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Sweden: Muslims Riot In (almost Judenrein) Malmö After Koran Burnt by Classical Liberals……..


Rasmus Paluden:

“Sent back and banned from Sweden for two years. However, rapists and murderers are always welcome!” 

They’re called “far-right” as a smear, but when you dig deeper into their reasons for doing what they did, you’ll discover the defense of classical liberal values. No one, nor their ideology or philosophy is free from criticism, ridicule or mockery. If that’s not the case, then every single atheist group that has mocked the Christian faith or God, in general, should be rounded up and prosecuted for “defamation of religion”.


This is about free speech, whether unpopular ideas or speech is protected regardless of political persuasion and affiliation. Do we live in a free state or not. With the opening of doors to highly intolerant voices and ideas, namely Islam, we now live in an environment of intimidation and fear. Where supremacist ideas and beliefs recievea defacto political protection. This is Soviet Union-type, iron-fisted tyranny.


It comes down to this, what’s more preferable, a torched intolerance filled koran or our own tolerant Western values..?

Riot in Malmö after far-right (TT: defenders of classical Enlightenment principles) activists burn Koran

Protesters threw stones at police and burned tyres in southern Sweden late on Friday, authorities said, hours after an anti-Muslim Danish politician was blocked from attending a Koran-burning rally nearby.


About 300 people were on the streets of Malmo with violence escalating as the evening wore on, according to police and local media.
The demonstration was connected to an incident earlier in the day in which protesters burned a copy of the Islamic holy book, police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist told Swedish tabloid Expressen.
Rasmus Paludan, who leads the far-right Danish anti-immigration party Hard Line, was due to travel to Malmo to speak at that event, which was being held on the same day as weekly prayers for the Muslim sabbath.
But authorities pre-empted Paludan’s arrival by announcing he had been banned from entering Sweden for two years. He was later arrested near Malmo.
“We’re gonna fuck this system up because they want to let a man burn the Koran,” one of them yells, as the group starts propelling jagged chunks of concrete and metal road barriers at the heavily armoured police. “We’re gonna fuck the whole system up and we’re gonna fuck the police.”

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