Dhimmitude Islam in Sweden Sweden

Somali immigrant Mona Waters: Sweden will lose Sweden in 50 yrs…….


She’s 100% correct.


I interviewed Mona a few years ago In Helsinki.



An excerpt:


Ex-Muslim: “Swedes will lose Sweden in 50 years”

“For many years I have tried to get the Swedes to understand what the Muslim goal is – to take over your country. The first thing they will do is demand sharia courts, just like in the UK”, she says.
“Swedes are so convinced that Swedish laws will always apply in their country. But ask any Englishman if he 30 years ago would have believed that Britain would have legal sharia courts in 2019. No one would have thought it possible.”
“If Sweden recognises Sharia courts the Muslims will have new demands, like permission to rule their own enclaves without interference from the Swedish society. The end goal is for Sharia to rule all of Sweden.”
“If there, perchance, are any blond and blue-eyed Swedes left at that point it doesn’t matter – they will all be behind niqabs and burkas by that time”, Mona states.


More here.


NOTE: Given the fact that the average Swede has been indoctrinated from a child on up into adulthood, that there’s no such thing as Swedish history, you’re a racist if you believe in borders and multiculturalism is the recipe for nirvana, Sweden might go under in a shorter period of time.




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