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Finland: State Broadcaster YLE Labels Law-Breaking Radical Marxists That Blocked City Streets “Peaceful Protestors”…….


A protest cannot be determined to be peaceful if its intent and actions were to violate the rights of other citizens in the process…


The Finnish police acted correctly in ridding the street of these civil-rights violates who were blocking the streets in Helsinki. They had a permit to protest (given upon request if the area is suitable) but violated its terms and proceeded to block traffic. The police warned them repeatedly then took to using a pepper spray to clear them out. The Left, of course, is calling foul, saying that the police used “violence” in removing them.


I say that they used proper legal force and that if the pepper spray proved to be ineffective, then bring in the water cannons.


Ohisalo: ‘No comment’ on police pepper spray incident

The Interior Minister said she would not comment on police using pepper spray to disperse a peaceful protest.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (Green) said she would wait for a report regarding actions taken by police at a climate protest in downtown Helsinki on Saturday before issuing any comments on the matter.


However, the minister said the right to assemble and express opinions were basic rights in a democratic state governed by the rule of law. She also noted that the use of force should always be a last resort.


Helsinki police have issued a statement saying they repeatedly ‘advised, commanded and urged’ protesters to move out of the street before using pepper spray to disperse a crowd of climate activists in Helsinki’s Kaisaniemi district.


Since coming under scrutiny, Helsinki police have defended the use of pepper spray, saying it wouldn’t have been physically possible for officers to carry all of the demonstrators out of the road.


Noting that Saturday’s protest was peaceful, Kimmo Nuotio, a criminal law professor at the University of Helsinki, told Yle on Monday that police may have overstepped their powers as the use of pepper spray was only warranted in situations presenting a risk of violence or property damage. Another legal scholar, Henri Rikander, told Yle police actions clearly signaled a change from earlier policy.


“Passive protesters have usually been carried away,” he explained.


The Helsinki police is expected to finish its report and submit it to the National Police Board in the next two days.


By noon on Monday the Parliamentary Ombudsman had received seven complaints regarding police action at Saturday’s Extinction Rebellion (Elokapina) protest that took place at the intersection of Kaisaniemenkatu and Unioninkatu.



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