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Sweden: Second synagogue attacked in two days, yesterday Gothenburg, today in Malmö…….

Swedish leaders are in part to blame for their policies that brought these Jew haters to Sweden…
It was the Synagogue’s cemetery chapel.

Fire bombs threw against the Jewish Assembly in Malmö

Published December 11, 2017 at 16.05

DOMESTIC. Two fire bombs have been thrown against a Jewish sysnagogue in Malmö, reports SR Ekot. The event is classified as an attempted homicide by arson and investigated by the police’s hate crime unit.

It was on Monday morning that the police were alerted by an assault against the Jewish Assembly in Malmo. However, no direct damage should have occurred.


It’s about two flammable bottles that have been thrown against a building, says the Jewish Assembly chairman Freddy Gellberg. But exactly what they contain is still unclear.


The attack must have taken place at a chapel at the city’s Jewish burial site.


“We have prepared a report on attempted assassination, you have what we consider intended to make it start burning in some way,” says Malmö police Lars Förstell to SR.



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