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Expelled Afghan Who Threatened To Slit Wife’s Throat Allowed To Stay In Sweden…….


UPDATE: I am told by Ingrid Carqvist on Twitter that he’s been allowed to stay in Sweden)

Sweden promotes itself to the world as being the vanguard of women’s rights but routinely protects members of the Islamic patriarchy…



EXPELLED multi-sentenced “Allahu akbar” Afghan threatened to slit the throat of ex-wife – MAY STAY IN Sweden


Published October 23, 2020 at 8:22 p.m.

DOMESTIC. A 48-year-old Afghan wife abuser, who was previously deported from Sweden, is now allowed to stay in the country. The reason is that he was granted a residence permit in connection with his ex-wife and their joint seven-year-old son, whom he repeatedly abused and threatened with death. The Svea Court of Appeal decided this today.


The 48-year-old comes to Sweden from Afghanistan in 2011 and applies for asylum. Here he meets a woman from Iran with whom he has a boy together in 2013. However, the 48-year-old is denied his asylum application and sent back to Afghanistan.


After nine months in his home country, the man is allowed to return to Sweden, now with ties to the Iranian woman and their common son. But the relationship is violent, the Afghan man abuses his wife on several occasions and according to witnesses must also have given in to the couple’s common son. When the woman wants to end the relationship, he does not agree to it but continues to seek out and threaten her.


Twice, in 2014 and 2015, the woman applies for a restraining order against her ex-husband. Both times, the court rejects her request. The Afghan “has not previously been convicted of crimes against close relatives. There is also no evidence in the ongoing investigation that supports the plaintiff’s information”, the court writes in both its decisions.


Abused on the street

In July 2015, a police patrol was alerted to an address in southern Stockholm due to several witnesses seeing how the Afghan man abused his ex-wife, in front of their then two-year-old son, out on the street.


– I’m Afghan, the man shouts to the woman.


– I’ll kill you and the whole family!


When the first police patrol arrives at the scene, the Afghan makes it clear to them that he does not intend to accompany him to the police station voluntarily. The police get the impression that his behavior is linked to a so-called “honor culture”, and that the man believes that the conflict should be handled within the family. The police are forced to call for reinforcements and the four police officers are helped to put handcuffs on and arrest the man.


More here in Swedish.

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