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This is exactly what the Sweden Democrat’s, Kent Ekeroth, asked about in the Swedish parliament a year or so ago, and they hated him for it.

Asking why should returning islamonazis be allowed entry, let alone given assistance. Only highly ideologically minded people would turn their eyes from the obvious, and commit such an egregious violation of the public trust.

Free driving licenses & grants: Sweden’s shock plan to reintegrate returning ISIS fighters


Lund County wants to give returned ISIS fighters state-financed driving licenses

A SWEDISH council wants to give ISIS fighters state-financed driving licenses and housing grants to stop them from committing acts of terrorism.


Around 140 Swedish people have returned to the country after fighting for terror organisations in Syria and Iraq.

Lund County, in south Sweden, is now considering giving the jihadi defectors incentives to reintegrate into society.

The mooted benefits are housing grants, help to re-enter the workforce and free driving licenses.

The approach has been supported by a report by the national coordinator against violent extremism.

Author of the report, Christoffer Carlsson, said that a person who wants to leave extremist environments often need support to be able to do it.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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    1. No, those on the side of right, justice and plain common decency with humanity are given the short shrift….only tyrannical types already blessed by the multiculuralists are allowed such graces.

  1. People get what they deserve. If you are weak and stupid ideologically you will fair badly in the end. What looks like suicide to informed people looks like a chance to gain FB likes to Swedes. Oh and the ((((feeeeeels)))))) of righteousness and magnanimity for the oppressed brown folk is worth a kick in the nuts everyday.

    1. But if the Swedes keep on being nice and doing nice things for these scumbags, won’t they eventually come to appreciate how fortunate they are, and then settle down to become model citizens?

      Yeah . . right.

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