Gee, it’s almost reminiscent of Finland’s Pertti Salolainen statements.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

NOTE: This is Norway, the faux humanitarian “superpower”, where all things antisemitic are possible, and do happen with regular frequency. Here in Scandinavia, when a nordic wants to call a Jew a “kike” they just quote Shakespeare, or in this case, draw Shylock himself.

Anti-Semitic Bank Card Emerges in Norway

A nasty anti-Semitic image turns up on a VISA debit card issued by the largest bank in Norway.

Anti-Semitic DNB card sent in 'error' from Norway's largest bank.

Anti-Semitic DNB card sent in ‘error’ from Norway’s largest bank.
Photo Credit: Hallelu / Social Media

An anti-Semitic caricature has appeared on a VISA debit / credit card issued by Norway’s largest banking institution, DNB.

A cartoon bearded Jewish man with a long hooked nose wearing yarmulka and a blue and white tallit (prayer shawl) is seen chuckling with hands held to his cheeks in mirth. The caricature is set against a background of golden coins gleaming like treasure on the entire rest of the card.

The message is very clear: Jews control money.

An Australian citizen living in Norway who ordered the card claims that when he received it, he was surprised to find that the design he ordered was not what he received.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Israeli Embassy in Oslo, which immediately contacted the management of the bank.

The bank promptly apologized to Israel’s Ambassador to Norway, but also explained in a letter to the Hallelu Israel Foundation (seen on the nonprofit organization’s Facebook page) that the bank allows clients to order personally designed cards.

The vice president of the bank wrote that he was surprised when the embassy told him the client received the offensive design without personally requesting it.

Cllose examination of a different photo of the card that was seen on the Internet reveals in the lower left corner the words “YOUR NAME” which may indicate this is a design sample available for ordering, possibly through VISA although that is not clear.

Anti-Semitic bank card 'erroneously' issued by DNB bank in Norway.

The bank official asked forgiveness from anyone who was offended and said the bank would issue an explanation and apology notice.

After the incident was publicized, the bank announced the offensive card would be canceled and a new one issued to its owner.

In the letter the bank said it has a mechanism to filter out “offensive images.” Somehow, the anti-Semitic caricature slipped past. The bank explained it issues a few million cards each year, said it was an isolated incident and that the offensive image was deleted from the database.

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BDS = anti-Jew

No matter how they (the Norwegians and others) slice it, it’s Jew hatred. When only one state is singled out for condemnation for merely protecting itself, while a whole bastion of real wrong doing nations (real human rights violators) barely make the international radar screen (as well as sitting in judgement of world’s only Jewish state) then you must judge those who are making these outrageous claims against Israel.

Norwegian docfest boycotts Israeli films

Norwegian docfest boycotts Israeli films

Roy Zafrani, whose film will not be shown as a result of the boycott. Photo: Roy Zafrani/Facebook

Published: 17 Aug 2015 22:43 GMT+02:00

“The Other Dreamers”, an award-winning documentary by the Israeli film-maker Roy Zafrani, has already been rejected by the Human Rights Human Wrongs festival, which takes place in February next year.

“I’m sorry but we can’t show this film,” a letter from festival organiser Ketil Magnussen told the director, according to the Times of Israel.

“We support the academic and cultural boycott of Israel so unless the films are about the illegal occupation, or deal with the occupation or the blockade of Gaza, or otherwise about the discrimination of Palestinians, we can’t show them.”

Zafrani complained that he was being punished for the actions of his government in a way a director from no other country would be.

“Film is meant to bring people together, not drive them apart,” he told the Times of Israel. “I see films from all over the world, from Syria to Iran, and learn about the people beyond their leadership. No one would boycott an Iranian director because of what his government does, so if he doesn’t get that sort of reception, neither should I.”

Magnussen defended his position, arguing that the boycott was necessary to highlight Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, after nearly 50 years.

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I could have guessed that one of the murderous bastards found haven in Norway.

‘Mastermind’ of 1982 Jewish diner attack held

'Mastermind' of 1982 Jewish diner attack held

Emergency teams carry a body from the restaurant shortly after the bombing. Photo: AFP

Published: 17 Jun 2015 16:51 GMT+02:00

Zuhair Mohamad Hassan Khalid al-Abassi, alias “Amjad Atta” was one of three men for whom France issued an international arrest warrant earlier this year.

He was arrested in Jordan on Wednesday, though further details remain unknown.

The other two men suspected to have been involved in the attack have been named as Mahmoud Khader Abed Adra alias “Hicham Harb”, 59, who lives in Ramallah in the West Bank, and Walid Abdulrahman Abu Zayed, alias “Souhail Othman”, 56, in Norway.

The attack began around midday on August 9th, 1982 when a grenade was thrown into the busy restaurant in the Marais district, a popular and largely Jewish neighbourhood in the centre of Paris.

Two men then entered the restaurant, which had around 50 customers inside, and opened fire with machine guns.

Overall, between three and five men are thought to have taken part in the attack, which was blamed on the Abu Nidal Organisation, a Palestinian militant group.

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In highly socialist anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Norway.


A libertarian member of the Norwegian parliament has received death threats after attending a pro-Israel rally in Oslo.

The Local reports that Kristian Norheim, who is a secretary of the Freedom Party (Framstegspartiet) and admirer of Margaret Thatcher has said he received threats that his family were going to “go through the same as the civilians in Gaza”.

Norheim is a long standing and vocal supporter of Israel, and critic of Islamism. His tweets include condemnation of the boycott of Israeli goods, and praise for former United States President Ronald Reagan.

Although it is traditionally a Christian country with strong northern European Pagan traditions, Islam is now the second largest religion in the Nordic state. In Oslo, nearly one in ten now practice the faith. According to Statistics Norway, there are fewer than 800 Jews in the whole country. Norway has a long running and unfortunate history of anti-Semitism; during the German occupation and quisling government of 1940-45 more than a third of all Norwegian jews were deported to death camps.

Anti-Semitism aside, the recent sudden changes in Norwegian demographics has led to rising tensions in Norwegian society. 2011 brought the attacks by white supremacist Anders Breivik, who was dissatisfied with the Norwegian Labour Party’s policies towards immigration and integration. Norheim’s anti-immigration Progress Party is enjoying continued growth in support and is now in government as part of a coalition.

More here. H/T: Buck



Tundra Tabloids Exclusive:

Yes, once again, a Scandinavian state with a highly vaunted ‘humanitarian’ cottage industry, is involved with anti-Semitism on the state level.

NOTE: This is on par with the anti-Semitic statements by Finnish politician Pertti Salolainen, that ”Jews in America have to a large extent, both the money and media in their pockets.”

NRK antisemitism

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has asked the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK to recall its correspondent from the U.S.

NRK: It is no secret that Jewish capital and people with Jewish backgrounds are strongly overrepresented in the major U.S. media conglomerates. The biggest of them all, Disney Company, owns among other organizations ABC Television Network and is chaired by Robert Iger.
CNN Worldwide has Jeff Zucker who came from rival NBC, and CBS is led by Leslie Moonves.
The latter’s uncle was also David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister.
Jewish share of the U.S. population is about two percent, so there is no doubt that they are over-represented as owners and top managers in the media. Perhaps it is not so surprising that relatively few Palestinian voices are given access when Israel is attacked. 

1swc norway


NRK article translated from Norwegian:

Demonstration in New York - pro-Israeli protesters showed last Sunday his support for the Israeli war during a demonstration in New York.  - Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
Pro-Israeli protesters showed last Sunday their support for the Israeli war during a demonstration in New York.PHOTO: EDUARDO MUNOZ / REUTERS 

Strong Israeli dominance in the American media

I had originally intended to write a light and cheerful correspondent letter this time. But that will have to wait. The events in Gaza are so staggering, both because they are about life and death for so many, and also because here in the U.S. such strong feelings and interests in how the story is conveyed.

Speaking of humor, political satirist Jon Stewart had the war in Gaza as a theme in his Daily Show the other day. He referred ironically about the IDF practice of calling Palestinian families to warn them that soon will be bombed – so they get the chance to evacuate.

– Evacuate to where? Have you seen Gaza? Israel blocks the boundary here, Egypt closes the border here, are they supposed to start swimming? 

Said Stewart, who has a Jewish father, pointing to a map. A few days later, a conservative ratio host Mark Levin responded in an interview on the conservative television channel Fox News. – Stewart is a clown, he’s not funny, was Levin’s preface.

If Hamas had the weapons Israel had, including nuclear weapons and others, Israel would cease to exist. If Israel wanted to, it could destroy the entire defense system, actually of Gaza in thirty minutes. But Israel does not, said Levin, which apparently was to prove how humane the country’s government is.

Reports were removed

The major television channels are cautious. The Israel lobby’s influence on U.S. media is enormous. But several of them have tried to convey the Palestinians’ suffering.

In the first few days, NBC had their award-winning Palestinian reporter Aymam Mohyeldin inside Gaza.

He is himself born in Rafah, near Gaza’s border with Egypt, and conveyed through close interviews civilian population’s heartbreaking suffering and despair.

But then, when on day four Palestinian children were killed by an Israeli bomb while they were playing on the beach, Ayman was taken off. Officially because NBC was concerned for his safety. 

But they were no more concerned than that they sent a new reporter who took up where Ayman left off. Unofficially discussions within and outside the social media speculate that he had shown to much empathy for the Palestinians.

CNN brought in their senior reporter Jim Clancy, who said he had previously worked with Ayman Moyheldin. Ayman was very passionate, said Clancy.

Implying – he may not have enough distance in his reporting. But then he continued to say that being affected by the suffering of those you cover is inevitable, and that neither do Jews avoid being criticized for one-sided reporting.

It should be added that Ayman Moyheldin was sent back to Gaza to report for NBC, because the criticism was too overwhelming, and because NBC’s leadership failed to explain why he, who was from Gaza was less able to take care of his own safety than his colleague without his background. 

Ayman is unique, because American media hardly ever uses Palestinian or Arab reporters to cover conflicts involving Israel. But also others are subject to criticism.


One of them is CNN’s Diana Magnay. She reported directly from the Israeli side of the border with Gaza, from the hills of Sderot, which has been the target of many of the Hamas rockets into Israel.

From there, she also had a good view of the Israeli bomb hits inside Gaza. But she was not alone, there were also many Israelis who came because they wanted to follow the macabre theater of war.

Following completion of the live broadcast she sent out one twitter message with the following text:

“Israelis on the hill above Sderot rejoicing bombs that land in Gaza. Threaten to destroy our car if I say one wrong word. Scum. “

Diana Magnay no longer covers Israel and Gaza. She was immediately moved to Moscow, where she of course is free to report critically about a political leadership that is currently totally demonized in the U.S. media. 

Previously worked for the Jerusalem Post 

CNN’s main correspondent in the area now is Wolf Blitzer, from Jerusalem. Blitzer is himself a Jew, born in Germany and has worked as a journalist for the Jerusalem Post and AIPAC, the powerful Jewish organization whose main task is to lobby the U.S. Congress.

Blitzer usually has its own daily political talk show on CNN. But now, he’s in Jerusalem, where he has interviewed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s defense minister and other senior Israelis. Again and again, they explain why it is necessary to destroy Hamas tunnels, and why it is necessary to hold on a little longer, civilian sufferings notwithstanding.

The moral responsibility for the suffering belongs to Hamas, because they use civilians as human shields. Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, is occasionally heard from in Qatar, but Israeli voices are the overwhelming majority.

Another Palestinian, lawyer and former adviser to the PLO, Diana Butto, is also used occasionally. But on one occasion she went to great lengths to explain why Hamas fires rockets at Israel, which caused the TV reporter to interrupt with aggressive, critical questions to restore balance.

The clip is published onthe American Jewish sites as a warning, where the CNN anchor Jake Tapper gets praised for having put her in her place. I have yet to hear equally critical question from CNN’s regular commentators to Israel’s former U.S. ambassador, Michael Oren.

He does not believe Hamas will destroy Israel with rockets, but fears that “they could create a legal and international situation in which Israel can no longer defend themselves in a legitimate manner”, in other words that international opinion turns against Israel as a result of the large civilian casualties.

Overrepresented among media executives

It is no secret that Jewish capital and people with Jewish backgrounds are strongly overrepresented in the major U.S. media conglomerates. The biggest of them all, Disney Company, owns among other organizations ABC Television Network and is chaired by Robert Iger.

CNN Worldwide has Jeff Zucker who came from rival NBC, and CBS is led by Leslie Moonves.

The latter’s uncle was also David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister.

Jewish share of the U.S. population is about two percent, so there is no doubt that they are over-represented as owners and top managers in the media. Perhaps it is not so surprising that relatively few Palestinian voices are given access when Israel is attacked. 

That said, there are clear Jewish voices that are critical to Israel in the American public sphere, especially in the written media.

Bernard Avishai was born in Canada’s Zionist environment and has since worked as a professor in both the U.S. and Israel.

In an article in last week’s The New Yorker, he describes Israel’s bombing of Gaza as a war crime. He refers to the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s military tacticians openly consider any home where a known Hamas member lives, as part of Hamas’ infrastructure, and thus legitimate targets.

The liberal Jewish organization J Street recently withdrew the support of a pro-Israeli demonstration in Boston, because it didn’t take into account the losses on both sides.

Moreover – the large liberal newspapers press now publishes more Israel-critical articles. Anne Barnard in The New York Times describes Gaza as an open prison, where the majority of residents are trapped, unable to seek refugee status outside. 

Washington Post Wednesday had a large article describing how Israel will return to the practice of collective punishment against the families of Palestinian activists, because destroying homes is considered as an effective deterrent.

This form of collective punishment was officially abandoned in 2005, partly because the Israeli military said it created more Palestinian insurgents.

Now it happens again, but humanely. The families in Gaza, after all, get a telephone warning first, or a small bomb, if they do not have a phone.



All dressed up , but with no place to go.

Great going Norway. In a saner world, Tunis would be either off limits by Western travel agencies due to their racist policies, or the ship’s captain would announce that no one is going ashore if all can’t go ashore.

H/T: David Berman via Beverly Sandler

Israelis Detained on Board Norwegian Jade as Cruise Ship Docked in Port of Tunis

MARCH 9, 2014 1:57 PM

Norwegian Jade in Venice. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli tourists were denied the right to disembark from the Norwegian Jade, a vessel operated by the Norwegian Cruise Line, when it stopped in the Port of Tunis, Tunisia recently, Jewish human rights organization B’nai Brith Canada said on Sunday.

As passengers prepared to get off the ship to visit the North African republic, the Israelis were quietly told that they were not welcomed by the Tunisian Government, the group said in a statement.

The cruise line did not advise the passengers in advance that Israeli tourists would be confined to the ship for the stop. Other Jewish passengers were unaware that their coreligionists were being detained, since no public announcements were made. They were outraged when it became known, B’nai Brith Canada said.

More here.


This interview by Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld with Eirik Veum appeared today at Israel National News, and is republished here with the author’s consent.

eirik veum


Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Eirik Veum

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld“My three books about Norwegian collaboration with the German occupiers during the Second World resulted in new information about how Norwegians were involved in the persecution of Jews. Male and female Norwegians participated in various German SS and army units. Out of around 5,500 Norwegian volunteers, 852 were killed.

“In The Fallen published in 2009, I reveal names, ages and where those killed fell.  Some Norwegians in German units from the Waffen-SS and later in Sonderkommandos (special commands) in Eastern Europe, were watching as Ukrainians and Germans killed Jews. Norwegians were also involved in searching for Jews. I discovered a case where Norwegians found a Jew in a house and brought him into the street. Thereafter he was shot, yet we do not know by whom. Due to my book, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel will try to ascertain whether Norwegians participated in actual murders.”

Eirik Veum is a Norwegian journalist working for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK.

“This book and the next two sold well. Reactions were mixed however. Several historians claimed that my topics should be dealt with by historians and not by a journalist. One then wonders why no historian had ever investigated this issue in almost seventy years. Some family members of the Norwegian volunteers had no problem with the fact that I disclosed names of their relatives. They believed that the truth should become public, even if it was harsh. They felt that people were only responsible for their own deeds. Others said that we had dishonored their families by identifying relatives by name. Others stated that Norwegian collaborators with the Nazis had dishonored their families’ name. This debate was intense and its pattern returned after my two subsequent books were published. It is interesting to note that more energy was devoted to discussing the issue of the identification of these people, than to their actions.

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Ancient European antisemitic motiffs die hard.

One of the more classic forms of Christian antisemitism has been the accusation of Jews poisoning the wells of their Christian neighbors. It’s just one of the many motiffs used against Jews during times of trouble or political instigation to cast blame on a handy scapegoat. For centuries, Jews have, unfortunately, been made to fill that role.

The Jewish state has been cast in that same role on the international level, the lone Jew, responsible for whatever calamity befalls the world at large. While individual Jews have been blamed for example, for both capitalism and communism, the Jewish state has been blamed for the lack of ‘Middle East peace’, high fuel costs and a host of other conspiratorial maladies that plague the planet.

The Norwegian Trade Union falls into the same antisemitism of times past, and the Muslims shout for joy and slap each other on the back with glee.

norwegian trade union israel poisonor of wells 10.12.2013

More here.



This article by Dr.Gerstenfeld was published yesterday at Israel National News and re-published here with the author’s consent.

Norway's camp of hate


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldOver the past years, a bit more has become known in Israel about Norway’s hateful attitudes toward Israel and the Jews. This has led to an increasingly negative image of that country. In Israel, the greatest damage to how Norway is viewed was probably caused by its current Ambassador Svein Sevje.

In a recent interview with extreme left wing Israeli journalist Akiva Eldar, Sevje explained why Bashir Assad will go down in history as a barbarian dictator instead of a democratic reformer. He implied that the Syrian civil war resulted from the absence of a peace agreement with Israel saying: “I believe that with such an agreement, Syria would have been a different country today. The emergency laws would have had to be removed; the regime would have carried out reforms. The regime was petrified, and they knew that any opening up to democratic values would mean a transfer of power, and they were not ready for it. A peace agreement with Israel would have meant an opening up to the world.”1

Most of Sevje’s diplomatic postings have been in the Middle East. However, he has learned precious little from the millennial history of anti-Semitism in which Jews were continuously blamed for the misconduct of others. One sees this from his remark to Eldar concerning the Oslo agreements and if peace had been reached as a result of them: “I am well aware of the fact that what is happening in the Arab countries around you has nothing to do with the lack of an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, but it would have removed the pretext for blaming Israel for everything.” Not surprisingly in that interview, Sevje said nothing about the Palestinian Authority’s glorification of murderers of Israeli civilians, nor about religious elements in Hamas’ genocidal charter.

A number of remarks made by Sevje to Israeli media after the Breivik murders in 2011, have greatly contributed to Norway’s negative image. In his observations he implied that terror against Israel was justified in Norwegian eyes. This elicited strong replies from various Israeli writers. Caroline Glick, Senior Editor of the Jerusalem Post quoted Sevje’s words “We Norwegians view the occupation as the reason for terror against Israel. Many Norwegians still see the occupation as the reason for attacks against Israel. Whoever thinks this way, will not change his mind as a result of the attack in Oslo.” Glick commented: “So in the mind of the illiberal Norwegians, terrorism is justified if the ideology behind it is considered justified. For them it is unacceptable for Breivik to murder Norwegian children, because his ideology is wrong. But it is acceptable for Palestinians to murder Israeli children, because their ideology is right.”2

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Welcome to reality!

finally admitting that which we have known all along, antisemitism in Norway is an everyday occurrence, and something that the cultural/political elite have tried to hide. Welcome to reality, what took you so long?


A European shame

75 YEARS AFTER THE CRYSTAL NIGHT lives a large number of European Jews still in fear. Many dare not use Jewish symbols. Personal anti-Semitic attacks increased sharply in many countries. Jews who are experiencing physical assault, failing to report them. They feel that reporting does not lead to anything.

This is Our Land newspaper that refers to a survey EU’s own Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has conducted among 5100 Jews in nine countries. The study will be presented in a couple of weeks before the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht.

Norway is not in FRA survey. Pastor of the Jewish community in Oslo, Ervin Kohn, told Our Country that he believes the situation is worse on the continent than in Norway. The reason for this is that part of the hostile attitude coming from Muslim populations, and this group is smaller in Norway than in many other European countries. Unfortunately, there is little consolation.

ALSO FOR NORWEGIAN JEWS are affected by the development. We know from previous research, which shows that there are Norwegian Jewish students who must hide his Jewishness in school. And Ervin Kohn says although Jews who take their kippaen before they go over the Muslim-dominated district of Greenland. Jew is used again as an insult in this country. It’s a shame, in a country that wants to be free and open.

EUROPEAN survey says that half of all Swedish Jews avoid using symbols that identify them as Jews. In France, the figure is 40 percent. The greatest risk of direct attack runs Jews in Hungary, where 30 percent of respondents have personally experienced anti-Semitic incidents in the past year.

The Norwegian Jewish psychologist Berit Reisel shows that developments in Europe has coincided with the Muslim population has grown – a population that has little knowledge of European history. It means that many European Muslims primarily associate Jews with the conflicts in the Middle East, and know little about the Holocaust that occurred during World War II. FRA has asked the 5,100 Jews from the hold they experience anti-Semitism comes from. According to Our Country is experiencing 27 percent said the perpetrators were Muslims, 22 percent point to the leftists, while 19 percent refers to the right-wing.

FROM SWEDEN reported that the number of anti-Semitic crimes were particularly high in a period Israel was heavily criticized for its war in Gaza.The same has also seen here in Norway. But a Norwegian Jew can not be held responsible for Israeli policy. Just as a Norwegian Muslim be held accountable for the policies implemented in the individual Muslim countries.Each of us has the right to be regarded as a free and independent people, no matter what group we belong to.

Soon it will be 75 since Kristallnacht. On the night of 10 November 1938, when German and Austrian Jews were fair game. The Nazis destroyed synagogues, homes and shops. 91 Jews were killed. The day after, 30, 000 Jews arrested and sent to concentration camps.

FEAR THAT INCREASES AGAIN, is a shame for Europe. No country can settle down with the situation, while parts of our Jewish population living in fear because of their faith. And no group in society can evade its responsibility to improve the situation.




I can understand why Sender wouldn’t want a real debate, having your own ass handed to you on a platter is a rather humiliating affair.

anne sender

Former chairperson of the Oslo Jewish Community, Anne Sender, took to bad mouthing the dear Doctor in a Norwegian debate forum, knowing full well that the Dr.Gerstenfeld, though fluent in many languages, doesn’t speak Norwegian. NIJ blog republishes both Sender’s diatribe and Dr.Gerstenfeld’s response.

NOTE: The following is taken from Norway, Isral and Jews blog. I’ll leave a link to it after the excerpt.

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld



Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld says:

No government of any European country has done as much as the Norwegian Stoltenberg ones to whitewash the Islamonazi Palestinian Hamas movement. In its charter it promotes the genocide of Jews. Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Raymond Johansen became the first senior European official to hold talks with Palestinian Prime Minister and leader of the Hamas movement in Gaza, Ismail Haniye in March 2007. Several media presented a picture of the two shaking hands.[2] After meeting Haniye, Johansen said, “We hope that all the European countries and even other countries will support this unity government.” [3] [4]


Sender promotes the absurd idea that 50 000 Jews should come to Norway. Why should they want to live with the 38% of the Norwegian adults who have such a criminal mindset that they think that Israel is exterminating the Palestinians. Why should they want to live in a country where their children have to hide their identity or be submitted to frequent anti-Semitic harassment in schools? Today’s Norway is a much more welcoming place for the immigration of an additional 50 000 anti-Semites of the old Jew-hating and the new Israel-hating variety. They can feel at home with the Labor Party, SV, AUF and its Utoyacrowd, LO, the Dagbladet cartoonists and many of the country’s cultural elite.

Click here.



Norway, always keeping it classy………


Though in recent elections, Norway’s government has changed hands from a virulently anti-Israel coalition, to one that speaks about its more moderate approach to the Jewish state, it means very little presently (read = no change or influence), to its society steeped in antisemitism.

The Norwegian Church (Lutheran) continues its campaign of anti-Israel projects, with the latest being, an ‘International Church Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel. The event is part of the World Week For Peace in Palestine Israel (WWFPPI), which means yet another attempt at demonizing the Jewish state in an international forum.

world week for peace and justice in palestine 27.9.2013

Cecilie Gamst Berg, a reader/commentator/tipster for the Tundra Tabloids has kindly translated a portion of an article by the pro-Israel Norwegian organization, MED ISRAEL FOR FRED (MIFF) (With Israel For Peace), a which reports on this week’s event.

NOTE: Norway, Israel and the Jews blog has a full Google trans of the same article here.

norwegian church anti-israel week 27.9.2013

Church Week attacks Israel.

Get ready for another week of attacks on Israel. Sept. 22 to 28 The Norwegian Church and others are arranging “The International Church Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel”. Read MIFF’s analysis of the programme and its content

conrad Myrland BLOG

The Headline for This Year’s Church Week is “Jerusalem: City of Justice and Peace”.

  • Last year not a single Israeli was invited, while Palestinians participated in each meeting. This year there is one Israeli, Ruth Hiller from New Profile (the group has only 40 – 60 active members) on the far left. She’s been working on getting Israeli youth to refuse military service.
  • The Bible is used against Israel in a series of attacks.
  • The liturgy doesn’t mention Israel and the Jews with one word and neither does it mention the innumerable transgressions happening in the Arab world – Palestinians are painted as innocent victims.
  • Most of the Norwegians arranging Church weeks are gunning for some kind of boycott of Israel.
  • Palestinians’ armed terror campaigns against Israel are not mentioned.

Hind Khoury, “former palestinian minister for Jerusalem” says in an interview from 2011: “Palestinians will hang on to their rights, no matter what” and says Christians all over the world should be concerned about the “injustice” Palestinians suffer. YouTube interview: Palestine society “pluralistic and very tolerant”.

Eilert Rostrup says it’s a Christian duty to put a stop to the existing evil, to liberate both the transgressor (Israel) and its victims. Berit Hagen Agøy sermon: “Peace in the Middle East”. I 2010 she said to [Christian paper] Vårt Land that it is  “naturally” more important that the refugees of 1948 and their descendants are allowed to return, than that Jews remain a majority in Israel. 

Bishop Atle Sommerfeldt, former general secretary of  Kirkens Nødhjelp, fights for Palestinians’ “right to return”.

“Justice Film Evening” Shows three anti-Israeli films September 25

26. september Quaker seminar, promoting boycott.

More here in Norwegian.

Here’s some advice for Norwegian Church leaders when planning ‘peace forums’ for issues concerning the Palestinian’s war against Israel:



Dagbladet’s sanctimonious E-I-C:

 I am naturally delighted […], it is a right decision for freedom of expression in the Norwegian press, says editor John Arne Markussen in Dagbladet to

dagbladet eic 24.9.2013

It’s necessary at this time, to point out the sanctimony of Norway’s media elite in regards to this situation. The majority busily thumping their chest over free speech rights, avoided publishing the dreaded cartoons of Mohamed. While it’s true that the Dagbladet eventually did publish them, they however didn’t do so out of ‘defense of free speech and/or from showing solidarity for the beleaguered Jyllands-Posten,  but solely for the reason that Kurt Westergaard was the center of the story.

The Norwegian government went so far as expressing regret over the Norwegian paper Magazinet’s editorial decision to publish all 12 cartoons of Mohamed in defense of free speech. Seeing that this cartoon is considered just a matter for Jews alone, the Norwegian government hasn’t gotten itself involved, perhaps because Jews don’t mob the streets and issue fatwas.

NOTE: After centuries of persecution, and only a few decades from the extermination of 6 million Jews within the halls of horror of Hitler’s National Socialist death camps scattered throughout Poland, Germany and the rest of Europe, Jews can be excused for being, fearful and outraged, over their symbols once again being ripe for targeting by these same societies.

If this brings out the charge of ”special treatment” for Jews, well perhaps it’s fitting, for the sole reason that Jews have always been targeted for ”special treatment” (read = persecution) by societies throughout Europe and the Middle East.

dagbladet antisemitc cartoon 29.5.2013

Dagbladet acquitted in PFU for cartoon

Anti-Racist Center and the Jewish community complain about what they perceived as an anti-Semitic cartoon strip in Dagbladet did not succeed in Press Council.

Byline Photo Inger Marit Knap Sæby - Photo: Norwegian ASSV /



Comic strip was printed in Dagbladet in late May, and attracted attention in several foreign media. Both the Jewish community and the Anti-Racist Center views Thomas Drefvelin’s parodic strip as an attack on Judaism, and complained to the newspaper Press Council.

The comic strip shows two religious people abusing a child , while the police fail to intervene because the assailants argued that this “is tradition” and an important part of their faith.

PFU-reviewed comic from Dagbladet acquitted.  - The comic was printed in Dagbladet 28  May.  - Photo: Facsimile / Dagbladet

The cartoon was printed in Dagbladet 28 May.

In Tuesday’s PFU meeting, it was pointed out that the sample design clearly be perceived as offensive to the reader, but would not go with that the drawing was racist or anti-Semitic.

PFU Secretariat pointed out in its proposal the opinion that in the Norwegian media, the tradition of caricature has very wide limits, and it can not be that those who feel wronged or violated shall have a veto over what can be published.

– This is an important, fundamental issue for the press and freedom of expression that even if this strip was aimed at one particular religion, I would have acquitted Dagbladet, said Martin Riber Sparre from Today’s Market.

He added that if there was to the Jewish community felt threatened by comic strip, it was a matter for the police and non PFU.

More here in Norwegian.



Hope for the best, but expect little change.

It’s a highly misguided notion to believe that an opposition party in Norway, regardless of it’s ‘right-wing’ credentials, is able to bypass it’s own culture steeped in antisemitism as it assumes the reigns of power. The warning signs are there. The Norwegian Progress Party’s recent open slap of The Finns party, chaired by openly pro-Israel Timo Soini, with false accusations of it being ‘anti-immigration’ despite the facts, shows an acute attentiveness by Progressive Party leaders in how it’s being perceived by its peers, and any resulting criticism, which means a willingness to adhere to strict political narratives already laid down by the Norwegian political/cultural establishment.

norway corruption

Will Norway’s new government stem tide of anti-Semitism?

Posted on September 22, 2013 by Jeffrey Barken / and filed under Features, World.

By Jeffrey F. Barken/

Earlier this month, conservative candidates in Norway won landslide elections, deposing the Labour party majority that has ruled for nearly a decade. Many are hopeful that the new government will address social intolerance in Norway, including the rampant anti-Semitism affecting a population of nearly 2,000 Jews.

But Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, an author who has written extensively on the prejudices facing Norway’s Jewish community, is skeptical that Norwegians will be able to forget their prejudices. He uses the phrase “part-time anti-Semitism” to describe common attitudes and to highlight the general public’s susceptibility to bias.

“In its origins, Lutheranism promoted Jew hatred,” Gerstenfeld tells, recalling Norway’s long history of intolerance. “Norway was the last country in Europe to admit Jews in the mid-19th century.”

At the heart of the new conservative coalition stands Erna Solberg, nicknamed “Iron Erna.” Elected Sept. 9, she will succeed Jens Stoltenberg and will be Norway’s second female prime minister.

Gerstenfeld argues that many discriminatory instincts and old-world anti-Semitic beliefs about Jews still influence perspectives on the modern Jewish community. He cites a study commissioned by the Oslo Municipality in 2011 that found that one third of the Jewish children there are harassed physically or verbally at least two or three times a month, and that 38 percent of Norwegians believe that Israel is a Nazi state.

“I have never heard of such figures before in Western Europe,” Gerstenfeld says.

Anders Behring Breivik’s infamous 2011 terrorist attack confirmed the worst regarding intolerance in Norwegian society. Following the mass shooting at a Worker’s Youth League camp that left 69 people dead, the facility was discovered to house vicious anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda. Teenagers participating in the program prior to the attack were routinely subjected to an indoctrinating hate campaign.

Biased reporting on Israel has created a poisoned atmosphere in which outrageous political cartoons depicting Jews as Nazis circulate, and boycotts of Israel are common. “It is widely known that the Norwegian media has been heavily subsidized by the Labour government,” Norwegian author Hanne Nabintu Herland tells

Herland also confirms the failure of the ousted Labour government to confront the problem of the anti-Semitic indoctrination of youths. “Nothing has been done to de-radicalize the Labour party’s youth groups in the aftermath of Breivik,” she says. “Here in Norway, no one has reacted much to that. As far as I know, only one Norwegian, a prominent, internationally acclaimed ship owner and billionaire, Dan Odfjell, wrote an article where he spoke about the problem, but he was heavily attacked for ‘slandering our youth groups with horrible words.’”

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This is the antisemitism that worries me the most, the state orchestrated kind. State sponsored NGO’s who are antisemitic, as well as the funding of the Palestinian terrorists (through its government) without any kind of oversight, is unforgivable. The knuckle draggers are the least of our worries, yet that gets all of the state’s attention.

Published at JPost.

Norway: Anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism will continue after elections

09/16/2013 22:31

In recent years Norway’s government has incited against Israel probably more than any other Western European government.

NORWEGIAN CONSERVATIVE LEADER Erna Solberg addresses supporters, Sept 9

NORWEGIAN CONSERVATIVE LEADER Erna Solberg addresses supporters, Sept 9 Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum/Reuters

In recent years Norway’s government has incited against Israel probably more than any other Western European government.

Last week’s defeat in the parliamentary elections of the three-party coalition of Labor Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is a suitable occasion to summarize several aspects of this hatred and assess what can be expected now.

It was symbolic that when Stoltenberg acknowledged people for their support during the campaign, he specifically thanked leaders of the trade union LO and Labor’s youth organization, the AUF. Both groups have played key roles in demonizing Israel.

Norwegian trade union leaders malign Israel incessantly. The peak of their hate promotion comes on Labor Day – May 1.

Hardly any official banners at their gatherings deal with international matters.

Almost all of them call for boycotts, or otherwise incite against Israel. Already in 2002, LO union leader Gerd-Liv Valla called to boycott Israel. Stoltenberg has spoken on various occasions at the LO’s May 1 demonstrations and ignored the Israel hate-mongering there.

The AUF came into the international limelight when criminal Anders Breivik killed 69 youngsters at its summer camp on the island of Utoya in 2011. One side effect of the huge media attention was that it became widely known how children of 14 years and older were indoctrinated there to hate Israel. A number of Utoya survivors were Labor Party candidates in the September 9 elections.

The main Labor Party inciter against Israel is Jonas Gahr Stoere, who was foreign minister until 2012. His successor, Jespen Barth Eide, makes fewer inflammatory statements, yet follows similar policies.

Earlier this year he admitted that Stoere lied to Parliament twice when denying that Norway was indirectly funding Palestinian murderers in Israeli jails.

Stoere denied in January 2011 on a TV2 broadcast that he was speaking with Hamas directly. The interviewer retorted that Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal had told him about their conversations. In an interview with Ma’ariv in 2009, Stoere said that diplomat Trine Lilleng was no longer posted at Norway’s embassy in Saudi Arabia.( She had used her email account to distribute pictures juxtaposing Israeli actions against the Palestinians and the Holocaust.) A few months later, Israeli journalist Cna’an Lipshiz called the Norwegian Embassy in Riad. He was told that Lilleng would be back in her office in half an hour. It seemed she had even been promoted.

Stoere was photographed at the 2011 Utoya camp in front of a banner calling for a boycott of Israel. He had said at the time, however, that he was against this boycott. Perhaps his most extreme anti- Israel act was writing a back cover comment for Eyes in Gaza, a book by Norwegian Hamas supporters. The authors claimed that Israel had started its Cast Lead campaign in 2008 to kill Palestinian women and children.

In 2012, Stoere wrote in Ha’aretz that he was worried that 38 percent of Norwegians think Israel acts toward the Palestinians like Nazi Germany behaved toward the Jews. However, he neglected to ask how much he and other government colleagues contributed to that sentiment.

During Stoere’s term, Norway’s ambassador to Israel, Svein Sevje, suggested that Breivik’s killings were not understandable for Norwegians, contrary to Palestinians murdering Israeli civilians. The ambassador’s much-publicized remarks probably did more damage to Norway’s image in Israel than anyone else’s.

In 2010, then-Norwegian ambassador to Syria Rolf Willy Hansen publicly praised artist Hakon Gullvag, whose exhibition of anti-Israel hate paintings in Damascus had been co-financed by his embassy. In 2009, the Stoltenberg government spent $20 million dollars for a year-long tribute to writer Knut Hamsun on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Hamsun gave his Nobel Prize for Literature to German Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Labor’s partner in the defeated government, the Socialist Left party, has incited against Israel even more. The third coalition partner, the Center Party, wants to prohibit circumcision. An OSCE report in 2012 severely criticized the Norwegian government for its attitude toward both Jews and Muslims.

What can Israel expect from the Conservative and Progress parties, the two largest parties of the center-right that are most likely to be in the next government? They will need support from either the Christian Democrats or the Liberals to comprise a parliamentary majority. The Conservatives have little interest in foreign policy. The Progress Party, under its leader Siv Jensen, is staunchly pro-Israel, and that is true for most Christian Democrat MPs. There should thus be an improvement in Norway’s official attitude toward Israel.

Major Norwegian media will, however, continue to promote hatred of Israel.

The same is true for the trade unions, several Lutheran church leaders, NGOs, academics and individuals among the civil society elite. King Harald V may continue to award royal medals to prominent anti-Semites, as he did during Stoltenberg’s rule.

A 2011 study by the Oslo Municipality found that one third of Jewish high school students are physically or verbally harassed at least two or three times a month. Their classmates are unlikely to discontinue this behavior because Stoltenberg’s government was defeated. One among many major requests Israel should make to Norway’s new government is that it commission a detailed, independent study of who has ingrained the belief in 1.5 million adult Norwegians that Israel behaves like Nazi Germany.

The author is a board member and former chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (2000-2012). The second edition of his book Behind the Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic Countries, Israel and the Jews can be read for free on the Internet.


Tundra Mail

Samir s. Halabi at the Tundra Tabloids :

Yes the Jewish community of Norway today most probably feel unsafe, unprotected by the Socialist anti-Israel Norwegian government. There must be around 45,000 Muslims (from all over the Arab & islamic world) in Oslo alone today, Before the influx of Muslim migration into Norway, the Jewish community lived in relative peace and security, however that period came to an abrupt end Islam spread it’s wings into Norway.

There has been verbal abuse, physical abuse, Jewish communal buildings have been firebombed, Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated, mainly perpetrated by Muslims who possibly have been angered by troubles in the Middle-East, thereby scapegoating the innocent Norwegian Jewish community for all the ills of the Arab-World, just as the German-Nazis conveniently blamed all the ills that befell Germany.

The socialist government of Norway have done little or nothing to safeguard Jewish daily life in Norway today. They are too much concerned with keeping the Muslims happy, although I don’t know why, i also would like to know the Muslim contribution to the welfare of the betterment of the Norwegian Nation to which they are now part of. If they are not happy with the lives they have, if they can’t respect other people’s religions, if they cant respect the laws and culture of their newly adopted country, they should then seriously think of getting the hell out and not disrupt other people’s lives.




Norwegian daily prints cartoon of gory circumcision, child abuse

Manfred Gerstenfeld, a scholar of anti-Semitism and former chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said the caricature “cannot be viewed separately from centuries of libels in Christian circles that try to establish a link between the ritual abuse of blood and the Jewish faith.”
But in an email sent to MIFF, a Norwegian pro-Israel organization, Dagbladet cartoon artist Tomas Drefvelin said he did not mean to draw Jews in his caricature, which he meant “not as criticism of either a specific religion or a nation [but] as a general criticism of religions,” Drefvelin wrote.
He added: “I gave the people in the picture hats, and the man a beard, because this gives them a more religious character … Jew-hatred is reprehensible.  I would never draw to create hatred of a people, or against individuals.”
Ervin Kohn, the president of Norway’s Jewish community, told JTA that in Norway, “it is not uncommon to compare brit milah with cutting off limbs and calling it mutilation. This is a form of lying, propaganda.”

Mother of Jewish child holding blood soaked Torah, says,

dagbladet antisemitc cartoon 29.5.2013


Jerusalem, May 29, 2013

” The Simon Wiesenthal Center denounces the blood libel cartoon published in Dagbladet, so virulently anti-Semitic it would make Hitler and Himmler weep tears of joy,” said rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO,  who is currently attending the Global Forum on Antisemitism in Jerusalem.  “We call upon Norway’s leaders to denounce this incitement to hate and especially urge the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights to denounce this outrageous denigration of a core Jewish rite dating back to the biblical times of Abraham”, Cooper added.



Moral and mental midgets.


These are the same hypocrites who speak about international law, while Norway is committed under international law to bring Iran and Hamas leaders to an international court under the UN Genocide Convention. Its fixation on Israel causes the serious matters to be placed on the wayside, as well as while they fund terrorists with aid money themselves. I stated earlier about the ”settlements”:

These ”experts” would want you to believe that there are no qualified lawyers in Israel whose specialty is in international law, who are more than able to eloquently build a case for Israel’s right to be within Judea and Samaria. These clowns would love for you to remain ignorant of the San Remo Conference in which Jewish right to settle the land in question was introduced into legal binding legislation and codified into international law within the then League of Nations which the UN was duty bound to adopt as well.

norway will prevent imports from israeli settlements in judea and samaria 5.5.2013

Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide (Labour) says Norway is working with the EU to avoid the import of goods from Israeli settlements.

– We are looking at ways to implement this, said Eide to the when he sat greeting the LO congress in Oslo.

Congress shall treat the proposed boycott of Israel, but that was as far as the foreign minister would go. He says an official boycott would be too complex and involve a statutory authority with the possibility of punishment.

– We work closely with the Nordic countries and the EU on a common approach to this. We are not talking about an official boycott of goods from the settlements, but the clear labeling of products from the settlements or to discourage companies to import goods from the settlements. It can thus damage the reputation of the companies that choose to buy from the settlements, said Eide, who believes these measures can be implemented in a short time.

Foreign Minister believes it is getting harder and harder to achieve a two-state solution because Israel continues to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Original in Norwegian.


vidal sassoon

Op-Ed: Report: Vidal Sassoon Center Lecture

Published: Sunday, March 17, 2013 8:13 PM

Funding PA terrorists is only the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Gerstenfeld spells out the details of Norwegian anti-Semitism.

During his lecture at the Vidal Sassoon Center at Hebrew University, anti-Semitism expert Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld said that Norway serves as a most useful example to expose anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hate-mongering in the Western world. He listed a number of events in this Labor party-dominated Scandinavian country which would have been admired by Nazis.

Among them was a year-long honoring of the Nobel Prize for Literature recipient Knut Hamsun in 2009. This Nazi party member dedicated his award to German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The government of current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg also spent twenty million dollars to build a museum in Hamsun’s honor.

In 2010, the Norwegian Embassy in Damascus funded an exhibition there of a series of Israel-hate drawings by Norwegian painter Hakon Gullvag. After the horrific Breivik murders in the summer of 2011 on the island of Utoya, it became widely known that this camp of the Labor Youth Organization AUF was largely devoted to the anti-Israel indoctrination of youngsters from 14 years and up.

At present, a parliamentary committee is investigating whether the accusations of Norwegian Conservative Parliamentarian Peter Gitman that the Norwegian government is indirectly financing Palestinian terror are correct. Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli NGO has published that recipients of a monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority include those serving multiple life sentences in Israeli jails for murder. Earlier this year, King Harald V awarded a Royal Medal of Honor to Muslim anti-Semite Trond Ali Lindstad. After much criticism – from abroad also – the King had to rescind the honor and apologize.

Gerstenfeld also mentioned that in 2009, the second largest TV station TV2, paid for a trip to Oslo for condemned British Holocaust denier, David Irving. He was given a quarter of an hour of broadcast time in which he could expose his fabrications.

In 2008, comedian Otto Jespersen said on the same station, TV2, “I would like to take this opportunity to commemorate all of the billions of fleas and lice that lost their lives in German gas chambers without having done anything wrong other than settling on people of Jewish origin.” There was much outrage after this, but the TV’s management kept backing Jespersen.

Read it all here at INN.



Regular Tundra Tabloid’s tipster, Always Watching, reporting from Israel, sends the following summary of a speech given yesterday (and events that followed), by Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, at the Vidal Sassoon Center in Jerusalem Israel, where he outlined the wide spread of Norway’s perpetrators of anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism. Dr.Gerstenfeld spoke about several things such as – if Quisling could see Stoltenberg’s Norway from Hell, there would be many things he would admire.

vidal sassoon


Always Watching:

What Quisling Would have Liked about Stoltenberg’s Norway

Yesterday, Israeli anti-Semitism expert Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld gave a lecture at the Vidal Sassoon Center of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, titled “Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Hate Mongering: Norway as an Example.”

Dr. Gerstenfeld asked what Norway’s wartime Prime Minister Vidkun Quisling and other Nazis would like about Norway today. He said that at first sight, there should be nothing, as Norway is a democratic country dominated by the Labor Party. There are however many matters involving the present Norwegian government and others which Quisling and other Nazis would greatly appreciate.


Among the examples which Gerstenfeld presented was the fact that Norwegian author Knut Hamsun, who had received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920, was honored in Norway for a full year in 2009, on the occasion of his 150th birthday. Hamsun was a passionate Nazi and dedicated his Nobel Prize to German Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels. Hamsun also visited Hitler during the war.

Other examples Gerstenfeld spoke about were that the Norwegian Embassy paid for an exhibition in Damascus which demonized Israel. He also mentioned that then-Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen attended an anti-Israel demonstration in 2009 in Oslo where there were shouts of “Death to the Jews.” The minister was photographed standing close to someone who held up a sign saying, “The greatest axis of evil – U.S.A. and Israel.”

halvorsen anti-israel demo

Dr. Gerstenfeld detailed many incidents of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate acts during his lecture. He mentioned the weighty role the Norwegian government and some of its politicians play in this hate dissemination. He spoke about Norwegian King Harald V granting honors to anti-Semites (TT: Trond Ali Linstad), the bias of Norway’s media, Norwegian non-governmental organizations which promote hatred of Israel, boycott attempts by universities and many others. He pointed out that despite Norway being a relatively small country, it leads the way in promoting anti-Israel viewpoints.

linstad stands by his words the state of israel is to be destroyed 21.11.2012

Dr. Gerstenfeld also discussed the horrific murders committed by Anders Breivik. He stated that via the global publicity this horrible murderer attracted, it was revealed that the camp of the AUF youth movement at the island of Utoya was, to a large extent, a place where young children of 14 years and older were indoctrinated against Israel. Then-Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere had spoken at this camp also. He opposed the boycott of Israel there, yet he called for the removal of the security “wall” – which is actually a fence mainly – knowing full well that it would lead to further murders of Israeli civilians by Palestinian terrorists.


During the lecture’s question and answer period, the first secretary of the Norwegian Embassy in Israel handed out the conclusions of a study on discrimination of minorities by the Norwegian Holocaust Center, in English. She stated that the situation in Norway regarding anti-Semitism is not worse than in many other European countries.

Dr. Gerstenfeld said that while the methodology of that study and its numerical findings seemed to him correct, its conclusions however were deeply flawed and hence masked the truth. Scholars who wrote up the study didn’t even refer to the European definition of anti-Semitism and consequently arrived at artificially low percentages of anti-Semitism in Norway.

German anti-Semitism scholar Gunther Jikeli who was present at the lecture, remarked to the Norwegian government representative that she should not try to excuse Norwegian anti-Semitism by using other countries as an example. He added that Gerstenfeld’s lecture had shown how widely spread the reach of the hate disseminators is.