#GardenofSweden : Proportion of Muslims 12.5% in 2017 – can be 70% in 2050…….

Fittja mosque in 2013 was the first mosque in Sweden who were allowed to have public call to prayer. Photo: Holger Ellgaard.



This is extremely worrisome, I do not want to have a neighboring state with that many people adhering to the 7th (dangerous) ideology of Islam. This is insanity and extremely troublesome for the region.

The proportion of Muslims in Sweden 12.5 per cent in 2017 – can be 70 percent in 2050

ISLAM How many Muslims live in Sweden and move here in the next few years is important to calculate, as well as their fertility and the Swedes that die away. Before Christmas, Claes Lönegård wrote in SvD (18/12, 2016) that the Swedes overestimates the proportion of Muslims in Sweden. Swedes polled by research firm Pew reported that 17 percent are Muslims, even though they are 4.6 percent Svenska Dagbladet’s journalist Clas Lönegård reports victoriously.

But the industrious blogger Project Morpheus  discovered the error and wrote on Friday (which Snaphanen listed. See also Immigration and blackout  basis Affes statistics blog).

What SvD does not report is that the 4.6% figure is from 2010, meaning that it is more than six years old, long before asylum crisis in 2015.


SvD reported article in December 2016 that 4.6% Muslims were in Sweden. In reality, the figure is therefore between 7.1% – 8.2% depending on what you include in the calculation. It is a miscalculation of 2.5 to 3.4 percentage points.

An economist and businessman, Pekka Rousu, has been in touch with me and made his own calculations reported below. I as a reporter have not drawn up the figures and I welcome other economists to control them, like “Alfie Smith”, Jan Tullberg and Gunnar Sandelin.


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