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Swedish book fair allows venue for Shiite mosque whose guest imam speaker preached death to gays……..

Sweden is constantly caught up in it’s *’dildo-sharia’ web it’s spun all by itself.

It’s an amazing thing to witness, promoting all kinds of hard-Left hedonistic lifestyles while placating Muslims who adhere to strict sharia norms. Something has got to give, I’m just waiting to which side goes first.


Controversial mosque participating in Book Fair

 Mosque of Imam Ali Islamic Center in Järfälla was visited last year by a homophobic imam who wants to execute homosexuals. Now the mosque is one of the exhibitors at this year’s Book Fair in Gothenburg.
– This imam will not participate in any program point at the Book Fair. I need to read up better on the issue, but there is no person like that who is invited to the book fair, said the fair’s president Maria Källsson to GP.

But the Mosque in Järfälla who last year invited the Imam to Sweden are welcome to participate in the Book Fair?


– Now we have not been confronted with any type of plank consistent with this that you provide. I need to check these details and get back to you, says Maria Källsson.


Akil Zahiri, a spokesman for the Shiite Muslim community, Imam Ali Center in Järfälla, reported SVT that they did not know that Farrokh Sakaleshfar  threatened death to gays when he visited the Swedish mosque.


FOOTNOTE: In last week stopped the Book Fair , the right-wing magazine New Times was banned from taking part in the fair.


NOTE: * Dildo-Sharia is a term first used by writer, blogger and Counter-Jihad icon, Fjordman.

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