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Never had that kind of threat/problem before we started getting Muslims in greater numbers. That’s a fact.

Here’s a short vid I took a few years ago while travelling with relatives to Åland (Ahvenanmaa) of the ship we were about to board by car. Sadly this is going to take more time and money in the future due to Jihad.

Sea Captain worried about the safety of ships: “We no longer live in a safe world”

Tuesday 27.12.2016 at 11.04

The Swedish ship’s captain would like for better security control for passenger ships.

  • Passenger ship security arrangements are still far from that of airports.
  • IL’s interview with the captain of the free access to passenger ships without security checks can be a threat to safe travel.


Sea Captain Stefan Karell is concerned about the safety of ships.

Sea Captain Stefan Karell is concerned about the safety of ships. (Juha Veli Jokinen)

11 years, as sea captain of passenger ships operating  for the Viking Line company, Stefan Karell , 47, says security threats increased in Nordic latitudes and requires the same type of security checks for passenger ships as for airports. He believes that free access to the passenger cars and ships without security checks can be a threat to safe travel.

– Threats are approaching Finland, too, we no longer live in a safe world. Security checks have already been planned in the ports, but it takes time, because of the high cost, he says.

The most problematic in respect to security checks is the inspection of passenger cars, being the most time consuming thing for ferries. For example,  in hiding explosives and weapons in cars is easy.

– If all the cars be audited completely, the work should begin hours before departure of ships. It is impossible, and who would pay for all the work, Karell says.

According to him, the shipping company has started already developing a more rigorous screening activities and the new improvements in the safety of travel is coming soon.

– Big changes are being promised. Education is increasing and it is repeated at regular intervals. Security men for the ships will be around the clock, security cameras are everywhere. Ships, security personnel may also be soon carrying heavier weaponry, including protective shields, Karell says.

– New Year cruises are filled with quite a hullabaloo, and alcohol consumption is high. At that time the ship’s security capacity is possibly fully operational, says the captain.

More at IL  h/t: Kumitonttu

NOTE: Gone are the days of showing up a half hr before the ship takes off and boarding by showing your drivers licence.

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  1. Large ferries are lumbering ripe and incredibly easy targets. I am really surprised that airport-type security has been ignored for ferry systems for so long.

    It’s going to get much more expensive, not due to airport-style individual searches but the detailed vehicle inspections which will become necessary. An almost impossible task. I foresee that transport of vehicles in this way will not be practicable in future.

    Thank you to the liberals – the political elites who have allowed the enemy inside the gates, and citizens who voted them into power.

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