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Finnish President Niinstö Thinks “Biden’s Election” Returns US to International Community Table……..


All the more reason to hope Team Trump is successful in rejecting illegal ballots and uncovering massive fraud efforts to steal the election away from him…


Niinistö: Biden election signals US ‘return to the table’ in international community

The Finnish president, who has met with Biden twice, says he does not foresee any major change in bilateral ties.


After congratulating US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their election, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö held a press conference on Sunday to present his views on the change in the US administration.


Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace, Niinistö predicted that Biden’s term would represent Washington’s “return to the table” in dealing with global crises such as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.


Niinistö said he believes that Washington will re-engage in organised international cooperation, beginning with the UN and Nato.


“Biden’s election as US president can be described as the country’s return to the table. We particularly hope to see a return to the Paris table, in other words the Paris climate accord,” Niinistö said.


No shift in bilateral ties likely


Niinistö said he does not believe that Biden’s win will bring any significant change in relations between Finland and the US. Niinistö said bilateral ties began to tighten during the Barack Obama administration, when Biden was vice president.


According to the president, Russia’s moves in relation to Crimea and eastern Ukraine raised US government interest in Finland “as we are in a way experts on Russia,” he told Yle’s Swedish-language news.


“Cooperation between the US and Finland has grown on Arctic issues, too,” he said.


There is also American interest in Finnish technological know-how, including 5G networks and icebreakers, he added.



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