anti-semitism in Norway



Does any of this even surprise anyone anymore?

His majesty King Harald V:  I approved the award to this antisemite!

So the question is, what now sayeth the King?

It’s not like this has been a well hushed up secret, Trond Ali Linstad, a Norwegian convert to Islam has long been on record with his antisemitism. The King of Norway, and his advisers know what kind of man is in question here, yet, they plan to award him a medal for his ‘herb garden’ that helps fund Islamic schools and nurseries.

NOTE: A TT source tells me that newspapers (Dagbladet and VG so far) have picked up on it. Kohn has commented on the decision to Dagbladet, very worrying he says. Holocaust center researchers call it a scandal, and charge that the award committee have not done their job, even the Islamic council of Norway have distanced themselves from Linstad for his anti-democratic views.

UPDATE: MORE:  Palace caught in ‘scandal’ over medal

November 13, 2012  King Harald, his staff at the Royal Palace and county officials were hit by a wave of criticism this week over their decision to award a royal service medal to a Norwegian accused of anti-Semitism. Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang refused to hand over the medal to Trond Ali Linstad as planned, and the medal ceremony set for Tuesday at the National Theater in Oslo was cancelled, as was an alternative event later in the day.

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[ Translation by Cecilie at China Droll ]

– Linstad (pictured) plays on the classic myth of Jewish world conspiracy, Ervin Kohn believes in the Jewish community.

– It will be surprising if a self-declared anti-democrat who spreads anti-semitic attitudes receives this prize, says Høegh.

Trond Ali Linstad is a former leader of the Palestine Committee and was a member of  AKP (ml) (The Workers’ Communist Party (Marxist Leninists)-movement in the 1970’s. He later converted to  islam and established  Urtehagen (The Herb Garden) which runs a Muslim school and several kindergartens

Today Listad, a Shiite Muslim, is the editor of the website In it he has on several occasions expressed strong opposition to the state of Israel and Jews’ “outward dishonesty to further their cause.”

However, it is apparently the work he has done with Urtehagen that is the basis of the prize-giving according to

– I assume that the prize-giving is based on an overall view of the person, Høegh says.

The medal was supposed to be handed out on Tuesday by (Oslo’s Mayor) Fabian Stang (Hoyre), but a few weeks ago the mayor turned down the assignment.

– Normally I award the King’s Medal of Merit with pleasure, but in this case I see it as problematic. I’m sure Linstad has made good achievements in some areas, but to be able to carry out the donation I think I have to be able to identify with the recipient to a larger degree, says Stang.

On the homepage of the Royal Court it appears that the King’s Medal of Merit is being awarded as a reward for:

Pioneering achievements or other particular achievment of a nature benefitting society. Especially unpaid achievements for longer periods of time. Especially meritious achievements over long periods of time in private or public service.

It is the Fylkesmann (Shire Leader) in Oslo and Akershus who receives and processes suggestions of donations of the King’s Medal of Merit. The Fylkesmann thereby pens an application which is forwarded to the King’s Court, where the final approval of the application is made.

When questioned about the reason for this donation the chief of communications at the Royal Court, Marianne Hagen, last night referred to the Fylkesmann.

Press Realtions officer Kari Øyen Gay at the Fylkesmann’s office referred to the Court. Gay tells Aftenposten that the application for donation of the medal to Trond Ali Linstad, is exempt from being made public.

– This is ‘unmusical’ and taints the respectability of everyone else who has received the medal, leader of the Mosaic Faith Society, Ervin Kohn, to the magazine Vepsen.
Senior researcher at the norwegian holocaust Centre, Terje Emberland, says the donation is a scandal.

– Linstad is playing on the classic myth about a Jewish global conspiracy. As if Jews are an entity working collectively on an evil plan. It is a scandal that a person uttering such things should receive the King’s Medal of merit.

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