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Finland: Helsingin Sanomat Promotes Sharia-Supremacist Somali as Poster-Child Of Successful Integration…….


According to Anter Yasa

Sakarie Ahmed Nuur, “Sakkeking” is popular on the youth TikTok app. A very devout guy. For several months, he has encouraged hundreds of Muslims to threaten in my comment fields (even with death).

Apparently for supposedly “spreading lies about Islam”, when actually it’s the bare truth of Islam that Yasa is sharing.

Ready to go

Sakarie Ahmed Nuur, who came to Finland as a refugee from Somalia in the middle of the war, leaves for the army, even if he is not forced to

Published: 2:00 , Updated 6:29

NEW YEAR’S EVE was the worst for a long time. As others celebrated in Finland, Sakarie Ahmed Nuur stayed inside, pressed the thick headphones to his ears and turned the volume to full.


Ahmed Nuur did not want to hear the rockets because they brought too many memories to the surface.




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