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Finland: State Media Yle “Covers” Anti-EU Fixit Event, No Mention Of Talking Points, Fixates On Lack of “Social Distancing”……..


Typical. It’s what we’ve come to expect from this taxpayer-funded, fraud outfit…


Hundreds demonstrate for ‘Fixit’ in front of Parliament

The protestors were calling for the government to resign and for Finland to leave the EU.


Hundreds of people demonstrated in front of Parliament House in downtown Helsinki on Saturday afternoon calling for Finland to leave the EU.


The protesters also called for the current government to resign.


Speakers at the ‘Fixit’ demonstration included Finns Party MEP Laura Huhtasaari, her party colleague the MP Mauri Peltokangas, and the former party member Ano Turtiainen, who currently forms his own group in Parliament.


Helsinki police said that safety distances were not observed by the demonstrators and safety practices were not fully implemented. They added that they reminded the event organisers of the safety instructions provided by the Regional State Administrative Agency (Avi) in relation to public gatherings and urged them to address the shortcomings.


According to Avi, public events and general meetings for more than 20 people in the Helsinki University hospital district (HUS) must follow the guidelines on maintaining safety distances and hygiene practices to prevent any potential spread of coronavirus infections.


The agency’s latest measure on the banning of all public events and meetings of more than ten people will come into force from Monday.


At about the same time, a separate demonstration was held on Mannerheimintie, close to the parliament building, which police estimate included about a hundred cars. The participants were protesting an increase in fuel tax.



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