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VOE: Sweden’s SDP party asks Muslim city council member to resign after being exposed for wanting US/Israeli leaders assassinated…….


H/T: Voice of Europe: 


Muslim politician in Sweden asked to resign after it’s exposed that he wants to kill the leaders of the US and Israel


19-year-old Omar Al-Ganas, nephew of the Islamist leader Abu Raad, has, with the help of personal votes, entered the city council of Hässleholm.


The news website Samhällsnytt recently revealed how Al-Ganas has expressed anti-Semitic views and derogatory comments towards women, has strong Islamic views, wants to kill the leaders of the US and Israel and has questionable loyalties to the country in which he lives.


And as a result, he has now been asked by his own party (Social Democrats) to resign.

Some facts about Omar Al-Ganas:


He is the nephew of the infamous Abu Raad, who is identified as the leader of Islam in Sweden.


Raad is Imam in a mosque in Gävle and celebrated ISIS’ conquest of northern Iraq on Facebook, and has also tried to raise money for terrorists.


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