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Swedish radio station hacked by ISIS, played song ”for the sake of Allah” over and over…….


A taste of things to come once Sweden is totally Islamized…


Isis hacks radio channel in Malmö? – praise of the terrorist organization interrupted Ed Sheeran’s song

Friday 10.11.2017 at 15.13

The Islamists are suspected of having taken over the frequency of the radio channel.


Terrorist organization Isis is suspected of having hackd the Mix Megapol radio station on Friday morning in Malmö, Sweden. According to Swedish newspapers, the situation began when radio listeners began to wonder about the channel’s broadcast. The lines suddenly included a song that swore loyalty to the name of Isis. The song started between Ed Sheeran’s song.


The situation started at 8.35. Suddenly, the channel included an English-language song that sang “For the sake of Allah”. The song was broadcast on the channel several times.


The radio channel has been holding a crisis meeting because of the situation. The channel intends to report the event to the police and the postal and telecommunications authorities. The channel now explains how often the song has been played and how long it will take. Mix Megapol is part of Bauer Media Group.



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  1. Incidentally the Vassa sank on her first voyage {out of port} because she was too narrow in the beam. Any smart ship wright could have told the Swedes this, first thing I noticed when I visited the Vassa. Ship of Fools dead right not to mention the Muppet Swedish Chef.

    1. Visited that museum three time already, wonderful exhibit!

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