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Where America now stands

The past 7 months, media called riots with fires and looted stores “peaceful protests.” Praying Trumpers are now called “violent.” Op-ed.


On Wednesday, supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside ballot counting centers in Arizona and Michigan to demand a clean and honest vote count. An MSNBC reporter in Arizona filmed the protesters in Maricopa County, where 400,000 ballots were being counted.


Standing behind the protesters, the reporter tried to paint the crowd as violent and dangerous even as they stood and kneeled in silent prayer for election integrity.


It was a hard sell, but other reporters quickly got in on the action and videos appeared throughout the day of reporters describing the swelling crowd chanting “Count the Vote” as violent. There may be an innocent explanation for the obvious misinformation. Perhaps the men and women with the mics simply don’t know the meaning of the word “violent.” After all, for the past seven months, they have been describing riots replete with broken windows, burning tires and looted stores as “peaceful protests.”


The urge Trump voters feel to protest the vote count is easy to understand. The widespread fear that the Democrats were working to falsify the U.S. presidential election results grew with each news update about another 369,000 ballots suddenly appearing in Philadelphia or 10,000 votes in Nevada cast by people who don’t live in Nevada.


On Wednesday afternoon, Trump supporters at a ballot counting facility in Detroit were stunned as a poll worker used cardboard boards to block Republican poll watchers from watching the vote count.


Republican fears bubbled over Wednesday morning. Tuesday night, Trump was leading Biden by comfortable margins in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. And suddenly, election officials in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Atlanta—Democrat-run cities in states where Trump was leading—announced they were stopping the vote count.


According to a report in The Federalist, based on information published by election officials in Michigan and Wisconsin, while the vote-counting had officially been suspended, strange things were happening.


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