Finland Whining Bastards

Whining Supremacist Greenlander Aboriginal In Finland Wants Eskimo Label Banned, Though Alaskan Eskimos Prefer It…….


Contrary to the Greenland miscreant activist, Alaskan aboriginals, prefer Eskimo.…  

The Inuit people of Greenland refer to themselves as “Greenlanders” or “Kalaallit” in their language, which they call “Greenlandic” or “Kalaallisut.”
Most Alaskans continue to accept the name “Eskimo,” particularly because “Inuit” refers only to the Inupiat of northern Alaska, the Inuit of Canada, and the Kalaallit of Greenland, and it is not a word in the Yupik languages of Alaska and Siberia.

Aqqalu Berthelsen is a supremacist.

Greenlandic activist living in Finland: All racistly named ice creams and products should be renamed

Finland is considering changing the name of Eskimo ice cream, although there is no actual decision or plan to change the name.


Aqqalu Berthelsen , a Greenlandic artist and activist living in Finland , says that he does not think it is appropriate to use the term eskimo.


– The term Eskimo classifies us all into one group and dehumanizes us. It’s not a word we use about ourselves. We prefer to use the Inuit term or the name of the state where we are.


– On the North American continent, the term is used as a racial offense. It is used for dehumanization.


Yle previously reported that U.S. ice cream maker Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream plans to change the name of Eskimo Pie, due to an inappropriate Eskimo word. Also in Finland, an ice cream called Eskimo is familiar to many. Now Finland is also considering changing the name of the ice cream, although no actual decision or plan has been made to change the name yet, says Minna Brunberg, Marketing Director of Froneri Finland .


– Equality is extremely important to us and no group experiences inequality in any way in favor of branding. From these points of view, we want to investigate, says Brunberg.


Berthelsen thinks the name of Eskimo ice cream should be changed.



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