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#GardenofSweden utopia dashed, even after all the tweets to the stating otherwise…….

Jani Räsäsnen Nails it: ”This didn’t age well….”

I remember when he first tweeted it out. I laughed at the time of how utopian, uncluttered by fact his is. That it was only a matter of time before something else hits.

Tensions masked by an idyllic lifestyle: How a country labelled the ‘safest place on Earth’ became a terror target

  • Pundits and politicians have described Sweden as ‘the safest place on Earth’ 
  • Last terror attack came in 2010 when a failed suicide bomber blew himself up
  • But there are tensions behind the country’s seemingly perfect facade 

With its bustling pavements and elegant shops, Stockholm has come to be seen as one of Europe’s most peaceful and developed cities.

For decades, the Swedish way of politics – based on fair wealth redistribution, a welfare state with generous benefits, a large public sector and a liberal immigration policy – has been put forward as a role model for other countries.

Pundits and politicians have described Sweden as ‘the safest place on Earth’ and it has barely suffered from terrorist attacks.

More here.


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