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One down, and a whole host of part-time antisemites to go.

It shouldn’t stop there. Norway is filled to the brim with politicians and socialites who feign their sympathies for the dead Jews of the Holocaust, then spend the rest of their time trying to defeat the Jewish state of Israel with every kind of cockamamie scheme and blood libel smear.

Khalid Haji Ahmed is just one noticeable antisemite for his open display of anti-Jewish rhetoric, when cultural elitist ethnic Norwegians want to call a Jew a kike however, they just quote Shakespeare.

From H/T: Bruce Bawer

It became clear Tuesday night. 

“Khalid Haji Ahmed has with his statement on the social media Facebook gone against the basic values of the Labour Party.The statement is perceived as discriminating against a group of people, racist and very offensive. The language used is not compatible with having official duties in and on behalf of the Labour Party. “

Hamar Labour Party language last night was seldom clear brush from a political party. They will exclude his prolific member Khalid Haji Ahmed after his remarks about Jews on Facebook last week. 

“fucking Jew whores, wish Hitler could come back and showered you a little bit more,” 

Many reacted to the Labor politician Khalid Haji Ahmed who hanged himself in the debate that followed. 

– Unacceptable 

Last night therefore the party decided that Khalid Haji Ahmed, who is the administrative director and profiled after he survived the tragedy at Utøya, should be excluded from the party . To comment on leader Thomas Jensen Jørgensen dramatic decision: 

– In our party we fight daily for tolerance and democratic values. Then utterances like this are unacceptable.

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  1. ” In our party we fight daily for tolerance and democratic values. Then utterances like this are unacceptable.”

    Hurray! The jihadist nazi jumps the shark! Buuuuh-bye! 😀

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