Dhimmitude Islam in Sweden Sweden

Breitbart: Stockholm Anti-Extremism Tsar: ISIS Returnees Now ‘Caring Citizens’…….


The lunacy of it all is unbearable…


Model citizens until you really piss them off with your western-style way of thinking and living.


Stockholm Anti-Extremism Tsar: ISIS Returnees Now ‘Caring Citizens’


Stockholm residents have nothing to fear from Islamic State fighters, as they have returned from the Middle East to live peaceful, crime-free lives in Sweden — according to officials in the nation’s capital.


The capital’s anti-violent extremism co-ordinator, Christina Kiernan, made the claim that jihadists who had come back from Syria and Iraq were now living “orderly lives” following public anger over the government’s decision not to strip people who fought for radical Islamic terror groups of their Swedish passports.


“The IS returnees we have talked to so far have no known current crime, they have a job and an orderly life to the extent that we do not have knowledge of activities that can in any way scare anyone,” she insisted during an appearance on TV4 this week.


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