Of course, this is the same mindset (perhaps even same feminists?) who say they would rather be raped than be helped by ”the wrong types”.

swedish feminazis - dont help us if raped by immigrants

'Look closer at the facts on Swedish sex attacks'

Young women with foreign backgrounds in Stockholm in 2015. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

‘Look closer at the facts on Swedish sex attacks’

Published: 09 Feb 2016 07:49 GMT+01:00

Since the start of the year, Sweden has witnessed a storm of reports about sexual offences and other crimes against women and girls by men who are assumed by the media to be from the migrant community.
This followed the events in Cologne on New Year’s eve and claims of a police cover-up at a Stockholm music festival which emerged shortly afterwards.
The media has reported on a near daily basis about crimes against women and girls in the streets and in public baths, both in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.
But when analysing these events, we need to begin by sorting out some statistical pitfalls. It would be refreshing for those engaged in this debate to observe the statistics, thus avoiding prejudice and stereotyping.

More here.


Sounds like an info packed event, go if you can!scene from a muslim slave market of white women2 otto pilny

Ingrid Carlqvist talking about Islam rape culture 11/2 in Stockholm


LECTURE The militant chief editor of Dispatch International and Swedish correspondent for Gates Tone Institute , Ingrid Carlqvist, coming to Stockholm on Thursday, February 11 at 19th

She will then talk about Islam, rape culture, ie the Qur’an and Muhammad guides in to sexual slavery and the use of rape as part of warfare against non-Muslims. Her colleague at the Dispatch International , the Danish editor and writer Lars Hedegaard, has written about this in the book of Muhammad girls available for free download here .

Ingrid Carlqvist is an engaging and knowledgeable speakers that come with relevant criticism of Islam, not Muslims. Organizer is Jan Sjunnesson and Association Freedom of Adult Education and the place is Östermalms union councils, Valhallavägen 148, T Karlaplan, Stockholm. Everyone is welcome. For more information, see Freedom of adult education website .

Avpixlat.info H/T: 


It’s not just ‘migration’, but muslim migration that’s destroying the city, as it is elsewhere around the European continent.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

If not for Islam (and tribalism), the people flowing into these countries (using managed, careful immigration policies) would not be a problem for host societies. The indoctrination of Islamic thinking have warped these people, just as Marxist and Hitler’s socialism warped the minds of hundreds of millions of people in the last century.

NOTE: This is all about ideology warping societies, and our resistance to seeing it envelope our own. Let us first tackle the Islamic problem because it offers the more dire threat presently, then turn our gaze towards the Left (regressives, pre-enlightenment throwbacks) which unleashed the Islamic threat upon us.

EXCLUSIVE -The city destroyed by migration: Inside the Swedish town where armed gangs patrol the streets, crime has exploded and a beautiful social worker’s murder has shocked Europe

The Swedish town of Molnal which was destroyed by migration

A 20-minute tram ride from the glittering water-fronted centre of Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg, Mölndal, is where asylum worker Alexandra Mezher (right) was stabbed to death as she tried to stop a knife fight between two teenage migrants on Monday morning at the centre where she worked. Molndal (pictured inset) with a population of 63,000 took in 4,000 child migrants last year, more than any other city in Sweden – and receives £22.6million funding to house them. In the autumn 400 refugee kids were taken in every week.

Crime figures reveal there were 222 criminal complaints linked to migrant centres – between 20 October 2015 and 8 January this year. But the murder of Miss Mezher, 22, a Lebanese Christian, while she worked alone on a night shift, has shone the spotlight on the country’s controversial open-door immigration policy. Somali-born Youssaf Khaliif Nuur (top right) has been charged with murder. Pictured left: teenagers on the streets of Mölndal.

More here.


This picture symbolizes exactly what both our, feckless politicians and the violent muslim migrants that they let in, have done to the females of Europe as well as to our civil societies and civilization as a whole.


Arrest after Stockholm ‘thief’ punches and spits at mum

Arrest after Stockholm 'thief' punches and spits at mum

A subway pulling out of Gamla Stan subway station where the attack happened. Photo: Hasse Holmberg/TT
Published: 22 Jan 2016 15:49 GMT+01:00

A man accused of hitting a mother in front of her two toddlers at Stockholm’s Gamla Stan subway station because she tried to stop him from pickpocketing has been arrested.

The suspect was taken in for questioning on Friday after surveillance camera footage of the attack on January 5th grabbed global headlines.

In the video, first shared by Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, a man is seen approaching a woman pensioner just after she rummages in an open bag and starts using her mobile phone, while she is walking up a flight of stairs at the Gamla Stan (Old Town) metro station in central Stockholm.

When a younger woman, accompanied by two small children, becomes wary of his actions and approaches him, he then turns on her. As well as pushing her in the face, he spits at her.

“I have worked as a police officer for over 40 years, this is among the worst things I have seen,” Stefan Tellqvist, a police officer working on the case told Aftonbladet just ahead of the arrest.

“I will get him, if it’s the last thing I do,” he added.

More here.
sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land


Beyond the pale, just how far Sweden and the lying media will go to quash the truth.


For the Left, it’s always ideology 1st., 2nd and third.

Protecting Young Girl From Sex Assault

The parents of 15 year old Lithuanian boy Arminas Pileckas have blasted Sweden and the Swedish media for cowardice in the face of the migrant threat, and for covering up the murder of their son.

Arminas Pileckas, a native of northern European state Lithuania was living in Sweden with his parents when he was brutally murdered on Monday by an “Arab” — reportedly Syrian — migrant classmate.

It is reported that Arminas intervened to protect a female school-mate from being sexually assaulted in December, only to have the Syrian he defended her from stab him in the back and through the heart on the first day of the next term.

While the killing of a European on his first day back at school by a migrant pupil has received minimal press coverage in Sweden, it has been practically ignored across the rest of Europe, a state of affairs his father has called a ‘cover-up’.

In an angry interview with his native Lithuanian press, Arminas’ father said he hadn’t even been approached for interviews by the Swedish press after the death of his son, while the same Swedish media rushed to interview the father of the killer. He said in Lithuania the migrant problem was frankly and openly discussed, while in Sweden “everything is being kept hidden”.

More here.


When the media are so in the bag with the political elite they fall all over themselves to cover up for it.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Exposing Major PC Cover-up in Sweden – Leading Daily Dagens Nyheter Refused to Write About Cologne-like Sex Crimes in Central Stockholm

The e-mail shows that Hanne Kjöller and DN knew about the sexual assualts as early as August 2015, but kept quiet about it.

Publicerad: 10-01-2016   16:09

STOCKHOLM The Cologne sex assault on New Year’s Eve, where groups of Arab and North African men groped more than a hundred German women, has shocked Europe this last week. But a very similar incident, with a large number of perpetrators and victims, took place in the Swedish capital last summer. That incident however was silenced by large Swedish newspapers and media companies, despite repeated attempts from police officers to contact journalists. This is how leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter tried to cover up a politically inconvenient sex assault story.

Nyheter Idag is now able to disclose in detail how major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter deliberately covered up stories about widespread sexual abuse in central Stockholm in connection with a concert in the Kungsträdgården public square this August. “The mere suspicion that the abuse has been considered as difficult to describe involves a betrayal of the victims”,the newspaper writes about the event, almost six months later.

International media interested in in the source material used to produce this news story (taped interviews, text messages, email, et cetera), kindly send an e-mail to chang.frick(at)nyheteridag.se

On Saturday August 15th, the nationally acclaimed and outspoken feminist artist Zara Larsson headlined the youth festival ‘We Are Sthlm” with a crowded concert in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. Thousands of young people were in attendance to take part in the event during the last summer nights of the year.

More here h/t: Tommy Robison


Without a doubt…………

Taliban and their gold2

  • A third of the recent asylum-house fires have been started by the asylum seekers themselves. — Sveriges Radio, public radio.

  • “A very strong contributing factor to this development [the refugee disaster] is in the deeply self-important Swedish view that this country is a moral superpower. We have gleefully acted as the world’s conscience. We have made a moral virtue out of staying out of World War II, which others perceived as pure cowardice. And we have been pompous about not joining the military alliance NATO, while coldly calculating that others will come to our aid in the event of war. ” — Stefan Hedlund, Professor of Russian and East European Studies.

In Sweden it is illegal to engage in sex with children under the age of 15. It is considered as rape, even if it is consensual. But that apparently did not stop a Middle Eastern man, while living in the country, from impregnating his 14-year-old wife. Instead of prison, the husband, as well as the girl’s parents, have all been rewarded with the permanent residency status. This story was exposed on December 1 by blogger Merit Wager, who regularly publishes stories leaked to her by Immigration Service employees. Wager’s source wrote:

“This means that the public prosecutor, the police and the Immigration Service have all disregarded that the ‘husband’ is guilty of a crime which carries a minimum penalty of two years in prison. So, it is fine for grown men to have sex with 13-year-olds in Sweden without any kind of legal ramification? Equality before the law? No way. What kind of signal does it send to other people in a similar situation, or those planning on bringing a child bride here from their own country? Clearly, Swedish law applies only to Swedes.”

December 3: A 26-year-old Syrian, known as “N.N.,” was arrested on suspicion beating and threatening a 16-year-old at an asylum house in Borgholm. In October, N.N. had been convicted of two counts of making unlawful death threats against a Christian asylum seeker. When arrested, he tried to hide a cell phone on which the police later found pictures from the war in Syria, showing N.N. posing with swords and firearms.

The Christian asylum seeker testified during the trial that he had felt terrified when N.N. threatened to cut off his head. The municipal court decided to let N.N. off with a fine because “there is no reason to assume that N.N. will repeat his offenses.” Now, he is again suspected of a serious crime, but the prosecutor sees no reason to hold him in jail this time, either — because there is “no risk of him committing more crimes.”

December 5: The daily Helsingborgs Dagblad, ran a story about how a 70-year-old mural of Jesus is to be covered up in the spring when the Gustav Adolf parish house will be remodeled into a student house. According to the municipality, student life should be free from political and religious attachments, and therefore Jesus is to be covered by a sign. The student organization did not believe the denizens of Helsingborg would care but as it turned out, they did. December 9, the local paper reported that many people had become deeply upset by the measure. Readers commented: “One is astounded by the sycophancy” and “Have the Taliban come to town?”

The Church of Sweden, however, has no problem with Jesus disappearing. “It is not a big deal to me,” a local priest, Björn Kjellström, said. “The artwork is beautiful and there has been a Christian presence in the building, but when you sell a property, the responsibility passes to the new owner.”

December 8: A prosecutor in Vienna remanded a 17-year-old Somali girl, who is a resident of Sweden. She was suspected of collaborating with the Islamic State, where she was presumably headed upon her arrest. Public prosecutor Nina Bussek told SVT Nyheter public television: “I have asked the court to rule that she should remain in custody in order to give us time to investigate the suspected terror connections.”

As it is not a crime in Sweden to belong to, or support, a terrorist organization, Austrian authorities decided to keep the 17-year-old in custody in Austria and charge her there. Christina Salzborn, spokesperson for the court in Vienna, told the daily Göteborgs-Posten: “If the Swedish authorities do not want her extradited, Austrian law permits that we try her case in Austria, even if the suspect is not an Austrian citizen and the crime was not committed here.”

More here.


You mean he’s going to leave out that Islam preaches Jesus was a muslim, wasn’t divine, and will one day come back (in end of days theology) to destroy Christianity?

This is crass islamo-dawa bull-crap meant to portray islam as a fellow religion and that Jesus unites the two faiths and win some PC points from the ignoramuses in the process. Pure bull crap, pure PC nonsense and totally Neo-Swedish. Next will be the imposition of “Chrislam”.

Muslim Santa spreads Swedish Christmas joy

Muslim Santa spreads Swedish Christmas joy

Muntadher Dakhil as Santa Claus. Photo: Private

A Muslim student in Sweden is dressing up as Santa Claus to spread festive joy among Swedish families on Christmas – and to extend a hand of friendship between religions.

Muntadher Dakhil, 21, came to Sweden from Iraq seven years ago, and is currently working and studying in Kristianstad in southern Sweden.

He does not celebrate Christmas – but this does not mean he cannot help others observe the festivities.

So this Christmas Eve, Dakhil is offering his services as Santa to families for free.

“As a Muslim I don’t celebrate Christmas myself but from my upbringing I am used to Christians and Muslims marking each other’s holidays anyway,” reads his online advert.

The Local spoke to Dakhil on Friday after news of his kindhearted effort went viral in Sweden, which has seen increasing cultural, religious and racial tension in the past year.

“I want to show my gratitude to Sweden and show that Muslims are kind,” he said. “We are all equal.”

More here.

NOTE: “We are all equal”. The only place where people are equal at birth, is in the West and in Israel, elsewhere, especially in the Islamic world, if you’re not a straight male muslim of means, you’re life-style is drastically different.


Alternative headline: “Swedish police investigate the fungus among us”.

Trojan horse opening up and its contents spilling out.

‘We’ll behead you in your home unless you convert to Islam’: Police in Sweden investigate chilling notes posted through letterboxes in the in country

Swedish police investigate 'ISIS notes' posted through letterboxes

Police in Sweden are investigating chilling letters posted through letterboxes across the country threatening to behead people unless they convert to Islam. The notes (pictured inset), which are signed ISIS and carry the terrorist organisation’s flag, threaten to decapitate ‘non-believers’ unless they become a Muslim or pay a religious tax. They have been distributed among several cities including Stockholm and warn ‘the police will not save you from being murdered’.

More here.


They just need to be understood, given a job, allowed to govern their own turf.

Given time, that’s exactly what the Swedish government will do.

Swedish pair get life in jail for Syria terror crimes

Swedish pair get life in jail for Syria terror crimes

The 32-year-old man. Photo: Adam Ihse/TT

Published: 14 Dec 2015 12:30 GMT+01:00

Hassan al-Mandlawi, 32, and Al-Amin Sultan, 30, both Swedish nationals, were found guilty by Gothenburg District Court on Monday of a series of terror offences, including taking part in the April 2013 decapitation of two people in Syria’s second city of Aleppo.

The chief prosecutor in the case, Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström, had told the court that movies in which two men have their heads cut off, proved that the two accused were present when the murders were committed and that they belonged to a terror organization.

“The murder films have obviously been crucial, and the prosecutor has managed to show that it is those two guys who are in the videos,” the court’s chairman, Ralf G Larsson, told the TT news agency after pronouncing the guilty verdict on Monday.

More here. H/T: 


Remember that Sweden just a few years ago had its first islamo-pop tard:



The moment Sweden lurched hard Left for uninterrupted decades was the game changer, it has led up to the current reality of its society. And the dunderhead Finnish government is edging closer to repeating the same mistakes of its western stalinist neighbor.

Why Sweden’s terror threat is a game changer

Why Sweden's terror threat is a game changer

Police at Stockholm’s central station. Photo: Yvonne Åsell/TT

Swedes are on high alert for a terror attack for the first time in history. While the move has barely grabbed global media attention, it’s a big deal in what is one of the safest countries on the planet, argues The Local’s Editor Maddy Savage.

“I’m watching the press conference and I am wondering if we should stay in tonight,” a Finnish friend texted as Sweden’s Security Service Säpo announced on Wednesday that the terror threat level in Sweden had been raised to ‘high’ amid a hunt for a man suspected of plotting terror crimes here.
“I’ve never seen such serious warnings from the authorities of any Nordic country,” the message continued.
On the streets of Stockholm on Thursday, there were similar jitters.
“I don’t like the subway now. It doesn’t feel nice,” said Helle Aarniporo, 58, who was visiting the capital from Umeå in northern Sweden.
“It’s worse to be here than at home. There are many more people. I’m not from Stockholm, so I don’t know what [places] to avoid or what to do,” she told The Local nervously as she prepared to board the underground at Slussen, a busy station close to the city centre.

More here.


The New Vikings…….raping and pillaging the womenfolk of the former Nordic raiders.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

The headmaster explained groping away: “Boys will be boys” – when Ali raped  his classmate on the playground

Published November 6, 2015 at 18:59

EXAMINATION. The school management refused to intervene when an African student molested girls in middle school with sexual advances. In the end the student raped a Swedish girl in a schoolyard bush, but despite the protests of the parents, the school management has decided that he will remain at the school.

– We get spit in the face because we are Swedes, says a parent to the Free Times.

It was a Saturday in October as the two girls visited a middle school in Alvesta. During the evening, they were accosted by two African students attending the same school.

The father of one of the most vulnerable girls had already last spring found out that one of the Africans involved  had attacked his daughter with sexual advances and groping. Since then, the father brought a desperate struggle to get the school administration to do something about the situation at the school with a very high number of immigrant students.

– We had a meeting with the teacher and the assistant principal. The boys were not there, nor their parents, they can not speak Swedish. I told the headmaster that I wanted the police report it here but then she said that I need not to, that they would take care of it, he said today at Free Times.

– She said that “children are children and boys are boys, they are driven by their curiosity, and there is a lot happening in the body,” he continues.

School officials, however, chose not to do anything to increase security for the girls. Instead talking about the harassment, the deputy headmaster however gave a long explanation in which she stressed “human equality” and suggested, that the claims of the father, that he and the other parents’ concerns were due to prejudice and racial stereotypes.

– You shouldn’t divide them into us and them, there’s no such thing. We must keep this on an individual level, said the deputy head teacher during a meeting and then chose to let the two Africans go on as usual at the school.

More here.

NOTE: From a Swede who just emailed me the following observation:

Sweden is crumbling. Fast. Only the MSM and state politicians don’t realise it. SD are all set to gain a massive victory in the next elections – and yet everyone will be scratching their heads and wondering why. Meantime, they are all spending immense resources working out how to ban SD – rather than deal with the issues that SD addresses.

Absurd beyond belief. Now education, geriatric care, job creation, housing for Swedes waiting in the housing queue for 10 years – all this is suffering immense cutbacks, all so every last krona can go straight to Muslims who pass through several EU countries but thumb their noses at them in order to get to Nirvana – Sweden – where they just “know” they can get everything. Which they can.

Care for the disabled is the latest to feel the financial crunch – Swedes requiring intensive home assistance are now going to see their assistance slashed to fund Muslims who arrived just yesterday morning.
Sick beyond belief.

The big debate now in Sweden is the way the government has completely slashed its overseas aid budget for aiding deserving people overseas, instead using the money to fund those people rich enough, young enough and strong enough to make it to Sweden.

It is a distortion of the most fundamental concept of what aid is all about – turning it on its head by deliberately ignoring the plight of people in genuine distress and instead rewarding people who travel through multiple EU countries (and who have the financial resources to do so) just so they can get to the one country that will give them everything for free – having taken away funding from its own citizens to finance this travesty.

Sweden, the socialist petri dish for every cockeyed idea.


Sweden is toast.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

What Finns have to ensure is that the madness keeps from spilling into our country.

UPDATE: A Swede tells me that “the cousin of Lavin Eskandar talked to this website: the family said: “No, no, no! We only did the finger to show unity between Swedes and immigrants …”



Sweden took a step closer to the Caliphate because of Trollhättan

A new interesting phenomenon appeared during the memorial of Sweden’s school shootings in Trollhättan. Look at the accompanying pictures of the memorial service for the school shootings:

80 @ 680

Then, let us look a little pictures of Isis forces:


Isis, a characteristic sign of victory is one finger upwards, which means something like that there is only one God, and it is allah, and there is no other gods before me. So the pointer of the finger admits to being a warrior of Allah. The symbol is international and is used especially by hateful Muslims, whose thoughts are about slaying the infidels from the face of the earth.

More here in Finnish


Treating Islam as the inherently intolerant, violent, political ideology that it is, would go a long way in helping to defeat it. 

The white banner at the top of the flag reads: “There is no god but Allah. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” The islamic shahadah, the confession of faith. This is what the Assyrian interviewed would want equated with the symbol of German National Socialism, the swastika. It works for me.

 Islamic State

“I hope that people can view the IS flag in the same way as the swastika. Then they can also intervene when they see the symbol,” she told Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio, describing the Islamist organisation as “the world’s most dangerous terrorist group”.

NOTE: That is how they should view the hijab, keffiyeh, koran and hadiths as well. Highly toxic towards human development.

 Syrians in Gothenburg scared by Isis graffiti

Syrians in Gothenburg scared by Isis graffiti

Police in Gothenburg investigating a different crime. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT

Published: 16 Oct 2015 16:33 GMT+02:00

Jacob Asmar and his family discovered the message “convert or die” scrawled on the walls of their pizzeria in red paint earlier this week.

“I think it’s horrible because we get thoughts that we don’t want to get now (…) like we are going to die because this terrorist group is coming to Gothenburg,” the 16-year-old told The Local on Friday.

“We Assyrians are worried – especially my family because we own the restaurant – about how there could be big trouble.”

The pizzeria is one of a number of businesses in the Tynnered area of the city that have been targeted by graffiti appearing to support the radical Islamist group Isis (also known as IS) in recent weeks.

“It feels like persecution of Jews in the 30s when Jews in Germany had Stars of David painted on its doors. Now it happens here,” said Jacob’s father Yusuf Asmar in a separate interview with The Gothenburg Post.

Around 10,000 Assyrians, a Christian ethnic group originating in the region that is modern Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey – now live in Sweden.

Representatives of several Assyrian associations called an emergency meeting on Thursday night to discuss ongoing claims that Sweden’s second largest city is becoming a recruitment hub for Isis, which has already targeted the Christian minority in Syria.

“Imagine if you fled persecution from your country and then started living next door to IS sympathisers here in Sweden. It is everyday life for many people,” said Josef Garis, president of Assyriska Distriktet i Göteborg, one of the largest community groups for Assyrians in west Sweden.

“We know that Gothenburg is one of IS’ recruitment bases, and we hear about people who express sympathy for IS here in Tynnered,” he told the Gothenburg Post.

NOTE II: Hamas’ green flag has the same message as well as the flag for the Sowdies.


“2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate? caliphate, caliphate ra ra ra!”

State of confusion. It’s an Orwellian nightmare to live in a dildo-sharia driven state, the Leftards in power just can’t decide whether to go full dildo or full sharia. That decision is going to be much more simpler for them as (predicted) the Muslim demographic expands and their demands expand with it. What’s the Swedes to do once enough of them their start demanding an official recognition of their turf, and then calls for autonomy? The Swedes can be counted on to fold like a cheap suit, at least the feckless leadership.

‘Convert or die’ ISIS graffiti jihadis declare first European ‘caliphate’

ISLAMIC State graffiti has appeared in a European city as sympathisers of the group claim “the caliphate is here”.

ISIS terroristsIGTERRORISTS: ISIS sympathisers have graffitied the walls of restaurants in Sweden

The terror group’s logo was daubed on the wall of a restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Chilling messages such as “convert or die” and “the caliphate is here” were also found covering the outside of Markus Samuelsson’s bakery.

“I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened,” Samuelsson said.

More here.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land


The wages of Islam is the abuse of everyone and common sense.


H/T: Basima Faysal via The Muslim Issue & Daily Mail

Undercover footage reveals how doctors are carrying out ‘virginity tests’ on Swedish girls against their will because their religious families want to prove they haven’t had sex

Undercover footage (pictured) has revealed how doctors are carrying out 'virginity tests' on Swedish girls against their will - because their religious families want to prove they haven't had sex

Undercover footage (pictured) has revealed how doctors are carrying out ‘virginity tests’ on Swedish girls against their will – because their religious families want to prove they haven’t had sex

  • Investigation reveals how girls are being forced to undergo virginity tests
  • Undercover reporters approached a number of doctors across Sweden
  • One victim, 15 at the time of her test, has described the ordeal as torture
  • Human rights activists have since described the revelations as ‘shocking’

Undercover footage has revealed how doctors are carrying out ‘virginity tests’ on Swedish girls against their will – because their religious families want to prove they haven’t had sex.

Reporters wearing hidden cameras approached doctors in cities across Sweden and asked them whether they would be willing to carry out the examinations.

Human rights experts have called the revelation ‘shocking’ while one young victim likened her ordeal to ‘torture’.

More here.


No doubt there are many of these who have made it into Sweden (and into Finland).

tard christian killer in germany

300 Swedes have left to fight in Middle East

300 Swedes have left to fight in Middle East

Isis fighters in the Anbar province, Iraq. Photo: Ritsaiph/Wikicommon

Published: 04 Oct 2015 15:12 GMT+02:00

Säpo chief Anders Thornberg said that, of those 300, 40 have so far been killed in combat, and around 125 are still fighting in Syria and Iraq.

“That is quite a large number,” Hans Brun, a researcher on counterterrorism at Kings College in London told Sweden’s TT news agency.

“Compare, for example, with the Second World War when there were only about 180 Swedish volunteers in the SS.”

“Compared to similar countries, a disproportionate number have traveled from Sweden,” agreed Thornberg.

Thornberg continued: “There is a violent Islamist environment in Sweden that influences people to go. The core of about 200 people who support the logistics, money and recruitment has been fairly successful here.”

More here.



sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land