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Sweden: State subsidized Islamic ‘teacher’ Zamzam says 12 y/o girls are hell bound if not covered……

Zamzam doesn’t hold back as any other pious Post-Hijra Muslim would do…..

Teaches that 12-year-olds go to hell – subsidized by the state

Swedish National Muslims lecturer teaches that the 12-year-old girls go to hell if they do not cover themselves.

Despite criticism from several quarters, the association this year received half a million crowns in state subsidies – but now the authorities are launching a new review.

– It is God who decides who will go to hell, I do not have the key, says lecturer Muadh Zamzam when Aftonbladet reaches him.

Swedish National Muslims, SFM, is an association with a base in Gothenburg . The organization has been repeatedly criticized for having links to extremist movements, especially by inviting controversial speakers.

A frequent lecturer is imam Muadh Zamzam, who also served as spokesman for the SFM. In a lecture that is out there on Youtube, he talks about “the woman in Islam.”

– One said to me, why should a girl when she is 12-13 years old, be told that if she covers up she comes to paradise, if she did not cover up, she will go to hell? I said, for this is how it works. Should we lie to her? he says.

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  1. This shit for brains could not be more wrong. There is nothing like god, it just doesn’t excist. So paradise and hell don’t excist either. Suppressing women can’t be divine. Wipe these imbeciles from the western world and from the world altogether.

  2. Kick these morons out of Sweden. What type of mental illness has swept over Europe? We need to develop a vaccine for this madness ASAP.

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