Dhimmitude Islam in Sweden Swedicide

Sweden: Town that rejected church bells approves beachhead’s (mosque’s) prayer call at 110 decibels…….


A classic example of Swedicide…


Swedish dhimmitude in full flower, soon enough they’ll be an Islamic state and if Finnish leaders had any sense, they would be busy undoing any contractual border agreements with them.


Swedish town that approved a mosque’s calls to prayer had previously rejected church bells

Swedish town that approved a mosque's calls to prayer had previously rejected church bells
This mosque in Växjö will now feature calls to prayer on Fridays. Photo: Suvad Mrkonjic/TT
As if the decision to allow a mosque in the southern Swedish town of Växjö to feature a call to prayer wasn’t controversial enough, it has now emerged that a Catholic church located just 1.5 kilometres from the mosque was denied a request to ring church bells.
It was announced earlier this week that the mosque in Växjö will be allowed to feature a call to prayer on Fridays, provided the calls do not exceed 110 decibels, as heard from outside, or 45 decibels as heard from inside.
The mosque had become a flashpoint of national controversy, with the leader of the Christian Democrats instructing local politicians to vote against the call to prayer and the head of one of Sweden’s leading Jewish organizations supporting the mosque on the grounds that not allowing the call to prayer would damage integration.
Although the decision is now a done deal, the controversy is unlikely to die down in light of Smålandsposten’s revelation that the Catholic church Sankt Mikaels has twice been denied the right to ring church bells on the grounds that it would be disturbing to area residents. The church is roughly 1.5 kilometres from the mosque.

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