Kontula continues.


She said the solution is “some sort of compromise,” but it’s not easy.


Kontula continued the discussion of his post later on twitter. There, it was stated to Kontula, among other things, that the right of a disabled person in a remote area to a car or an electric car of a wealthier person are not mutually exclusive.


– No, they are specifically mutually exclusive: there is no possibility that the number of private cars will remain the same as long as the cars are converted to electric cars, and at the same time the warming is stopped to 1.5 degrees. You have to choose, Kontula replied.



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