Finland Police Wimps politicized police

Finnish Police Side With Movement Whose Supporters Advocate Killing Cops/Defunding Police Forces…….


Ignoramus boobs…

Senior constables Harri Soininen (left) and Janne Korhonen consider the message of the demonstration important.


Soininen: – It was a pleasure to see that people had noticed the difference between the two countries.


So he swallowed the lie about systemic police brutality/racism in the US police forces. Idiot.

Finnish police posed with a Black Lives Matter sign during a demonstration in Helsinki: “The whole profession is behind this”

Published: 4.6. 11:36

“All racism and police violence are fully condemned,” says Senior Constable Harri Soininen.

SENIOR constables Harri Soininen and Janne Korhonen were watching the Black Lives Matter demonstration held on Helsinki’s Senate Square on Wednesday. Soininen and Korhonen belong to the Helsinki Police Preventive Action Unit.


– We always have such a role of negotiator in these demonstrations. Let’s contact the organizer and ensure with him that the demonstration goes well and to the satisfaction of all parties, Soininen says.

Up to 3,000 people gathered at the Senate Square to show their support for the U.S. Black Lives Matter protests. Massive protests around the world began when dark-skinned George Floyd died in a violent police arrest in Minneapolis, USA, on May 25th.

Soininen says that despite the backgrounds of the incident, there were no tensions between the protesters and the police, but the incident went smoothly and the police were appreciated.

– It was a pleasure to see that people had noticed the difference between the two countries. Were happy and encouraging. I would like to convey my thanks to all participants for this appreciation. It felt really good for the official, too, Soininen says.



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